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I have had a surprising number of folks contact me and say “Ahh, you are no longer at FPF.” “I was going to take a class.”

I am assuming most of these are new shooters and might have been coming to FPF because they know me or of me and felt a certain amount of comfort knowing I would be at the course and I understand that. A few are referrals and wanted a female instructor and were unaware that coming to FPF was not going to get them one.

I was never the face of FPF Training and I never was the primary instructor. Regardless of when you took the course, John would have the instructor. My contribution was minimal.

If you are looking for a course to learn how to defend your life with a firearm against a mortal threat then you should take a look at FPF Training. Everything I have ever said about it is still a 100% true and I had no nothing do with it. Your life is worth defending and you deserve good solid training. Don’t let fear, or uncertainty, or pride, or excuses(not attending because I am no longer there is an excuse and not a valid one:) keep you from taking that step forward.

All the course are well worth your time and money, plus this year some very exciting guest instructors will be visiting.

Train often. Train Hard.

2 thoughts on “FPF Training

  1. I’m pretty close to a woman 😉 who’s been through both of John’s CC classes. Women (and new shooters) shouldn’t shy away. Because John keeps it so real, everyone – men and women – will learn not only about self-defense, but about their own reaction to critical situations. John is very adept at tailoring to the individual when inducing stress!

  2. My wife (Country Tea and Bullets – I know, shameless plug) and I took FPF Training’s CCSD (Concealed Carry for Self Defense) class last May – which I believe was the first time AGirl worked for John (that was a treat). It was an excellent experience for the both of us and we both highly recommend it to anyone (complete novice to experienced shooter – male or female) looking to further their concealed carry and shooting skills. John’s classroom and live fire exercises are a great blend that elevates your ability to recognize potential threats and deal with them responsibly. He also covers the legal aspects every person needs to be aware of before taking on the responsibility of carrying a concealed weapon. We are looking forward to taking the Advanced Concealed Carry Tactics later this year.

    It is unfortunate that AGirl’s busy schedule no longer allows her to assist John :-(, but that should in no way discourage anyone from taking his course.

    As AGirl says – “Train often – Train Hard”

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