Thier Stories

I wanted to share with you some of the stories that have been coming in for the Giveaway. I first want to say that every single person who has been brave and kind enough to share has been a huge blessing to me. I have read(or will eventually read) each one and can not tell you how inspiring they are.

Please understand whether or not a person’s story shows up here, that has no barring on the outcome of who will gets the gifts. Also, I am not sharing their full stories; editing out any personal or identifying info.

Some are very young…

“I am 23 years old and never shot a gun. I would love to learn how to property shoot one with the right training. I do not like how our nation is going and I think every woman should know how to work a gun from handling it to cleaning it!!! I would love to win the giveaway so I can learn the right ways to handled guns instead of other people’s ways”

Some a little older…

“I’m (cough, cough) years old, a wife and a mother to 5 awesome kiddos!  My Grandfather was a LEO for many years and taught his kids and grandkids the value and safety of firearms.  My husband and I are now passing that knowledge to our own kids. While I have a passion for guns and the instincts to protect myself and my family, I’ve never had any kind of formal or professional training.  I’ve been thinking of getting a CHL for some time now, but I don’t want to take that leap until I HAVE had some formal training.  Winning this contest and finally getting some supervised range time could give me the confidence I need to take the next step in applying for my CHL and picking out the carry piece of my dreams”.

Again and again I see this theme of women wanting to carry a gun, but wanting to do it responsibly. Wanting to be trained so they can not only defend their lives should they be forced to, but do it well while being safe gun handlers when a mortal threat is not present.

And this…

“I would really love to win this prize so I could take a good class to reinforce good shooting habits.  I grew up around guns, but have only recently started shooting myself. Most of what I now know I have learned from my husband.  We have 2 children.  My daughter has autism, epilepsy, and mild cerebral palsy.  Running away from danger is not really an option for me and my children. Taking the CCW class would give me an endorsement on my permit and allow me to carry in more places, such as my church.”
The emphasis is mine. I think so many of us believe that a bad guy encounter means either we see the threat and run off or we see the threat, we shoot a few times and then run off. For the healthiest among us that might not be an option, but for some we are anchored right off the bat. I applaud this woman for thinking that part through.
Another woman writes…
“Last night was good reflection time. My husband gone for the night and when that happens, my dogs are a little “sensitive”- to bunnies, wind, cars, nothing. Like hair standing on end, on the couch, growling out the window “sensitive” It makes for a long, sleepless, jumpy night for me. (We are staying at my parents’ house tonight!) Anyways, while I sat in the chair, I thought a lot about my comfort level with handguns. I often carry one at home but never with a round in the chamber. I’m just not confident enough and that bothers me. I don’t want to fumble with a slide in an emergency. I have been taught good gun safety but my husband or brother-in-law (competition shooter and police officer) are so good at being kind to me that they won’t tell me if I make a mistake. I WANT to be called out. I WANT to learn from things I do wrong. They don’t quite get it 🙂 I want to be confident with my defensive skills because I know my strengths and my flaws. I want real training!”
Again emphasis is mine. I shared with her how I felt when I was first seeking training…
That statement is exactly it! That is exactly what people do not get. The total fear to be pushed, but at the same time begging for it.  The desire to be pushed because without it you (I) are more afraid that you(I) will retreat to your (my) former self. The self that doesn’t fight. That doesn’t stand up. Yes, it must come from with in, but at the same time to be challenged and held accountable to do more than you think possible. To not be able to quit.
I still feel that way. I still want realistic training. I like to push myself, but having someone else push helps you know where that line really is. I often admire Marine recruits for they get that kind of “special” treatment. The inner strength is in them, but sometimes they need a little help in finding it and are pushed to discover just how deep it runs.
So, this is the caliber of people, women, who have taken the initiative to reach out and take steps to do something positive in their lives. These examples are not the exception. They are the rule. The future looks bright!
*I have no idea why the paragraph breaks do not show up half through the post. Sorry if it makes it difficult to read.

6 thoughts on “Thier Stories

  1. For the woman who’s husband and brother in law are shooters, ask them this:
    1. What happens if you make a mistake at your job and accidentally discharge? – to the cop.
    2. What happens if your gun malfunctions during a competition because you did something wrong? How is that less important than me doing something wrong in a self-defense situation?

    Put them in your shoes or make them think from a different perspective, and your desire to be called out may be more evident.

    To all the entries, best of luck to all of you!!!! You can’t go wrong, even if you don’t win. You are already getting into the proper mindset. Whether you win the contest or not, continue down your path of education, confidence, and skill!

    • Ya know what, it often doesn’t matter. Once someone cares about you, it is hard for them to disassociate. I see it all the time, even in my own training.

      The husband, boyfriend, friend isn’t trying to do anything wrong, but feelings, caring and all that play a roll and can’t simple be turned off.

  2. These few stories are an amazing testimony. I truely feel that the group of person that is going to win the gun debate will be the female shooter. Those of us who are moms, wives, business women etc…. We are the new voice of gun rights advocacy. Good luck to all those who have entered.

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