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I took a much need break from studying and popped over to Weer’d Beard’s abode. He has a post up about yet another child being suspend from school for having a “weapon”. This poor kid actually was only in possession of air, but it was enough to make the folks at the school react.

In the comments section was this reply…

Rob Crawford says: “The criminalization of thought is one of the most abusive forms of tyranny. To punish a kid for his imagination is to admit you want to create mindless, spiritless drones.”

and then this…

Rob Crawford says: “I think the lesson is “don’t think, don’t imagine, don’t try to be anything but what we tell you to be”.

Do exactly what we tell you, no questions asked. Doesn’t matter why, just to do or pay the price. These people want to create mindless followers. Mindless, unarmed followers.

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  1. Considering last November’s vote, it appears that they’ve already been created.

  2. Truth. I wish parents would pull their kids out of schools like that permanently. They tyrannical BS needs to stop.

    I know one of my instructors gave me crap because I would wear a couple shirts my dad got me. One said, “Sniper, you can run but you’ll just die tired” and it had a marine sniper behind it. Yeah maybe you could argue something on that, but my response was basically the polite form of “Because F!@#$ you that’s why!”

    I wore that shirt after the instructor complained about my 50BMG shirt. “50 Caliber long distance, the next best thing to being there.” And a picture of a Barrett M82A1. She complained and I smirked and said, what’s the problem!?

    I don’t think I ever had a problem for a couple different reasons. First was legal action was pursued after I was suspended for defending myself. I found myself back in school pretty quickly after that. Didn’t have many problems either with BS brow beating.

    None of the teachers would touch the gun issue with me either… I ended up having to debate someone sophomore year on the subject, I refused to argue the anti perspective. After crushing the teacher, I said “given the facts, I can not and will not support lies.” I crushed my opponent and did so viciously enough that many of my classmates felt sorry for her. In hind sight, I probably was a bit hard, but evidently word did get around. After 9/11 my senior year there was another debate regarding arming pilots. Again, crushed the other side.

    Overall though I feel that school, even college now is entering that realm of “We don’t want independent thinkers. We want people who will do as they’re told without thought or argument.” Sadly the world we live in was created by people who think and imagine. That attitude does nothing but mire civilization and make it’s progress stagnant.

    • I really wish I would have gone to school with you. My school was very boring when it came to oppressive behavior. I went to a tiny school in rural Iowa. They didn’t get worked up about guns.

      • I was in a suburb of Seattle in the Peoples Republic of Puget Sound.

        Most of my friends say I was fun to be around mainly because I didn’t flinch when it came to administrators. I walked right off campus with an teacher following right behind trying to stop me. He at first stood in front and I walked around him. He was about to touch me and I told him if he laid a hand on me it would be assault and I would defend myself and press charges. He fed a couple lines of crap, I flipped the bird, hopped in my buddies truck and left.

        Now folks, don’t do what I do unless you have serious balls because I did it while wearing my Letterman’s jacket with my name clearly visible… No I am not kidding.

        I knew the score and I knew my parents wouldn’t have cared about me leaving school early to skip a pep-assembly. I skip class, yeah I’m gonna get chewed. Skip anything other than class, not a problem though, I had other things to do with my time.

        So yeah, my dad groomed me as a little rebel from early on.

  3. One word: Homeschool.

    It’s the only way we can train our kids to not only value our values and morals, it seems to be the only way we can be assured that they are exposed to opinions that differ from ours. It’s the only way to teach critical thinking.

  4. The sad thing is the parents of little kids today were molded in sort of the same way. Don’t question authority! I dunno about the rest of you….but from what I see I’m betting at least 70% of young parents who have school age kids think nothing of these what I would call litteral attacks on independant thought. I used to live in Colorado…..lived in a city of about 90,000 population. The schools there had a PTA…..well…sort of. The problem was if you were a parent of a kid in their system…..and went to one of these PTA meetings you did not have a voice or input into any of their plans or how they ran things. All one could do was listen. Yet, year after year the same bunch were voted into their office. In short….no one had the balls to organize any resistance or opposition to the problem. Are we too far gone to pull the fat out of the fire? I don’t know. What I do know is if we don’t start waking up and doing something our country will be spelling its name United States of Amerika.

    • Well Curt you have been here long enough to know that I was exactly that parent. A few years ago I would have thought the school was doing nothing more than trying to protect the kids. Now, I would have completely disagreed with punishing the child and thought they were overreacting, but I would have seen it as an act of compassion and not one of control.

    • Hi Curt S,
      I agree that a lot of young parents have turned into administration following sheep. But there are a few of us left that haven’t. My poor kids are constantly in the doghouse for questioning school authority. Most recently, my 10 year old was berrated for causing a mini rebellion concerning lock-down drills. She stated that she would not be participating if it were a real scenario and instead would be running out the nearest exit to our prearranged safe spot. This caused free thinking in the classroom and eventually led to parents (finally!) concerned about how smart a lockdown really is. (that led to a terse phone call to me from angry administrators!) I also high-fived my 40lb 7 year old after she was reprimanded for securing a boy twice her size against a wall. I frown upon throwing elbows into little girls’ faces but apparently they are supposed to stand in line and tattle later when their nose quits bleeding? Pretty sure I will need a separate phone line when my son enters kindergarten next year 🙂

      • I had the same plan with my children and made it very clear to their principals that they would NOT be locked in a classroom.

  5. These people would go completely out of their collective skulls if they knew what we played when I was a kid. This ain’t the world I grew up in and I DON”T LIKE IT!
    Take care A GIRL.
    Oh, I saw somebody has a new gluten free cookbook out maybe on the King Arthur site , not sure. I’ll let you know if I see it again.

    • I know. Even for me a life long wuss, I remember playing games where we had fake guns. Seriously, I was the biggest, shyest, girl around, but I played Charlie’s Angles with the girls in my neighborhood and I remember having an imaginary gun. I doubt I ever shot it, but I had a loaded airpistol at all time. My brother and his friends were much more violent in their games of war and yet none of blew up our school.

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