I woke up this morning in a kind of fog. My body ached for no real reason and I just felt blah.

Had a rather frank discussion with a friend who seems to have a way with words that makes me see things differently than I had. I actually have 2 people in my life that have that ability.

Went for a run to get the kinks out and clear my head, took a hot, hot, hot shower and am feeling more like myself. Chipper and dandy.

Think I might see if my husband would like to go on a date tonight. Maybe to the range and then dinner. Perhaps theme night…Bullets and Beef as a show of support for MSgt B’s protest against government flunky’s telling him what to do.


7 thoughts on “Tired

  1. Around these parts B&B usually means bed and breakfast. Now it can mean bullets and beef too. I like it and the plan.

  2. I know exactly how you felt before the run and shower 🙂
    Sometimes just a little exercise to clear the mind and a nice long shower (I prefer bath) helps.
    It’s an excellent idea to have a date night with hubby…..go for it. Sometimes just getting away from the house and kids (even though you love them, everyone needs a little break) makes a world of difference.

    • It was awesome. We had to skip the bullets part because we got a later start than we wanted, but dinner out with him was exactly the pick me up I needed!

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