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One of my favorite things about the gun community is that they are doers. Most of the people I know don’t simply blog or twitter or update their Facebook statuses, but they also contact their congressmen and women, attend peaceful rallies, lend a hand to someone learning, work with organizations to make changes…They speak up, but they also stand up.

Nothing annoys me more than people who just complain and whine, but never contribute or do anything positve to make a difference. Well, people who say they will do something and then never do, they might annoy me slightly more.

I find more and more that people on the opposite side of freedom do nothing more than talk. They go on and on with hateful words, but offer no solutions that have an ounce of making a difference.

Talk is easy. It is so easy to sit back and do nothing and I actually think that is why this country has lost so much. People are not willing to stand behind what they believe or stand up to their word. It’s easy to say I will fight, I will help, I will make a difference, but when it comes down to showing up, it’s so much easy to just grab a beer and do nothing.

Thank you all for being the kind of people who make the sacrifice, who inspire and encourage me!!

(I saw this poster somewhere, saved it and can’t remember where I first saw it. Sorry)


8 thoughts on “Well Done

  1. I still find it hard to believe that there are people on the other side of freedom, but sadly, we are dealing with that reality. The men and women of the gun community are amazing in the fact that we get involved, I think our adversaries underestimated us. I’m proud to be doing my part. I get a thrill when a friend asks me to teach her to shoot, I get to pass on a passion that snuck up on me but has become an integral part of who I am.

  2. According to Google, Ben Franklin originally said it, so the attribution on the poster appears to be correct. However, there are multiple copies of the poster under Google images, so who originally printed it is unknown unless they come forward.

    And actually, Ben was paraphrasing. Jesus said it first in Matthew 21:28-32.

    But yes, talk is cheap and nothing of worth is free.

    A problem with most politicians is that they listen to the whiners and complainers, and try to pass laws that appease their complaints to shut them up (they’ll just find more to whine and complain about), rather than growing backbones and telling the whiners and complainers to get off their butts and DO something about what they’re complaining and whining about and shut up until they do.

    I’ll issue a challenge to all politicians everywhere. Start getting rid of useless laws. Stop always adding new ones. For example (keeping this gun related), there are laws against murder. Having additional laws that impose extra penalties because a gun was used is stupid. Punish the criminal for the murder, to the fullest extent of the law. Life in prison is life in prison. Enforce it. And be done with it. Don’t be adding extra years because a gun was used, or rather, don’t be subtracting years because poison, or a knife, or a rock, or a whatever, anything else but not a gun, was used. Punish the criminal for the crime. Period. The method and the tools used in the crime are ultimately just the details.

    • Yes, I know who originally said it and I know lots of people have used the saying, but I like to link back to where I first saw the comment, quote, picture, whatever as to give that person credit and maybe send a few folks their way.

  3. Haven’t had the privilege of meeting any of the gunny-blogger/commenter community in person yet, but I gotta say that its been a blast (heh…see what I did there?) getting to know y’all online! I do count it a privilege to get to read such awesome blogs and comments every day, and have learned more than I ever thought possible (including the knowledge that I don’t know squat!)! I’ve seen a group of people band together to help out someone they’ve never even met before, just because there was a need. Sadly enough, I’ve been in churches that didn’t band together that tightly. Thank y’all for letting me be a (miniscule) part of that group!

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