QOD…The Sexy Marine

So, My joke on FB was this…

“When I get new stuff I like to use it. I am like a 5 year old. I walk around my house with my stethoscope listening to everyones organs. So, I have my Israeli bandage and I need practice. I ask my husband if I can give him a tiny little puncture wound…you know to make it realistic. He declined. Any volunteers…anyone???”

A very nice guy who comments on my FB often(thank you for that nice guy). Said this…

“Stay strong hubby. I learned the hard way when the (ex) misses wanted to practice for her corrections job. I never knew I had so many little spots on my body that could make me cry for my mommy!”

As an aside, I have never met her, but I like his (ex) wife. Not as much as him, but still…

That leads me to the quote of the day from my man…

“I will, she has wrestled me, poked me, prodded me, shanked me, and I am just waiting for the water boarding to start. I feel like my life is SERE school. – TSM”

7 thoughts on “QOD…The Sexy Marine

  1. Uhhh. If he’s comparing life with you to SERE school, I’m not exactly sure that’s a complement…

    I don’t remember where I saw it but the joke was, SERE School was the one certificate that usually got tossed into the bottom drawer because you absolutely hated it.

    My dad told me about his adventures in SERE school. Including watching a guy get thrown into a cactus (no I’m not kidding) as well as the wonderful experience of water boarding.

    Come to think of it, one of my favorite episodes of The Unit was when they broke out of SERE school…

    So, if you feel the need to give him a harder time for that quip, I think he earned it.

    • Yes, we have friends that went through…there is a reason the guys who win the Superbowl make a commercial that says they are off to Disneyland and not SERE school:)

      No worries…he will pay:)

  2. Sounds like you’re having a blast with the EMT stuff.
    When do you graduate?
    Going to start riding ambulances?

    • We are.

      Class is finished end of January. We start riding next week. Our fire/EMT station is the busiest in the county, so we should be able to get our patient contacts. We need 10, but can have more.

  3. A little white Karo and red food coloring works just as well without the need for an injury, LOL. Good for him! Although the Israeli bandages are pretty cool, they do take some practice.

    Have fun with school!

  4. I’m glad you’re having such a great time in school. Wait ’til you start doing your ride-alongs, they are so much fun!

    I can’t wait to hear about them.

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