An Opportunity

A while ago I was contacted by an author, D.C. Burns, who was looking for support for her new project. She asked me if I would be willing to let her post a little something about her book on the blog.

I don’t usually allow people to advertise on here anymore. When companies began asking me to review products for them I said sure, but most of what I got was not good, a huge waste of my time and it started to become a lot of work, so now I respectfully decline and only promote products I use and believe in(such as my AGirl Holster). My first thought when D.C. Burns contacted me was to say no. I would not promote a book I had not read, but…

I have been conversing back and forth with Ms. Burns and the book sounds intriguing to me. I like guns, I like positive portrayals of gun owners, I like a woman who does not remain a victim, I like a mystery and frankly I like D.C.

Here is what she has to say…

Hi, my name is D.C. Burns and along with my partner Mike White, we have put together a Kickstarter Project to accomplish a couple of things. We are both authors and sport shooters. We had been writing a co-authored book aimed toward the new and growing group of women shooters, which portrays the gun community in a realistic and positive light, when everything hit the fan because of Sandy Hook. Because of the fallout – meaning the sudden lunacy of the media and many politicians blaming the gun community for the crazy people – we decided to pick up the pace, finish the manuscript and publish it ourselves in ink on paper, in hardback. Old School. We also want to invite the gun community to participate in the book, become a part of it, by posting tips/advice/wisdom that will be published in a special section of the book called Straight Shootin’. We are grateful to A Girl and Her Gun, whose own life story is similar to the story of the main female character in the book, for allowing us to post this request for donations both of tips (if you wanna) and funds (if you can), to help us get this done. Printing, marketing and distributing are expensive.

Here is the Kickstarter link to the project: 

Thanks and Good Shooting!

Even if you can not donate at this time(totally get money is tight for everyone), perhaps you could help spread the word. They have struggled a bit getting support and are hoping the mighty powerful blogging community might be willing to lend a hand. I am sure D.C. would be willing to answer any questions about the project.

7 thoughts on “An Opportunity

    • The bar has been set. Let’s see what you’ve got.

      Riding and shooting straight are the easy parts. It’s that “speaking the truth” thing that’s the really tough part.

      stay safe.

  1. During my last year in Indiana, I wrote a 98,000 manuscript around a 60 year old woman who lived a hard-scrabble life. I have to admit, I was thinking about myself as I wrote it, and the old woman’s love of her shotgun. Somehow, more, and more, women began being portrayed in the book and the necessity of their weapons and the respect they had for them.

    Of course, to keep it ‘interesting’ I loved how I brought them all together to rescue one of their own.

    I was thinking of you today, and how it would appeal to you. (this is NOT an advertisement). When I came here and saw what you had written, I thought “Dana Joy, you don’t have a single hair on your butt if you don’t say something about your book”

    Ha! I found a hair!!

    • You are one of the funniest, smartest, most clever people I have ever read. I would love to read a book by you!!

      Judging from your blog, I am not alone in that assessment!

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