Another Weekend

I worked, so you know that means I had a great weekend.  Every time I work I wonder if I will get bored or have a hum drum group of people show up, but so far that has not happened.

This time John invited a guest instructor.  He taught loading, reloading and malfunctions.  Great guy!

The class was an eclectic group.  We had 2 young Marines take the class. One is on the Marine Corps shooting team and one is an armor/instructor.   They were sweethearts.  I should probably mention one was a male and one was a female.  Nice folks.

We had a couple of other young guys too.  Both were a hoot and a lot of fun to chit chat with. Also a mother and her daughter, neither of which had much experience.  Both left there much more comfortable with guns.  Always great to see.

Interesting story. As we were sitting around at break(something I rarely do because I usually putting up targets etc) one of the guys asked about my blog.  Not sure how it came up, but he asked what it was called.  I told him and he said oh I have heard of that.  Another guy sitting with us said something like “yeah, it’s a good blog”  Then he said, “That is how I found this course.”  I said really, you read my blog?  He told me that he was on a site either Conceal Carry or some defensive site he could not remember the name of.  People were talking about my blog on one of those sites, so clicked to it, found it interesting and kept reading and then decided to take a class at FPF Training  I thought that was crazy awesome.  I really enjoyed talking with him and working with him on the line.

I had the pleasure of talking extensively with a man who has taken several courses from John as well as from practically every other person in the business.  He has taken classes from Maasad Ayoob, Todd Green, Suarez as well as one of his associates, and Tom Perroni, just to name a few.  He is retired from the Army and is quite knowledgeable about all things guns.  With all his experience he chose to bring his wife and his priest(yes I said priest) to John.  I think that says a lot.  I am sure he would and maybe will have them take other courses from other instructors, but my point is he has trained with the top instructors in the world and he felt comfortable bring his loved ones to FPF Training.  I get a lot of emails from folks who wonder if John is that good or if I am just enamored with him because he has done so much for me.  The answer is both.  I am a fan because he is that good. No one needs to depend on my word for it.  He has years and years of student testimony just like mine.

I enjoying talking with knowledgeable people because of course I like to talk guns, but I also learn a lot and it is a good gauge to see much I have learned and know.  I like that I can talk guns and self defense. I can offer some insight, perspective and my own opinions. It’s cool. I still have a lot to learn, but I am getting there.  Although, the title “instructor” adds some pressure.

Up until recently, I have always been the chic who didn’t know anything about guns or shooting.  I never had any pressure or expectations.  I could go out and shoot and not worry if I did well or not, but now that I am an “instructor” and I am working on the range, I feel pressure.  Not overwhelming.  I do not stay up nights worrying or doubting myself, but I want to be able to help people learn to shoot and I want to display that I am competent. The pressure is from within.  It is not from anyone else.  The people who come to train do not know my story and they assume I can shoot.They assume I know about guns.  My pressure is because I do not want them to leave the range thinking, “Really, she is an instructor???”  That does not look good for me, for John, for FPF Training, for other NRA Certified Instructors, for women…basically that would be all around bad.  Anywho, that has not been the case.  I have performed fine, however…

We do a drill called “The Initiation Drill”.  The drill has two shooters stand side by side. One shooter calls a position such as 2(arms crossed in front of the body)  that same shooter then goes for his/her gun and the other shooter draws and tries to get a good shot on target before the first shooter.  I love this drill and I am pretty good at it, but I never have had any pressure before.  John calls me up to demonstrate the drill for the class(I have done it before in front of a class, but I had just hurt my ribs, so I had an “excuse” if I sucked. I didn’t, but I had an excuse).  I briefly thought, I hope I do not blow this.  First shot fast, dead center perfect.  Second shot faster, dead center.  I think, literally, “Oh, good I am shooting like I know how to shoot”.  Next shot, fast and way the heck up on the head.  Problem was I WAS thinking about being a good shooter instead of, you know, shooting.  No big deal.  I just called it a flier and we moved on, but lets hope next time I keep my head in the game and save the self acclamations for after the drill is over.

As is usually the case, every single person had fun(I am pretty sure) and added to their skill set.  That’s a win!

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  1. This is my very favorite blog that I follow. Not that the other blogs aren’t terrific, too, but yours always introduces subjects that hit home with me. You write well, and you’re always so forthright and up front. I’m not surprised one little bit that so many others also follow and love this blog, my friend. Just reading your words every day encourages me to speak up more, to write again, and to be true to myself.

  2. Wondered where you’d been, it was quiet.
    I sometimes shoot like a newbie (although I rarely have to shoot in front on students, but I think it is worse when I do it in front of fellow instructors, LOL). I have to remind myself that is ok, no one got hurt, I really do know what I’m doing, slow down and start over. Then, like yesterday, I shot someone elses 1911, .45. I’d never shot a 1911 or a .45 before. Three rounds through the same hole, consecutively. Why can’t I do that with my gun? I overthink. When I’m not thinking, but speed shooting, my groups are more impressive at farther distances.
    Why is all this important? 2 reasons. First, you are a good shot, you have the credentials and the skills and we all have an off day.
    2nd, yesterday I was shooting for score, with a witness. Very un-nerving. I got there, finished my qual, but once I relaxed I shot even better.

    Hang in there!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend Ms. A!! The thing I notice about serious shooters is that they take courses from all kinds of folks. While it does put pressure on the instructors (and I view that as a good thing), virtually all the folks that have come through what I offer were open and really just trying to learn from a different point of view. I think that’s great – actually it’s what I do. If we aren’t learning, streaching, reaching, trying new things – then we are loosing skills.

    As for da AGirl blog – a daily read, without doubt. Always kinda curious what your latest adventure will be. Enjoy the journey!


  4. Well sounds like you had a wonderful fulfilling weekend. Keep up the great work. Really enjoy reading your blog.

  5. It was a great weekend. I’m still processing my thoughts from everything I saw and heard. I’m glad you were there to help. Thank you again!

    • Hey Matt…I know you are a serious student. Notes and video. Lots of information! Enjoyed meeting you and I hope to see you back for the advanced class…that one is just crazy fun!

    • Yeah, hopefully I’ll be able to make the November ACCT. I want to touch base with John to see what I should be working on in the mean time though.

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