I Smell Something Burning

Here is a video of my friend’s house that burned down. It is a very compelling video of the personal devastation of fire.


I want to thank all of you who donated. I was personally touched and I know Ce and her family were as well. See her note below…

“On behalf of the Adams family I want to say thanks! Thank you to everyone who offered a prayer, a good wish or sent a gift card.

The outpouring of support and live we have received from the gun community out weighs what even our own family has done. So as AGirl said in a previous post you are our family!

Special thanks to the Rudek Family, the Belcher Family, the Desert Rat Jak Family, the Spider Elliott Family, Cindy and those who sent anonymously.
If I missed someone I’m sorry – I’m not getting to the PO box daily right now.

Now for a update on the situation – we are back on on property in a travel trailer. Living in a trailer with three boys under 5 is quite an adventure but we are all happy to be back out here.
We have started the clean up process and will be at that as well as the inventory list for the insurance company for a while.
The county fire marshal and the independent investigation hired by State Farm both agreed that it was a “attic fire of unknown origin”. They have provided our insured amount for the structure to us and now we have to give them a inventory list. They can then say we’ll reimburse after you purchase new or decide to cut a check for “inventory” (that seems like such a cold word). Either way neither the structure or inventory amount is going to cover rebuilding to the size of house we had with today’s prices. So, we are going to move forward with the clearing of the site and see what happens from there. The Lord has a plan and we are praying that it will be shown to us!

Thank you again for all your support!”

4 thoughts on “I Smell Something Burning

  1. Hello.

    Could you ask them to post a “lessons learned” about this sometime? I.e. What do you wish you’d done differently? Is there anything that really helps with cleaning up after a disaster like this? If it’s too soon or too much trouble I completely understand.


    • Yes. I will certainly do a lessons learned. There were a lot here!

  2. A sad situation to be sure. However, I think there is something to be learned here. For some time now I have been thinking over scenarios of things like this happening and how to prepare for them. What I mean is not so much the overall loss of possesions but more towards protecting ones defensive possesions. Granted, there are things like BOB’s etc. Maybe there ought to be a sort of system or means where one could also grab a (for lack of a better word) a BOB weapons bag, keeping it in a place where all one would have to do was grab it on the way out. Now, I realize that such a thing would be rather heavy and difficult to handle but still I think the “idea” of it has merit. Also, distirbution of the ammo one has. Perhaps it might not be a bad idea to store the bulk of it in a different location….such as taking half of it and having a very close friend keeping it at their house and you keeping half of theirs at your house….just an idea. That way one would not be totally without if something happened. My heart does go out to these folk and to others that have suffered such a loss.

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