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This didn’t transfer over from Blogger so I’m putting it here:

I have had so many issues with Blogger and since I have zero computer skills, dealing with the issues has been a drain on my time and energy.  When Barron from The Minuteman generously offered to make me a new site at WordPress, I took him up on it.

It was actually a hard move to make. This morning when I got the email from Barron telling me the new blog was ready, I got a few little butterflies in my tummy. I grow emotionally attached to things and I am attached to this blog. I still miss the picture of my Glock, but the Blogger format isn’t really serving me well anymore, so it’s time to move on. The look, the blogroll, the creative use of the English language will pretty much be the same over there as it is here, but it might take some time to get everything ironed out. Barron is walking me through each step which has been easier than I thought it was going to be.

Ok, new blog is located at  The new RSS feed is at

Hope to see you all over there.

Obviously since you’re reading this, you’re here. 😉

-The Admin

27 thoughts on “Repost: New Diggs

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  2. I are here! Look at it this way….the old blogspot was holding you back, it was a hinderance, it was tying you down….you came, you kicked its digital arse, you stood upon the twitching carcass and yelled your defiance to the world (minus the strategically placed bacon…that’d just be wrong). You go, Girl!

  3. Some day this white print on a black background will go away and the site will become readable. For now all that I will read is your RSS feed.

  4. Updated your link at my site. Glad you have decided to come over from the Darkside of Blogger/google
    It’s so much easier for me to comment on wordpress sites without those stupid Captcha prove your not a robot bs on blogger

  5. I’m not sure what type of issues you’ve had with Blogger. From a content consumer perspective, I’ve never really found WordPress to be better (actually, that email to confirm comment subscription feature is downright dreadful).

    Regardless, I hope you are happier with this setup.

    Keep being awesome, A Girl!

    • It is much easier from the content producer perspective to be in WordPress than Blogger. The flexibility, doubly so since she’s “self-hosted” instead of through means she has more control of the feel, as well as a direct line for help when something isn’t working right.

      As for the comment confirmation, that IIRC is a result of the fact that the email notifications both come out of the same feed system. IE if you get notified by email for new posts, it’s the same processing as for comments.

      I believe the goal on the subscription confirmation is to ensure that someone wants to get their inbox thrashed, depending on the popularity of the post. The main reason though appears to be SPAM prevention related. Note that’s an extra plugin though so any subscription shouldn’t require a confirmation. *’m doing it as a test now*

      • Barron, I’ll have to take your word for it. I’ve done roll your own with FC, news bruiser, blojsom, and jroller. But that was back in the day. These days blogging is a tertiary hobby for me, so a free and hosted solution is just my speed. Yeah, there are things I hate about Blogger, but if I start caring then I’ll have to stop caring about something else.

        • Broken Andy your a hoot. I don’t really understand anything that you and Barron are talking about, but your here and I am happy about that. I am sorry about the email thing. I don’t like to have barriers of any kind that would prevent someone from commenting.

  6. Finally, I can actually reply to this blog. I’ve had a total ban (self-imposed) on responding to anything that used CAPTCHAs. Despite Google owning Blogger, and having very good spam protection for GMail, the blogger folks never picked up the technology. Their stupid answer was to pass the spam burden to users through the use of CAPTCHAs.

    Now, with WordPress, you don’t need them. Activate the Akismet plugin and kiss almost all the comment spam goodbye.

    • Great!! Sorry about the captcha thing before. I did remove it eventually, but the point is you can comment now, so awesome!!,

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