One Of These Days…

Ever notice that I am a conversation starter?  Well, I am . I get re-posted, quoted, tweeted all the time. Of course it is always after I do something or experience something less than desirable.

We have the whole reason this blog was started(pesky little mugging), then the broken ribs thing(if you don’t know, don’t ask) and now my blood donation(fine, but not ideal).

Brigid, Jennifer and now Old NFO shared their points of view on the subject. Really good view points too. Right after I posted about my trip, my friend Barron texted me and shared with me the very important reasons why we should all be giving. Many members of his immediate family have benefited from such gifts. So, if you can give a pint or two. It really does matter.

As I told Say Uncle once, I am just glad that something I did/do gets people thinking and talking, but I am looking forward to the day that, that something starts with a good thing:)

9 thoughts on “One Of These Days…

  1. Despite being a phlebotomy instructor, I *despise* needles. I’m fairly phobic of them when the business end is pointed in my direction. However, if I’m in control, it’s all good. You know, kinda like with guns. Only, I’d rather have a gun pointed at me than a needle.

    I told you that to tell you this – Despite a paralyzing fear of sharp, pointy objects I still donate a couple of times a year. Just do it. You or a family member or a friend might need the give of blood some day, and while it likely won’t be yours if it comes from a blood bank, it will be some generous donors’.

    While I’m at it – sign up to be an organ donor, too.

    • You are awesome! I think it is more impressive when someone faces their fears, dislikes, whatever and does what is right or kind. Good for you!!!

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  3. One thing to keep in mind: A large portion of the very people who are most likely to be civic minded and willing to sacrifice for the good of society…the military and veterans…are unable to donate blood.

    I was stationed in Spain for three years back in the mid ’80’s. For that reason, I have been unable to donate since “Mad Cow Disease” became the plague de jour about ten years ago.

    My father was a multiple gallon donor and gave blood, plasma and platelets at the minimum allowed intervals. I would gladly follow in his footsteps were I able to do so, but I’m not.

    That means that someone else needs to take up the slack for me…and others like me…who would love to donate but can’t.

    • Absolutely Right. My husband contracted TB in Somalia and is a PPD reactor among other things and can not donate. I am trying to pick up the slack. I just suck at it…lol

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