Harden Your Heart

I fully believe in consequences for your actions. I think if one makes a poor choice they should have to live with the results of that choice. I am a stickler on this with my kids.

I am also very compassionate and while I may tell my kids that I am not helping them out of the mess they created, I still ache watching them learn some of life’s hard lessons and of course, sometimes I do help them out. Sometimes upfront, but many times behind the scenes.

We all make mistakes and often the price for those are very high.

So even though I am angry as anything at the folks that are willing and with forethought destroying this country, yesterday I had a pang of sympathy for some. I truly believe there are good people out there that just don’t have a clue what they voted for. My husband has some casual friends on his personal Facebook page who voted for Obama and already are losing jobs and benefits because of it. They are freaking out. Reading their words of panic made my heart sink.

I posted my empathy for them on my AGirl Facebook page and was met with strong reaction. My friends over there are not at all concerned for these folks. Rightfully, they are angry and let me know in no uncertain terms what they thought. I appreciate that about them.

What is interesting is that none of them, not one called me names. Not a single one said I was stupid or anything rude directed to me. They voiced their thoughts and left it at that, but the people who voted for Obama, they showed up to call me names (fat of all things) and they got down right ugly.

My friend Akgirrl posted a note on her wall and all night and into this morning I have received the kindest and most thoughtfully supportive notes on my wall. Most didn’t even bother to address the anti folks, they just came for me. To build me up and have my back. Of course that didn’t surprise me, but I was truly shocked by the Obama crowd.

My husband says it is time to harden my heart. I think the rest of the world is doing it for me.

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  1. Reading FaceBook, I saw over 200,000 jobs lost in two days because of Barry being reelected. Pretty soon Lockheed Martins going to join the ranks of laying off people because of Barry. The man is an illegal alien and our Senate and Congress has refused to remove him from office. He is by far the worst president in the history of the world, but those that voted him don’t care about anything but their free cell phones.

  2. I don’t think you need to harden your heart, it is fine just the way it is. I am a fan of both your page and ak page. I read your post but didn’t comment until I read akgirls post. I try not to get mixed up in that stuff, but couldn’t help it when I seen all the negative comments. Sorry that you were subjected to such harsh comments , there was no need of it.
    Hold true to your beliefs and try and help people understand what is really going on in the world around them. The truth sometimes hurts and I think that is were the anger is coming from. You and many other people are doing wonderful things for the greater good and I want you to know that I truly appreciate all you do. I do not have the gift that you were blessed with (writing) so I love to read what I am feeling in your words.

  3. I have to agree with you on this HATRED. What do you expect from people who ‘voted for revenge’. Obama has subtly instilled a hatred not only for our own country but for fellow man. No longer do we live in a country where a neighbor is a neighbor. I cried when the election results came in. Not just for my family, but because I see where this once amazing country is headed. I refuse to give in to this hatred and ‘give me give me’ mentality. Be strong. I love your FB page and your blog.

    • Thank you!!

      Yes, I have been more sad than angry. I have such love and pride i my country and in those who have and are fighting for it. Breaks my heart to think my children will be inheriting this.

  4. That’s the difference between us mature Americans and the Obama crowd–they are virulently nasty and intolerant of anyone who doesn’t agree with them and they attack personally instead of just offering their counter opinions. This is true from the top on down, from Obama, Michael Moore, the union thugs, right on down to the internet trolls. I have yet to meet an Obama supporter who was willing to rationally explain why they thought that Obama was good for America–they all just spread lies about Romney and/or slandered me and others who refused to support Obama. It’s the mentality of that sort, and that’s what irks me the most about the election: That sort are not supposed to win and do not deserve to be rewarded for acting like that for so long. Harry Reid contemptuously claimed that if Romney won, he and his senate would not work with him. Thousands of other fools promised riots and felony actions if Romney won. Those people were supposed to lose just because they were bad people. But they did not lose. They won because too many other good people stayed home on election day and didn’t go out and vote R just to fire Obama and his crowd. That’s why I’m mad. It should not have gone this way and it did not have to.

    • Ahh Murphy, they were not suppose to win. I know you fought to hard and sacrificed to much for them to win. I am so very sorry.

  5. Any time that haters and anti’s show up, they bring mean spirits with them. They are irrational and there is no point in discussing anything with them rationally. They are unable or unwilling to learn and their arguments are only full of vitriol, insults and name calling. Just delete and ban and move on knowing that you are a positive influence for everyone you encounter. The others can go about their miserable lives, but we don’t have time for that…..we have jobs and lives and families and friends that need us. Hooah.

  6. I think Lana’s nailed it….Obummer’s greatest achievement will be to drive an irrecoverable gap between people. He’s driven a wedge between races, between classes, between income levels, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see religion further fragmented this term (although, religion being religion, it won’t take a lot to stir up the frictions there). There’s whole volumes that can be written about how “haters gonna hate”…how people who grew up and were trained (yes…trained. Brainwashed. Programmed) to hate everyone else are going to hate and despise and spread that on to the next generation…those folks are never going to be happy, there will never be enough to satisfy them, and I think that deep down, they know this, and are afraid, and continue to lash out, in their ignorance and fear, in the only way they know. They try to pull everyone else down to their level of misery, instead of putting forth the effort to work their way out. Ever see lobsters being cooked? Put one in a pot, and you’ll need a lid. Put a bunch in, and you won’t need a lid. When one tries to crawl out (aaaaaaaaaaa!!! its hot in here!), the rest reach up and pull it back in.

    As for your heart, don’t try to harden it. Your heart has touched so many folks here on this blog, you’ll probably never know how wide those ripples have spread. You have a big heart. You just need to know when to shake the dust off your feet and move on (Matthew 10:14…I think its applicable here, too). Those folks mentioned above would not appreciate anything you do for them. So don’t waste your time. Redirect your passions to those who will appreciate them and benefit and learn and grow. You don’t have to ignore people, but my general thumb-rule is, I’ll help anyone out once. A second time, for the same problem, maybe. After that, they’re either just not learning or they’re sponging, and that’s a waste of time/talent/resources.

    Just my $0.0000000002 (adjusted for stock market plummet, price of tea in Nicaragua, and the value of various classic Star Wars action figures).

  7. As a pro-lifer I’m used to being cussed and spat at, so ain’t nothing new.

    A lot of people have grown up without having had to deal with the consequences of their actions. And while I don’t intend to say “Nhya nhya” to known Obama supporters if they loose jobs or benefits or their wallets get tight because of Obama policies, I also am not going to listen to them complain. Prime example is walking his dogs past the house as I type. Works supplying alcohol to restaurants. Nice guy, but constantly complains about not getting a leg up in life. Major Obama supporter. Well, I’ve hired him before – you can’t get a leg up if you don’t show up until 11 am and leave projects half done. And as restaurants see business fall off his job will get more precarious, possibly even disappear. And he doesn’t get to whine to me about it.

  8. I can see not hardening one’s heart….well….at times. I truly believe what has happened this past Tuesday did not just “happen”. It was set up a long time ago. Before 2008. I have also come to the conclusion that I just may no longer vote. The way I see it…we really do not have a two party system. Granted, we have several…but supposedly two major parties. Back when Obamma won in 2008 did anyone notice something odd? I did. And I saw it again this past election. In 2008, the way I see it, McCain just folded…literally. This time, Rommney did the same. His campaign manager sure was not the most aggressive. Now….Why??? I truly believe we have only one party….not two. Oh sure, we have two in name…..but it sure strikes me that behind doors they are scratching each others backs. For four years Obamma has been getting away with highway robbery as far as ruining the constitution, by passing all kinds of crap and taking liberties that were never in the constitution. Did any of your elected officials ever contact you and say what as going on? Did any main stream news outfit say anything? The news sure didn’t have any problems covering Obammy’s actions. Well…..they did in that they never reported the crap he was pulling and if they did they twisted it.

    Back to hardening one’s heart…..Sad to say I do think we all will have to do that soon. Not in the way of not helping people. We will be doing it because things will get so terrible it will resemble the destruction that remained after WWII. Sad……

    • You know I don’t know that much about politics, but I keep wondering the same thing. Why aren’t the Republicans making a big deal about things? It’s odd.

  9. This week was trying on me too. The last time around (2008) I was a completely different person, uneducated, passionate about issues but had no facts to back them up. Then I got my first gun, started working on my capstone project and my eyes started to be opened. I informed myself about what was going on in the country and world, read both sides about issues and started forming my own opinions based on fact and making my own decisions for myself instead of believing everything I heard on the news. I found out that I was wrong about so many things.

    This election season I think that I had fooled myself into believing that all of America had taken the time to educate themselves and were just as upset with the current path we were on as I was so I expected a completely different election outcome. As I sat here on the couch on Tuesday night glued to the TV my heart started to sink. I was devastated; how was this even possible? This wasn’t supposed to happen!

    I couldn’t believe that I started to hear grumblings so soon after the election about things that are wrong in this country including their shock about the immediate loss of jobs. My sadness is not for them its for where this great country is going to go over the next 4 years. I’m frustrated and angry as well. So many different feelings happening this week!

    I guess my point is that you are not alone with how you are feeling. I’m sorry that you were treated the way you were. When I started my journey into guns you were one of the first people I found. I’ve learned so much from and am inspired by you all of the time. Thank you for all you do every day. Know that we all adore you and part of that, at least to me, is how kind and compassionate you are, so try your best to pay no mind the haters and don’t allow them to harden that great big heart of yours.

    • Thanks Dana. I have a very special place for you in my heart. I have loved watching you grow!!!!! What fun we have had!

    • Dana, you touched on one vital point. You educated yourself by researching BOTH sides of issue, reading, seeing, listening, and then developing your OWN opinion. Unfortunately, that requires effort. And the mind must be opened to the possibility of being wrong and the honesty to admit that error. So many people on each side of an issue do not have that open mind.
      In 2008, I debated a guy I knew for hours before the election. I gave him facts and official places he could go to verify those facts. He gave me talking points. When I challenged his points, he could not respond logically. The conversation ended with him calling me an “ignorant, close-minded racist.” (race was never mentioned during our entire argument.)
      Seeing him weeks later, I told him I wasn’t upset with him for the result of the election, I was upset at what he called me. He denied his statement. He had neither the ba**s to appologize for his words, nor the honor of his convictions to stand up for them. That seems to be SOP for ‘progressive drones’. One cannot educate one’s self when the only news you see is on MTV.

      AGirl. I understand your heart being hardened. I feel terrible for those on the east coast whose lives have been disrupted by the storms. That said however, most of them did NOTHING to prepare themselves, do nothing now except cry to the govt for help, complain about the lack of response by FEMA, and expect all of us to do for them what they would not for themselves. And now a large majority has voted that same govt back in.
      There is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. Ignorance is simply a lack of knowledge. It can be cured by information, education, and experience. Stupidity is forever. Electing “O” the first time can be blamed on ignorance. The second time . . .

  10. On FB, a lefty friend (whom I love deeply in spite of his politics) posted something about Obamacare, and I commented on the Kroger story – that the company will now restrict its (already underpaid) part timers to under 28 hours/week, to avoid paying for it. His response was to insist there must be other factors in the decision.

    I have a theory about chidrearing and consequences: When parents invent arbitrary or non-rational consequences for bad (or good) behavior, children learn that consequences can be manipulated – delayed, avoided, bargained away, etc, by bringing in marginally relevant variables. They grow up never connecting “real life” with something as undeniable as, say, gravity. A dropped object will fall. Period. It doesn’t matter why, it will happen no matter what one believes abut it.

  11. It is ignorant to believe that hate only comes from one side. Not every Democrat is an atheist, gun hater. Not every republican is from the Westboro baptist church. A little trust and lot of love could make all the difference here. Harmony in this country begins with you and I. It will never come from disparaging the choices of neighbors. I do not believe that our political beliefs should ever be more important than following the Christ’s example.

    Matt 5:46,47
    II Tim 2:9,10
    Phil 2:5

    • Colby, your right, hate does come from both sides and not ever Democrat is an atheist etc, but this isn’t about faith or sexual orientation or abortion, at least not for me. This is our country. We can not pay for this. It doesn’t matter what someone wants or thinks is fair, no one should be able to take something from someone else and force that person to pay. Idealistic or not. It isn’t “yours” to take…period! We have a Constitution for a reason. It should be there to protect against emotion and greed. When the leaders of the country disregard it, no one is safe. All of life’s issues that matter to each of us won’t matter when we all have nothing!

      I don’t hate. Read my blog. This isn’t judgement, it’s fact.

  12. I wish I could state this as well as my husband can, but essentially his belief is that the Obama supporters are so against violence (any type) and don’t do anything to blow off their steam that they become raging assholes that actually propage violence. They do nothing to release thier own stress that it boils out in a violent manner, either verbally or physically. Remember, the people who were threatening riots were the Obama supporters, not those of us who oppose him.

    It’s because we get range time, we focus on physical pursuits that blow off frustration instead of just letting it boil up until we do something stupid.

  13. Hey Girl,…As far as hardening up, We all may have too. As far as having Your back, I think you’ve got many of us…Keep the blog going. It does make a difference. Stay safe, Joe.

    • Joe, thank you more than words could say. It is nice to be a part of a community where we actually DO have each others back. Not a group that just gives lip service!

  14. All comments on polotics will me made in private. However I think it is time to get ready for what may come.

    A Girl. Check your mail box in a few days for a material cheering up!

  15. The time HAS come when we must “harden our hearts” if that is what it takes. We must steel ourselves in resolve to fight these assaults on our liberties. We cannot give the nitwits who voted for this travesty a pass; they shall reap as they have sown and I cannot bring myself not to enjoy a bit of schadenfreude.
    My “heart” is reserved for those under voting age who have been royally bent-over-the-bollard by the aforementioned nitwits and haters

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