Random Violence

Over the weekend my friend Dann of God, Gals, Guns, Grub blog emailed me about a young girl his family knows. Unfortunately, this was not a happy email. The young lady was a victim of a violent crime. My heart broke as I read his words.

Dann has written about the incident on his blog. Please go check it out.

11 thoughts on “Random Violence

  1. It CAN happen in an instant, and thankfully there was someone there to knock the perp off her. Hopefully she recovers…

  2. Perp needs to be dropped into a deep, dark hole, have the door welded shut and the key destroyed. My hat’s off to the young man, though! Chivalry isn’t dead yet!

  3. I am thankful I live in a pretty peaceful place. Yes I do read about robberies, a few murders, burglaries, etc… but I’ve been in this city for over 30 years and I’ve never seen any violence. Car wreaks, but not willful violence (and it’s cars I worry about more than bad guys.)

    But in my younger days I once held a bugler at gun point (ripping off my parents house when I was in college) and once two of us chased down a purse snatcher in the Virgin Islands (on my honeymoon, no less.) So I know it can happen!

    I do the martial arts and shooting cause I enjoy it. Both of them my hobbies since before college, but again, I know it can happen!

    I just pray the good Lord lets me keep living in peace for I know no matter if I win or lose, I still lose.

    But still, it can happen.

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