Good Times

A few days ago Barron sent an email letting me know he would be in my neck of the woods and wondered if TSM and I would like to meet him and Old NFO for dinner. Unfortunately they planned to meet Monday which conflicted with my schedule, so I missed seeing Old NFO again. Fortunately Barron could meet us Tuesday.

Still not an easy task, but eventually we overcame all the obstacles and were able to make it up his way.

Dinner was yummy. Calamari, bisque and scallops! A very rare decadent meal. I am not a dessert person. Don’t like cake or pie or anything sticky and sweet, but I have a weakness for Creme Brûlée. In all honestly, I make the best in the world, so I rarely order it out. I am a bit of a snob when it comes this treat. The restaurant was nice giving me a false sense of confidence. In short…bluuuuuuck. The brûlée was less than impressive and the creme average. TSM ate his and mine. Barron advised that I begin to carry a mini torch to solve the problem. Sounded logical, so if you read a story about A Girl being politely escorted out of an upscale restaurant in Virginia for preparing her own dessert table side, you’ll know it was me.

Loved meeting Barron. The man has a story for everything. There wasn’t a single subject brought up that he didn’t respond…”Funny story about that…” And he was right. The story turned out to be a good one every time.

I have pictures, but I was too exhausted last night to plug my phone in, so just use your imagination. Picture food, friends, laughter, fun, fun, fun!!

I hope all of you are having as much living your life as I am living mine.

12 thoughts on “Good Times

  1. I can see the news article now, Woman in Virginia arrested for bringing a torch to a restaurant needs BLOGGERS help with bail money, lol…….

    You are just to silly!!!!

    Glad to hear you had a great meal with a friend.

  2. Hmmmm…..that cooking your own dessert gives me an idea….really. Years back where I used to live there was a steak house where the customer selected his steak and grilled it themselves on a huge long grill. Quite a popular place…maybe you ought to open up something specializing in desserts?

    • In South Africa there’s a delicacy called Rock Filet. The bring you meat and a heated rock. They replace the rock regularly as it cools. You cook the meat as desired and dip it in the associated sauces.

      It is evidently quite good, though finding the sauce selection around here is difficult.

      • Yummy. All sounds good and fun experiences. There was a place in Iowa called Gramp’s Lounge. They did pick and cook your own steaks. I remember those fondly.

  3. It was quite fun, and I went out with NFO again last night. That was quite entertaining, doubly so since we were surrounded by the people I work with as well. The stories were quite interesting. Even more entertaining was the fact we were all quite familiar with the same levels of Hell.

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