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The other day I received an email from a reader asking me to write a blog listing the contents of my First Aid kit. I told her I would and post it on Sunday, but life being what it is I ran out of time yesterday, so here it is…

I have carried this exact red pouch for years and years. The contents have changed slightly as the needs of my family have, but the bag and most items have been a mainstay in my purse for as long as I can remember.



I have a small sewing kit, 4- 3×3 gauze pads, 4- 4×4 gauze pads, 4- insect repellent towelettes  25 band-aids in various sizes, liquid bandage, 15- alcohol prep pads, 4- after bite relief pads, an after bite relief stick, a small flashlight, 2- water purification tablets, a large safety pin, a roll of tape, a bottle of Advil, a bottle of Benadryl, tweezers, antibiotic cream, feminine hygiene products, 2- packets of Alka-Seltzer(my family’s cure all to most head ailments),5- iodine prep pads, some over the counter allergy tablets, some gloves, a lighter, small scissors and a wine opener. About 4 years ago I was caught in a dry county in Texas where I was able to score a bottle of wine on the downlow, but no one had a way to open it. Of course, we just jammed the cork into the bottle, but it taught me that I needed to added an opener to my kit:). I also have one in my glove compartment…you know just in case.

2013-03-04_10-51-05_76In my back pack/purse I also carry an EpiPen. I am deathly allergic to mango. I have it in the front pocket were it is easy to grab. I also carry an emergency inhaler as E and M have asthma. The two recent items that I added to my bag, but do not fit in the kit(and that I don’t necessarily have with me all the time like I do the red bag) are an Israeli pressure dressing and hand warmers. I am freezing all the time and being outside on a range or on the scene of accident they have helped me tremendously.

About a year ago my friend Ce sent me the list of items she keeps in her car. She calls it her “Get-Home” bag. In that bag I have a ton more stuff likes shoes and water, but that is another post.


14 thoughts on “First Aid

  1. Good plan and good mods (that work for all the family)! And good on ya for having an epi pen!!! Way too many folks don’t carry one or it is out of date, because they forgot to check… sigh

  2. Do you always leave the kit in your vehicle or take it in the house frequently? I am wondering if the hot, humid Virginia summers degrade any of the “wet” contents like iodine pads faster than normal.

    • Brad, the red bag is always in my backpack or purse. I take it everywhere, so no it does not stay in the car. My truck doesn’t fit inside our garage, so I don’t leave anything in my truck.

      Also, I have 5 kids and lots of friends, so I use my kit a lot. People make fun of me for having it, but I am the first person everyone comes to if they need tweezers, band-aids, headache meds, or prep pads. Not much expires in my bag:)

  3. Thanks for your list, mine pretty much matches it. I do have a swiss army knive with an emergency corkscrew. Epi pen as well, lots of friends with allergies. The one thing that has come in most handy has been a pair of hemostats.

    • Lol, love the Swiss Army knife with its handy dandy emergency corkscrew!!

      I carry a Gerber mulit tool that my hubby carried in Iraq, but no corkscrew on it:(

      Hemostats is a good idea. I have a pair in a bigger bag, but probably wouldn’t hurt to have a pair in the smaller kit. Good idea!

  4. Search for “Miracle Point Expert Splinter Tweezers” online or check your local lumber yard, they are tiny but awesome for splinters.

    A small single use tube of cyanoacrylate glue (Super Glue) can be pretty handy for clean but annoying cuts, especially on your fingers.

  5. May I suggest you add a Celox pad or two to stop bleeding that direct pressure won’t stop.

    • Henry, I do have some along with a quite a few of other items in a bigger bag, but this post was just on my basic every single place I go bare minimum kit.

      Thanks for the suggestion though!!!!

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