Crazy busy life right now. All good stuff, but busy, so this will be short.

After my post yesterday I got a few emails asking about Arete. You all like hearing about my training with him. Not sure if you like that I get my butt kicked or what, but here is the deal why I haven’t written about him.

He has had some fairly significant health issues. His body is showing signs of all those sacrifices he has made on our behalf. Just not sure I will get to benefit from his expertise and generosity in the near future if at all.

Little Gunner and his mommy are coming for a play date, so I am off to get ready for their visit, then off to the store, then homework with the little ones and then my daughter’s field hockey game.

14 thoughts on “Quickie

  1. Sorry to hear about Arete – it does add up over the years . . . .

    Otherwise, seems all is going as it should! Nice to see – enjoy!!

  2. Hey there busy lady!!!
    Please send my regards and prayers to Arete.
    I hope Little Gunner and you kids have a fabulous play date.
    Tell your daughter good luck tonight, and have fun!

    • Hey there!

      Thanks for all the good thoughts and wishes. You are very sweet! Yesterday was a fun day! Field hockey team lost, but still good.

  3. It’s always hard to hear when such fine folks are suffering from illness and all it entails. I feel for Arete, and am just so sorry he’s experiencing difficulties. The play date sounds fun for all. I noticed his name is Gunnar. Did you read the article about the school trying to force a deaf child named Hunter to change his name because of how it signs? Shocking, to say the least. My prayers and well-wishings are with Arete. He’s helped you immensely, and you help us tremendously in so many ways.

  4. My prayers for Arete.

    I was totally expecting something completely different based on the title of this post….dangit, now I gotta go take a cold shower! …well…as cold as water gets in Texass in the summer…

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