Happy New Year!

I know I have been neglecting you all and for that I apologize. My computer died a few weeks back and trying to post, especially pictures using this IPad is a nightmare. I took over 400 pics between Christmas and a range day, but there isn’t an SD card slot on the iPad, so emailing them, saving them, sorting and trying to get them to load right in the post is more frustration than I was willing to endure.

I have opted for using my AGirl Facebook until I can get a new computer(which I am on my way to do). I can quickly add a pic from my phone or share a thought in between dinner and a movie with the kids over there. It’s not the same and I miss my blog interactions, but I don’t get a headache from it. Please forgive me.

I am hopeful that later today or tomorrow I will have a real post up, but either way I do want to wish everyone a Very Happy New Year!

Thank you all for your continued support. I get great satisfaction from writing and sharing part of my life with you. You make me laugh and you make me think. Two of my all time favorite things!!!

Looking forward to spending 2013 together.

Be blessed! Be safe! Be determined!

19 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year to you and your family..Thankful that I found you in 2012, and can’t wait to learn more in 2013!

  2. Hope you had a very Merry Christmas and many wishes for a Happy New Year for you, your family and all of us!

  3. Happy New Year My Friend To You and Your Lovely Family.
    I’m sorry to hear about your computer acting up, I have one suggestion on what to do with your old computer. That is after you pick up a new one. Use the old one as a target, I used my old one as a target and it was totally satisfying.

  4. Happy New Year! If it comes down to it you can buy a SD card reader that plugs into your iPad, I think they’re like $5 on Amazon, I keep debating getting one….

    • Yeah, I know. I always had the laptop so didn’t need one and I really prefer my old fashion computer. Might have to break down and get the card thingy though:)

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