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Evyl Robot is trying his hand at fiction. His plan it to post(on Mondays I think) a little sample of his writings on his blog for all of us to enjoy. If you haven’t been to his blog recently then so far you have only missed Part 1 and Part 2. Go get caught up before Part 3 is published. I am anxiously awaiting the next installment.

Tom McHale just released his book Insanely Practical Guide to Gun Holsters. You probably want to download today it from Amazon. It is full of great info. Plus it is pretty funny and for the next few days it is free!!

Apparently Lotta Joy also has a book coming out. She is a fabulous writer. Again, if you have not been to her blog you are missing out. She is smart, witty and fricken hilarious.

Lastly, if you would like to read an excerpt or two from the book I posted about yesterday, go here.

5 thoughts on “Speaking Of Books

  1. Heh. You had me at “free”.

    And EvylRobot does write a good story! There’s also another great one over at Joe Huffman’s blog. Its written as a script (stage or screen), but has a great premise and some interesting characters. First chapter is HERE.

      • Hey, credit goes where credit’s due! I’ve read a LOT of sci-fi/fantasy, published by BigName Publishing Company, that reads like it was written by a 6th grader and was edited by his/her doting (and half-blind) aunt who proclaimed it a masterpiece just to avoid damaging Lil’ Precious’ self-esteem. Most of them have plotlines that aren’t much deeper than the paper used in the printing process, and character development is listed in the “dirty words” section of the index. I’m really leery of forking over money for a scifi/fantasy book nowadays unless its an established author that’s been personally recommended to me by someone I know/trust, or someone I’ve read before. That’s one of the great things about Baen, one of their authors came up and said “Hey, we need to put a sample library online!” Baen: “Graet idae! How many chapters do you want to put up there?” Author: “ummm….all of em. Put the whole darn novel up there for free download, no subscription fees, no membership, nothing. Just a quick PDF download.” Baen: “……………” Author: “Look at it this way….if someone reads the book and likes it, they’ll buy the second and third book of the series. And they’ll buy the first one, because nobody wants a broken series. If they hate it…well, then they’re not quite as pissed with me, because they’ve spent absolutely nothing on the book, and may try another by me just in case it was that particular book they didn’t care for. And besides, when a library purchases a book, I get paid for *that book*. I get nothing from the thousands who check it out later. This just makes everything a lot more convenient for our readers.” So Baen went with it, and its been one of the best things they’ve done on their site.

        LinkyLinky (and no, I’m not affilitated with Baen…I just think they’ve done what the RIAA *should* have done regarding all those annoying filesharing sites.

  2. Joe Huffman has a nice sci-fi story coming along, as well –

    The Stars Came Back.

    35 installments, so far.

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