Kilted To Kick Cancer

Ok, I realize that I have been on the very down-low for a while, so it is a bit tacky to pop on here to ask for help, but by now you know if there is a good cause out there, I am gonna support it.

My friend Micheal and his friends(some of which have become my fiends!) have been doing this extremely cool Kilted to Kick Cancer thing for a few years. Last year you all helped Micheal compete with the big boys last year in fundraising which was a hoot. Not to mention helped raise a deal of money to fight a disease we all despise.

It is that time again…

We have 5 kids, a grandbaby, a 15 year old who is mighty motivated and hardworking, so while going to high school we are also paying for her to attend college, we are saving for a new house, my firearms training, self defense training, paramedic school, and I think my husband might want new socks someday, so I get money is tight in an economy that is none to friendly to the working folks(kind of friendly to those that sit on their backside which isn’t any of you)but still I will give up a martini(ouch) or two to toss a few buck towards the good fight.

Never any pressure because I do not think giving what one does not want to give is good for anyone, but if you have the heart and a few extra bucks head on over and give to one of the boys(Men).

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  1. Thanks for the linky love! We have some pretty crazy stuff in the works this year. 🙂 If I have it my way, I’ll get sponsored way bigger than even last year and the other guys will still leave me in the dust.

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