I Shot A Man

Just to watch him die

Ok, Ok, so the dude is just a piece of paper, but

I had absolutely no problem shooting him.

Just in case he was wearing body armor.

5 thoughts on “I Shot A Man

  1. Nice shootin’ Tex. I haven’t graduated to these yet ,still in the training wheel bulls-eye phase. Thinking I need to move up to these soon though.

  2. I have the splatter targets with a zombie holding a pizza delivery lol.
    I did tell my husband if ever I had to shoot an intruder I would end with head shots just in case. My ccw instructors told us a story involving body armor. Head shots made the difference between life and death for the family.

  3. Lisa, that is awesome!

    I also heard about the body armor and think it is very important to practice that shot. My husband is a bit obsessed with…lol

  4. probably has something to do w/ how we’re trained in the Marines 8D good on him though for helping you focus on a real possibility

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