I like how many folks emailed about my arms. I got a lot of “Nice Guns” and I have to tell you, you all made me smile, big time. My arms are my personal favorite feature. Incidentally, my husband’s calves send me into orbit…love them.

In addition to the nice words, I was asked what I do to stay in shape. My workout routine is pretty much how I live in my life in general…it’s simple.

I have one carry gun and mostly one holster. I pretty much carrying in the same spot on my body and for the most part I practice, practice, practice with that gear only.

Same with knife fighting/hand to hand fighting. I do not attend every different style of martial arts and don’t try to learn every different method. I try to learn a few things that I or whoever I am working with think will work for me and practice those until they are almost second nature.

For fun I will shoot anything, fight anyone and shank whoever is willing(in terms of training or messing around, not actual brawling), but that is more because I love it and want to experience as much as possible, but where I focus my real time and energy is only in a few key places. I know there are some different schools of thought on this. I read an article by Massad Ayoob(not a link to the article) where he discussed the idea that conceal carry people should change up their guns and test themselves and I certainly would not argue with his expertise, but for me, I just want to know for sure that I can work my equipment, be that my gun, my knife or my body. So simple, well rehearsed, not to complicated, solid, time tested skills that I can master is my goal with self defense.

And for fitness, it is exactly the same.

I do very few things to stay in shape. I run. I try to vary that a little…up hill, stairs etc, but mostly I just get out and move. I do push-ups. Again, I might try to do a few different ones to target different muscles, but I am not interested in being huge, so I concentrate on maintaining my strength. Squats and sit ups. Lots of stretching. I own zero equipment except for a set of hand weights and a mat. I used to go to the gym and I did hire a personal trainer once, but neither seem to give me much more bang for my buck, so I stopped both. I do enjoy yoga, but it’s summer and trying to carve out an hour of quite time at my house is impossible, so maybe when the kids get back in school. My kids love to work out with me and often do, but that is rarely a workout for me because I am helping them or it is at such a low intensity that I still need to find time to get in a separate session. I also have done some of the more popular workouts like P90x. I like them and they work well, but again I don’t have time anymore, so a run a few times a week, some squats, push-ups and situps in the morning &/or at night and try to live an active lifestyle is about it. Nothing fancy, extremely simple, but consistent is what has worked for me for the past 10 years.

Speaking of that…I am off for a run.



17 thoughts on “Simplicity

  1. Great Plan!
    I have trained cops & Soldiers for over 30 years and always suggested that they find the defense styles and methods that work for them best…and KEEP IN SIMPLE. For the most part, these types of folks are issued a specific weapon and I always tried to drill with them to make them master of the device. In many cases, they didn’t want to put in the effort. Often they wanted shortcuts to get there.
    For weaponless defense tactics, I took all the training I was given and mastered a few of the methods that worked for me best. If a bad guy was “in motion” I would use that against them- weather they were running away or trying to attack me.
    As for being a firearms instructor, I have to know many weapons… I have about 7 different ones I carry on a regular basis (only one or two at a time- not all 7) If I’m training somebody on a 1911, I’ll carry that on that day. If I’m training somebody on a Sig, I’ll carry that on that day. This not only shows the student that I know the weapon, but it gives them a “warm and fuzzy feeling” about the gun they are using- either by choice or being mandatory for work.

    • Excellent point as an instructor carrying what your students carry.mI am focused first on knowing my personal gear and then on fun. As an instructor you need to have a much broader scope. I am certified as an Instrcutor, but really am in the apprentice stage.

  2. I try to keep things simple…my braincell can’t handle much more than that.

    Interesting….WHERE in Texass are you travelling to, and when? Definitely would love to hook up for a lunch/dinner/lead-therapy sometime!

  3. I completely understand..I have not time anymore for the gym. Hardly had time this summer to walk. But school is back in tomorrow and getting back to my routine. Gun range, walking and working up to running. Use to run all the time, but am completely out of shape now..desperatly want to get back to it.

  4. While I’ve owned and shot a HUGE number of guns in my life I rely on just the Glock 26/27/33 size pistol and S&W J frame .38s. Yes I have access to lots more and I know well how to use them, but keeping it simple is a wise idea. Plus my wife can easily use the guns that are loaded.

    Same for H2H. Master a good style that fits your size and strength and then branch out some but shun defensive techniques that require several time consuming moves or demand your opponent do certain things when struck certain ways in order for it to work. That never works on the street.

    And keep in mind, “A simple plan, executed so fast it cannot be intelligently countered, is a good plan.” In fact, it’s a very good plan.

  5. For quick workouts, that push you hard, and can be done with little to no equipment; I highly recommend Crossfit.
    Most workouts can be done in 20 minutes or less and they are all available for free at the mainsite.
    I have been doing it for a couple years and love it.
    Shoulder and knee aches have disappeared. I’ve lost weight and have a ton more muscle. At forty, I’m in the best shape I’ve been in years.
    The gyms are everywhere and the family atmosphere is awesome.
    They also do a lot of military and other charity events.
    Can’t say enough. I am sold for life.

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