Madison Rising

This was in my email box. Go check em out.

Hello Friends and Patriots!

Wanted to let you know that Madison Rising has launched a kickstarter to help finance new recordings and a tour.  The goal is to reach new audiences and spread the positive message the band has been spreading. The goal of the band is to give the people PATRIOTIC music to listen to and to get them thinking of issues at hand.  Lets get our country back!  Lets bring back American Pride and Patriotism with positive music.

What You Can Do To Help Make It All Happen?

Please spread the word about this campaign.  Share the link with your friends.  Post it on your facebook.  Share it with writers and djs who can share it with their fans and followers.

Lets remind people that this country is still a great place to live!

2 thoughts on “Madison Rising

  1. One word…..WOW!!! Normally I don’t like redoing traditional songs. This is the exception. This group has something! If this takes off, and I hope it does… may be what is so badly needed today. A real movement towards patriotism. Anyone can talk the talk….seems not many today are walking the walk though. I know one thing. I am certainly going to forward this to others! Well done!

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