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When I heard the story about an instructor shooting another instructor I was sad. The whole thing is just sad. I am not going to talk about this specific incident because it’s not my place, but I will say this is why I am such a stickler about safety. Things happen and anything we can do to lessen those “things” from happening, I am all for.

If a new shooter posts a pic with his/her finger on the trigger then I think it is appropriate for someone to NICELY remind them that, that is not a safe practice.  The rude comments people make are uncalled for and not helpful. However, when someone boost to be a Firearms Instructor or Marine or cop or even avid shooter and poses with their finger on the trigger or the gun pointed in an unsafe direction, then I get a little pissy. I hold them to a higher standard. Lots of novice shooters are watching and if they see a pretty woman, half naked, with everyone saying how hot and steaming she is, then the new shooter might think it is perfectly ok to have their finger on the trigger.  Likewise, if you are a high speed low drag well sought after male instructor posting videos of doing unsafe things, well the same applies. It isn’t enough to say “Don’t try this at home.” Like it or not, if you claim to be a professional in the field you are an example and gun safety should never ever be compromised. Again, these comments are not about the above event. I don’t know that instructor at all or if he has videos or not. I am speaking generally about me and why I continue to make comments about folks doing things that are unsafe.

The Gun Diva’s have a post up about a man who is in deep doodoo. I ask you to please head on over and see if you might want to help him and his family out.

And finally…

Think about it. I tell my kids this all the time. I am such a stickler about “free” stuff you have no idea. I don’t even let them pick up loose change on the ground. My statement is, you may not know who’s it is, but you know it isn’t yours. If someone else is “paying” the price then you better be darn sure they are willing to do so, otherwise it is wrong, wrong, wrong. Forcing me to pay your health insurance is wrong, wrong, wrong. We make choices based on our hard work and budget. We should not have to make changes to our life style because someone is unwilling to make changes in theirs.

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  1. So right on so many points! As to the free stuff- we wouldn’t let our 4 year old “W” pick up pine cones from the neighbors tree, even though we know he wouldn’t care, because “W” hadn’t ask yet. Ethics and Christian values are hard to find in adults much less kids these days. Thanks for teaching them to your kidos!

  2. There’s a sense of shame we instilled in our children that is sadly lacking in the modern day parents and their children, and their children’s children who have been raised with a sense of entitlement to what belongs to others.

    And when the giant sponge soaks up all the welfare, they’ll need OUR social security to finance it.

  3. Great post, thank you for sharing.
    There are people who still need to learn gun safety. Accidents happen and if taught correctly, and rules embedded in the gun owners brain(safe practive), he or she will not place their finger on the trigger until it’s necessary to shoot that gun. If you’re a gun owner you know there is only one reason for having that gun, that is to shoot your target (paper, person or animal). There is no other reason.

    The word “entitled” is not accepted in my house.

  4. Yea he is in deep doo doo to say the least. That is a sad. I get worried all the time at our range, because of inexperienced shooters. You can look to the left side of the lanes, and see where people have shot accidentially. we try to go right when they open and not so crowded on a week day.

    Agreed on the free stuff.. unless the change of course is in the recliner from Seniors pockets..then its a free for all for the kids.. : )

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