I Made A Little Video

I bought a new bag to replace the purse I had been carrying for years. I have tried several times to write a post explaining the reasons and the changes, but each time the post was a scattered mess, so I gave up and made a video.

As with ALLLLLLLLLLLLL(there is just one) my other videos, I did not edit or re-shoot or have special lighting. Unique to this video is a peek at M’s finger and her cute little piggies.

*Could not get the video up on the blog which is one reason why there isn’t likely to be more videos.

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    • Kristine, I have no clue how much the bag weighs. Never weighed it. For me it is much lighter than either my purse or the backpack I carried. I don’t even notice it really.

      My gun is not in it. As I mentioned in the beginning I wear my gun on my left hip. I rarely carry my gun off body, so when looking for an everyday carry bag I was looking for something that I could use in place of a purse. This is not a rang bag or bug out bag or hiking bag. For me it what I take to the store, swim team practice, whatever.

      Very comfy.

  1. The giant fork on the wall is awesome. Is there a matching giant spoon somewhere in the kitchen as well?

  2. Brad beat me to the question about the spoon! The bag looks wonderful. I have never looked at them before but need to check them out.

  3. I like it. I’ve been using a Swiss Gear messenger bag instead of a back pack for about a year now as my “brief case” for work, and I prefer it for many of the same reasons you mention. Having said that, it is not a perfect solution for me either as it is too big for my needs (carrying an iPad, some papers and a few other essentials). I’ve been intrigued by the Maxpedition offerings, but I have not come across one in person to try out. I guess I need to start looking a little harder.

  4. LOL @ your “a voice for blogging” comment. You think yours is bad, you should hear mine! I sound like Bea Arthur gargling concrete.

    Call me some time and find out for yourself. 😉

  5. Loved this one; your voice sounds fine to me, so don’t let that hold you back form more ‘talkies’. Loved the piggies, too. Yes, Maxpedition makes great stuff, a little pricey but tough as nails. I also thought of another approach for women who don’t want to carry on the hip. One of those front-load chest papoose baby carrier things. You put a large doll in it so that it looks like you have a child in it, even if the ‘child’ looks a bit stupefied, then stuff your items AND your piece into the inside pocket and if danger is near, fire rounds through the front of the thing, No one expects a 230 grain surprise from between the baby’s legs!

  6. Nicely done, and they DO work (hell, “I” use one on the road)… and I swear if we tied your hands, you couldn’t talk! 😀

    • Lol, not a chance. I spend all day signing with the kids. If you tied my hands, I would be speechless:)

  7. A Girl,

    Love the bag, I’ve been looking at a similar type bag at our local surplus store.
    My concern was when I looked at it, it appeared some what big.
    Like you, I wouldn’t place my gun in the bag. It would be on my person.
    Love the video, I’m going to have to go back to the surplus store and take the bag for a try (ride) on in the store for while.

    • I thought the bag might be a little bulky too, but even in the short time I have used it, it has “broken-in” and is not so noticeable.

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  9. Glad you got that problem solved. I’ve never been able to find a purse I liked. I’m just happy there is a woman in my life who can carry everything for me.

  10. Love the bag. The rare occasions I carry a purse, I always carry it cross-body , which makes it “odd” when I get dressed up (the one or two times a year that happens).

    I might have to look into one of those.

  11. Backpack guy myself, but I’ve noticed that, with all that I tend to carry in there on a daily basis, over the years my right shoulder is definitely lower than my left. Several chiro’s have commented on that fact as well. Tried switching it up, but it just didnt’ feel right, and going with both shoulders, especially when I’m not out hiking, was just too much hassle. Lately I’ve been thinking about one of those cool, hip canvas messenger bags (Army-Navy surplus stores are GREAT places to find those….and if they worked for the military back in the conditions they went through 50, 60, 70 years ago, then its good enough for me today), but Serenity mentioned your mentioning this on FB, so I guess I’ll go check it out. I’ll miss my Jansport, though. Those are some tough backpacks!

  12. I spent an awful lot of time addressing various large groups and giving talks on various topics. I even have more than one TV interview to my credit. Everyone dislikes the recorded sound of their own voice. Please trust me when I tell you that you sound just fine. I liked the video and I’d really like to see you do more. You are comfortable in front of the camera and you have a lot of good information and tips to share. There are a lot of idiots out there opining on topics they have no real expertise on and generally acting foolish. You’re a breath of video fresh air and I encourage you (in your munificent free time) to do more. It may be outside your comfort level but it’s not outside your competency level.

  13. Aagggghhhhhh….just say no to vertical video!

    When filming yourself with a phone turn it sideways like a … camera. That way it fills the screen instead of a skinny little portion.

    Great site and great info too.

      • LOL I figured it was either a) done for security reasons, in order not to give out more background/wall details that may help pinpoint your location, or 2) done in a brilliantly creative, artistic manner in order to highlight the fork juxtaposition-ed in the background of a woman with so many other pointy objects in her possession, while subtly underscoring the fact that forks are lethal objects in disguise, just like the speaker (as illustrated by the quiet infiltration of “the piggies” as a warning against the lethality of the speaker’s extremities). The simplistic genius of the filming is mind-boggling, and caused Michael Moore’s head to implode (which, by itself, is worthy of a medal!) from sheer artistic jealousy.

        • Well, we did do some of that. I wanted to have enough light, so I used my kitchen, but did not want to show my neighbors house, so I did stand in a specific spot and that is why M didn’t move the ipad when I moved to grab the other bags.

          I do not try to do a crappy job, but since I am not a professional anything and want it to be fun, I do not stress about every little detail, like M’s toes:)

          If I do decide at some point to do more videos, I will make some improvements.

  14. Nicely done! I still carry a vintage Coach. If I carry a large bag, I will put enough stuff in it that it hurts.

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