This morning I clicked on a link shared by Kathy Jackson on her Facebook page. It lead me here.

Over the past 2 years(especially this last year) I have grown a lot. Learned a lot about myself and standing up. I have been more outspoken this year then I ever have been.

I do regret that I didn’t wake up sooner, but also I feel like I am just beginning to find my voice. I have seen the things I do and say making a difference in a positive way and I am encouraged by that, but we have a mighty big fight on our hands and we are going to need to stand together.

I am fortunate to live in Virginia and to be a part of a group of people who know exactly how to stand and fight. The VCDL is a powerhouse of hardworking 2nd Amendment supporters who absolutely do not back down.

My time is limited and I am spread pretty thin, but I think I can be doing more.

I do not have a clue how I can help in this effort, but I am going to stay tuned and jump in where I can.

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  1. I read what she had to say but when I clicked on her link I went to a GO DADDY site that sells web pages (I think). So I’ll try later.

    What can a 63 year old pissed off woman do but moan, groan, and alienate people her own age. It irks me.

    • Do what this broken-down old man does. Teach. Tell the younger generations how thing used to (and should) be. Explain to them that they’re the ones getting the dirty end of the stick, because they are being prevented from experiencing what we old folks have. Try to counter some of the propaganda that they get on a daily basis from the schools, TV, and the Internet.

      • Not sure about the link. I checked it and it worked for me…sorry.

        Teaching the children is very important!!

    • What can you do? Show up! Show up when organizations like VCDL call for bodies in support of/in opposition to __. But maybe more importantly, show up at your local unit of government’s meetings, keep track of what they are doing, and let them know you are keeping track. It’s not essential that you carry (openly, or how are they going to know) when you show up, but it adds just one more dimension.

      Write letters and make phone calls to your elected representatives – all four of them. (2 Senators, one Congressperson, and one local government whatever they are called). Simple one-liners are all it takes: “Support/oppose __.” And then keep track of what they do. Follow up with either a “Thank you for supporting/opposing __” or “I am disappointed that you did not support/oppose __”.

      Best of all, get on a government list. Get on two or three, or more. Make sure they know you are not willing to go along with just anything they try to get away with.

      And then do what Chaplain Tim says.

      stay safe.

      • I do all that:) I meant how I could specifically this brand new organization. The guy putting together isn’t sure yet:)

        • Not you – littlelottajoy. Some days it is not easy to remain socially appropriate when folks ask “But what can I do, I’m just __.” Then I remember that we need to attract and keep them. I suppose reminding them that our side has both cookies and bacon helps.

          stay safe.

  2. One thing you might consider is to help with the VCDL table at the local gun shows. You get to meet all sorts of people and help spread the word of VCDL’s mission. Also, you get to browse the aisles during breaks and look for anyone with ammo for sale!!!

    • I love working the VCDL table. Always have a blast. Have not worked the last few because I was usually working at FPF, but yes, great time.

  3. I considered you part of the fight since I first read your blog. Encouraging others to stand up is important and you are doing that right here. Understand that once you pick up this fight, you will never be able to let it down again. The Gun Grabbers will never stop. We can win but we can never rest. We need all shoulders at the wheel.

  4. FWIW, don’t get caught up in 2nd Amendment issues. It’s not about that, at least not in the main. The real issue is the intrusion of the government on private issues.

    I have a couple of principles I follow, with very few exceptions:

    1. We have too much government. Any new government power, any new tax, any new law is wrong, unless there is *incredibly* strong justification.

    2. I never vote for a lawyer for any government office, even if I think the lawyer is a good person. There are far too many lawyers in office already, and that is part of the reason that laws and regulations have become so complex.

    These two rules (especially rule 1) cover 2nd amendment concerns, but also lots more.

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