This And That…Again

Recently my 14 year old daughter organized all my posts in a nice little folder somewhere on my computer and in the process she discovered I have a lot of posts titled “This And That”, so I added the word “again” to spice things up a little.

The Cornered Cat class is full!!!  Can’t wait!!

Just about 2 weeks until the Give-A-Way  winner is announced!!!

I woke up this morning feeling remarkable better.  My ribs were hardly screaming at all.  I have an appointment for a recheck of everything on Monday.
Not only do I reuse the same post titles over and over, I know I also tend to link the same blogs and resources again and again.  There are 2 main reasons for that: One I just don’t have time to get to as many blogs as I would like.  I know there is a ton of great info from a variety of sources, but I just can’t find the time to get there.  When I have time, I pop over to the blogs I have known from the get go and the ones I trust. Two, it usually takes me a while to know if I trust an expert source, but once I do, I go back again and again.  For example I read things by Greg Ellifritz for several months before I linked to him and now I find myself restraining from posting everything he writes.  My husband does not read any of you:) Well, a few, but mostly he just reads me. After I sent him a few articles by Mr. Ellifritz, he decided  to subscribed to the blog himself.  It’s that good. It would be easier if you all just did that, but since you all have your own favorites, I will just keep posting links that I think are of interest, like this mornings.

This morning the email update I got from Active Response Training had a link to an article that talks about school shootings.  We all know how near and dear that subject is to my heart, so even before I went to MSgt B’s blog, I read the article.  I also bought one of the books the article recommends, Surviving a School Shooting: A Plan of Action For Parents, Teachers And Students.  I had been reading a selection that Old NFO recently reviewed, The Admirals, but I will put that one on the back burner in favor of this one.  As with blogs, I can’t find enough time to read all the books I want.  My husband will probably end up with The Admirals because I am pretty focused on self defense and right now I am very focused on keeping my kids safe as safe as I can. 

Continuing my mission, I called Keads last night and had a wonderful conversation.  Great, great guy that one is!

8 thoughts on “This And That…Again

  1. I’ve been through 2 school shootings and I will say this: Schools are NOT equipped, prepared, or conditioned to react in any other way than fear and paralysis.

    These insitutions of learning are so opposed to the idea that a gun can be used to STOP a situation that they won’t consider it.

    After the second one, when me, my wife, and my daughter were all going to that school, we all carried something. My wife carried her Taser, my daughter carries spray, and I carried something a bit more potent.

    Ultimately, the staff AND student body needs to be aware of what to do in an event like that. Hiding under the desk isn’t always the way to go (look at Columbine). They practice tornado threats. Practicing an active shooter scenario should be at least considered and preparations made to deal with that threat. But the ‘deal with that threat’ is the part that causes all parents to get all up in a wad.

    To those parents I’d ask, “Would you rather have your child’s teacher stop a threat or cower in the corner while your child GOT shot and killed?”

  2. Thanks for the kind words! I’m glad that you find my rantings useful! I think you’ll enjoy that book. It’s a fast read and one of the better books on the topic.

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