What a glorious long weekend we had. Thanksgiving was absolutely perfect. Our son, his wife and their superbly perfect daughter came and spent the day. Our DIL is an extremely skilled shopper. She can make a dollar stretch farther than anyone I have seen and she loves it. She offered to pick up a few items for me on her annual Black Friday outing. I gladly handed over my ATM card and a list. I can’t believe all the goodies she brought home.

Our little(well, not so little) family spent Friday morning cooking and preparing for a very special guest. A fine gentleman who reads this blog(comments as TC) emailed me to let me know he would be visiting Virginia. Yeah!!! We have been chit chatting for months and months and unfortunately I had to cancel a chance to meet him back in October, so I was thrilled to get another shot(pun totally intended) As it worked out, he agreed to come to our home. I got to cook some vittles and introduce him to Jayne, E, TSM, well the whole gang actually. This Internet thing is oddly wonderful. Even though I have never seen TC, our friendship has been slowly building as we share our thoughts and feelings on guns, the world, life…Neat to get to interact with people I would never had a chance to meet otherwise.

TC is a delight. Both TSM and I had such a great time talking in person about guns, politics, life plus food and fellow bloggers. Don’t worry it was all good.

Friday night we put up the Christmas decorations, listened to Christmas music, and watch Elf. It was a sticky, sweet day right out of a cheesy made for TV movie. Loved every second of it.

The rest of the weekend was a little of this a little of that. Studied EMT to include a 75 page worksheet packet that took 2 hours to do. Also played endless games of Yahtzee with E, cooked a ton of food and even got to watch 30 minutes of football which might not seem like a lot, but its a record in this house. Oh and did a Native American Project with A.

Well, I didn’t do the project. I cook, clean, iron, play games, do homework, read stories, shoot, run errands, but I don’t do crafts. I can do them, but I suck. M on the other hand is quite talented and the kids love when she helps them, so I let her.

We did have a little drama when our youngest son came hobbling up to us. He had climbed a tree and fell. He seemed fine, no scratches, no bleeding, hips were aligned, didn’t hit his head, so we gave him Tylenol and iced it. In a few minutes he was up running around again. Two days later, just as we were getting ready to head out for family pics, he screams in pain and can’t walk. We check him out again. Nothing seems out of place, but he isn’t a complainer and he is clearly in pain, so we cancel the photo shoot. We debate taking him to the ER, but that doesn’t sound fun and we didn’t feel he was in any danger, so we switched to heat and Motirn and spoiled him for the day. This morning TSM took him to our doctor and all is well. Nothing broken. Just a good bit of bruising on his hip and whatnot.

Here are a few pics…

Wesson sleeping under his Christmas Wreath.


Sweet corn chowder with smokey bacon.


The kids eating mini egg soufflés and yogurt parfait.


After a fun, relaxing, but busy weekend, my hubby sent me to bed while he turned off all the Christmas lights. When I got upstairs, I found freshly washed linen on our bed with the covers pulled back for me.


Blessed I say.

7 thoughts on “Blessed

  1. Such a beautiful family! Sounds like the perfect way to spend a few days off. Aren’t the Holiday’s just wonderful??

  2. Thanks for the very kind words and right back at’cha. The words and feelings are quite mutual!!!

  3. Man! All I did was eat too much and play with the cats. 🙂 Our apple/cranberry pie was a hit though. Everyone seemed to love it. Good to see family again.

    Glad to hear your day was so perfect.

  4. VERY nice! And it’s great to meet new friends in real space! Hope you get a chance to meet Barron while he’s here! I just had dinner with him.

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