So says my phlebotomist. Ok, ok, she was talking about my veins, but I will take what I can get.

As part of the application process to become a member of the rescue squad a full physical is required. Good news is my blood pressure is 104/82, BMI 19, and I am mighty flexible which impressed the heck out of my doctor.

Oddly, I shrunk an inch. An INCH! What the heck? I made the nurse measure me twice against two different walls. 5′ 7.5″ both times. My doctor did not seem the least bit interested in my shrinkage. I was freaking a tiny bit and really hoped she would be give me more than,”Yeah, your getting old.” Okie Dokie, thanks for the professional input. I am not that old and seriously should not be getting shorter. I liked my height.

It does explain why I am the same weight, but now have a little extra cushion on my hips. I have been perplexed as to why. I guess my new tiny stature can not dispurss my girth as well as my previous one:)

I also requested a new epi-pen. I discovered a few months ago when I was checking my supplies that mine expired…5 years ago. A bit of a fail on my part.

All and all not a bad visit.

25 thoughts on “I am BEAUTIFUL!

  1. Keep bragging about how great our veins are and how great you look girl!!!!
    It’s a real good thing to be healthy and not have any medical problems 🙂

  2. What time of day did they measure your height? Sometimes people can shrink up to an inch due to compression of the spine after getting out of bed and moving around; then it expands slightly during the night after getting a night’s sleep.

  3. I can tell a difference in my height driving to work in the AM and driving home in my rear view mirror. But, at 6’5″ and all torso, I have more spine to compress.

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