A Renewing Of The Spirit

Please remember to keep checking back with Old NFO, Jennifer and JayG for updates on Tam’s raffle. Lots of very neat prizes being donated.

Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that MSgt B met Jayne(that’s my truck) and they got along swimmingly. He even gave her a little present. A Zombie hunter’s License sticker. It’s pretty sweet.

Yesterday I headed out to Culpeper to meet John and several others for a day of shooting. Karla from the FN shooting team was there. Several high speed low drag vets to include Mr. Awesome. Like my hubby, Mrs. Awesome had to work and could not join us:(  I finally met a guy I have seen all over the web. He stood out to me not only because of his common sense approach to things, but also because his last name is the same as my maiden name and that name is not a common one. He turned out to be as great in person as he is online. One guy there, I am just gonna call him TS(The Shit) was well, you know The Shit. Seriously this dude is one well maintained man. When shooting his arms are like a sculpture. He should be on the cover of a gun magazine. Even two of the other manly men commented to me about TS’s physique. He was a nice guy as well.

I brought Eleanor and was able to get her all set up. Well, not really all set up. I need to switch some things around for my new sling John bought me. The guys were going to make the changes, but we decided to just shoot and fiddle later.

I started out the day with Karla’s FN SCAR with fancy optics. I am new to rifles. I have shot several, but usually someone just hands me a rifle all loaded and ready to go. I am always standing, pop off 5 or 6 rounds and I am done. Yesterday was day one of me actually learning how to shoot and handle my rifle.

Karla gave me all kinds of good information and tips. She is a lefty like me, so that was cool. Then John took me and Eleanor to do the zero thing. That was done lickty split. I spent the rest of the day getting comfortable with her. Shooting from a variety of distances(not farther that 50 yards) and positions and am pretty much addicted.

This picture is of me taking the VERY FIRST shots ever from this gun. I made lots of adjustments in form and position throughout the day.

I had the chance to shoot a Steyr Scout which, of course, I loved. Just 3 rounds, but if you have been here long you know I enjoy a little kick or even a big one.

I need lots of work and practice on form etc. but yesterday I was able to get a good grasp on exactly how my gun works, what all the little buttons and whatnot do and get a feel for her. I will spend the next few months or years really focusing on using the sling, positioning and all that.

And now…

You had to know it was coming…

The people…

I love to shoot for a zillion reasons. I like it by myself or with people. I don’t need any extra incentive to toss lead down range, but when I get to hang with people I love and respect well it doesn’t get any better. I think one of the guys I spent time with yesterday puts it perfectly.

After a week of icky-ness, this long weekends events were just what I needed!

22 thoughts on “A Renewing Of The Spirit

  1. It has occurred to me that shooting has led me to understand why people golf – the requirement to focus takes you out of yourself and is amazingly relaxing. The advantage of shooting over golf, however, is that we get the fun of feeling the ground vibrating under our feet with every shot.

  2. NICE! 🙂 And thanks for the linky love… I think we have the cats herded to the point that folks know what ALL the raffles are 🙂

  3. Sounds like a great day. I love reaching out and touching things with a rifle. I’m more comfortable with handguns, but a good rifle session is a different type of satisfying.

    I’m glad you and Eleanor are getting to know each other better 🙂

  4. Sign up for an Appleseed clinic and either take your husband or oldest daughter with you. Borrow a Ruger 10-22 or Marlin 750 that are set up for a rifle sling and have fun.

    • Oh my I would love too! I have emailed several times with the gentleman in charge of the one in Richmond. I just need to find the time. Right now EMT and work takes up all my weekends.

  5. Hmm.
    Shooting or Golf.
    Golf or Shooting.

    Too hard to decide. I’ll just go shoot at golf balls. Best of both. 🙂

    (Just kidding. My golf clubs haven’t seen a course in years, and if I could find a buyer I’d sell them right now and buy shooting supplies.)

  6. The problem with golf is, once you commit to your swing, you can never be *really* sure where your “round” is gonna impact. Once you sight in a rifle, its just point-and-click interface from there on out. You can’t sign your name with golf balls at 250 yds the way you can with a good rifle!

    • True, true. I like golf. I was on the golf team in HS. Wasn’t very good, but it was fun. Haven’t golfed since though. I’m gonna stick with guns, knives and hand to hand combat training:)

      • The only thing I know about golf is that if it goes to the left, its a hook, if it goes to the right, its a slice, and if it goes straight, its a miracle. To those who play golf on a regular basis, more power to ya. Its just not my cup o tea (my cup o tea happens to be sitting in front of me, chilled, and slightly sweetened). But, to each their own!

  7. Your second to last pose has me curious. It took me a minute to realize you’re a lefty, but what is your right hand doing? It just makes my back hurt. It looks a bit strenuous.

  8. No truck is complete without an unlimited zombie tag in the window.

    Thanks for the range time and the lunch.
    My personal life goes away for about 6 months now. I’m glad I got that time in with you and TSM.

  9. It was great meeting you, and thanks for the shout-out. I’m happy to share left-handed-girl-shooter tips anytime. 🙂

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