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Well, I know when I hit on something important because my email box fills up quick. I am trying to answer everyone back, but I can’t give each email enough attention, so I will state it here.

The first and most important thing is DO NOT FREAK OUT!! There are certain things we can not control such as knowing what we didn’t know. You and I can not go around beating ourselves up for not realizing sooner that we maybe should have done a little more of this or a little less of that. I have had a pretty good life. Yes, there have been some challenges along the way, but mostly I love all that I have accomplished and experienced and had I known back then what I know now, sure I would have adjusted a few things, but guess what…that is not happening.

The second thing is why are you learning self defense and preparation in the first place? To stay alive right and what is the point of staying alive if you are scared, paranoid, and/or stressed. All that you are doing now should be a way to give you more confidence and add to your life. Most of us simply can not get all that we need in terms of skills or supplies in one lump time period. No problem. Each step forward is actually a step forward(has anybody else come to hate that word?).

I like the idea of balance. It is a huge cliche, but it’s true. For example I take my health very seriously. Always have. I like being healthy and strong, but I also like Martinis and rib eye fat. I don’t want to be so healthy that I live to be 98(I have discussed this age with God and hopefully we are on the same page), but am miserable the whole time because I only ate tofu and drank green tea(I like both by the way) So say I am in the mood for a martini I don’t deprive myself becauseĀ  if I die tomorrow(not gonna happen) I will be one ticked off newbie in heaven, but on the chance I don’t die(not gonna die) I would kind of like a functioning liver, so one drink is probably enough. Balance. I can only control so much.

Same with preparing. I have no idea if there will be a collapse or a war that ends life as we know it. I know people have called for it for years and years and it has never happened, but I also know the signs are not looking good. Doesn’t matter really. I like guns and ammo so having that on hand is a no brainier. Some extra food, water and batteries most of us have anyway, so adding a bit here and there is not a big deal. For me I am enjoying learning new skills like EMT and life without electricity. Even if life goes on exactly like it is(not gonna happen)I am doing fun things that just might also serve a useful purpose.

Here is a hint…It is ok to have fun and enjoy your life! Even in times of great hardship, uncertainty and fear…have fun. What else is there people? What are you afraid of? Figure out what you are really afraid of and then address that issue.

For me it is not having my family and a life that I worked so hard to have, but when I really stop and think about all the good times and all the bad times they separate out into 2 categories. Life with the people I love and loss of someone I love. Even after I was mugged, the greatest sadness and heartache was caused by the loss of myself and that of E. I had comes to term with the fear of another attack and dealt with how to avoid being victimized again(to the best of my ability), but it took me much longer to say good bye to the old AGirl and I fought twice as hard to restore parts of E that she lost. It has always been the people that matter to me. Liking myself and those around me have always given me the greatest joy and conversely not having them has given me the greatest hardships. Sitting around our dinner table we always have fun and it doesn’t much matter if it is a birthday dinner of crab legs and wine or mac & cheese from a box(yuck though). For me I feel like if I have that, I have everything. Now, I like wine, so I am gonna stock up on that too because well, just because.

I want you all to learn how to better keep yourselves safe and prepare for the craziness that life brings, but I want you to live a life worth living. It is ok to buy those pretty shoes even though you don’t have a years worth of dried food stored up, but you probably should make some kind of deal like one pair of shoes and an extra bag of rice for the storage room. Pick a skill that sounds the most fun and doable and learn it…hunting(that’s mine), sewing, fishing, whatever.

We are going to have a “oh my goodness it is the end of the world” weekend here at the abode soon. No electricity, no running water, etc and I am so tickled excited you have no idea. M, the 14 year old not so much. As a parent her misery is just a side benefit. It makes up for all that morning sickness she caused me years ago.

Yes, I think we will learn a lot from it, but to me it is just another adventure like walking on the Great Wall(such an experience) or learning to water ski. It’s not a chore or a burden or a we better do this before the Zombies come thing. It is something to do and a neat way to spend the weekend even if I never actually have to live like that for an extended period of time(and I am absolutely praying that I don’t).

Make or find a good list and then at whatever pace you feel comfortable start checking things off. I will tell you when I first decided to expand my basic preps I was completely overwhelmed and discouraged by the lists and survival web sites, so I opted not to visit them. I am feel more comfortable, so I do now, but in the beginning I made a very simple list of the items I thought our family could us more of. I also just slowly added. We need gluten free pasta, so every time I did regular shopping I picked up 2 extra bags. I made a conscience decision that every time I went to Costco no matter the reason I would pick up batteries. They have them in bulk at the cheapest price I have found. Little steps and eventually, I had batteries up the ying yan.

Remember to BE CALM. Things are all kinds of wacka right now and there is a ton of anxiety in not knowing, but there are things we can do and the point of doing them is improving quality of life not reducing. I believe we are going to be ok, but even if not(we are). Even if I go down with the first wave of insanity, at least until my time then I will be preparing and learning and I will be joyful and happy and calm.

Now, go buy or do or find something fun for your life.

3 thoughts on “More On That Preparing Stuff

  1. I am so glad you made this post!!! I have been hoping that you would do this. I just did not know quite how to bring it up to you.

    For those who are new to this concept there are a few things to keep in mind. Rome was not built in a day. So….don’t panic and go off the deep end buying things with no thought. Make a list. Where to get an idea of what to put on that list? There are all kinds of sites that deal with this. Google or Yahoo for that.

    Something else to keep in mind…. think back to when this country was first settled…think back to when the pioneers first started moving west. The moves they made were even more daunting than what most people today would probably make. Yet….they made it!! For way to long a lot of people today believe that the super market makes the meat they buy. Believe it or not, I know one lady that believed that eggs were made. She did not know they came from chickens….really. Far to many people have been living with the idea that nothing will happen to them because the “government will take care of the problem” Be it flooding or whatever. Personally, I would not trust the government we have now to take out the garbage or rake the lawn.

    Bottom line….think things through before you go blindly off and buy things.

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