Boys, Itching & Other Random Things

I do not understand the male obsession with scratching themselves.  I also do not understand the need to do it so often.  I almost never have an itch, anywhere, let alone, ya know, in the lower regions where one might find shrinking Polar Bear genitals.

Yesterday in my post about Hunting, RabidAlien left a comment about sitting around a camp fire bonding after a days hunt.  Talking, drinking and scratching.  Huh, did not know that was part of the deal.  Did not see that anywhere in Zercool’s posts, but I thought about my weekend at the range with the guys and there was a fair amount of spitting and scratching.  Then yesterday I have this conversation(edited slightly for brevity sake) with Arete.

He is telling me we are going to do this and that and I need to focus on this when he says,

“But, it isn’t like I am going make you scratch yourself in public.”

Me- Thank god, I don’t even want to scratch myself in private.

A- You must shower a lot.  Sorry you have never known the joys of a good scratch.

Me- Lol, well a good back scratch can be satisfying, but I really don’t have all that many itches.  So, glad I am not a boy.

A- Well, now I have a goal.  Gotta get you to have an itch so bad it needs to be scratched.  It’s my mission to get you all itchy as we ground fight in the grass.

Me- I seriously have to stop telling you stuff.

He can turn even the most innocent conversation into some kind of psychological warfare training.  I am just hopeful, I will have learned how to get out of whatever hold he has on me, so I can scratch the itch and I hope it doesn’t set off some kind of domino effect where I just go around scratching myself for the next week.

Moving on…Mrs. Groundhog has a new toy.  Go check it out.  You might be interested.

If you are not visiting the Gun Blog Black List and clicking around, you are doing yourself a great disservice.  Lots of good stuff out there.

Someone left a rather strange comment on my Open Letter post last night and that prompted me to read it again for the first time since I wrote it.  I think I have been afraid to re-read it because I was so emotional and wacka back then I thought I might feel embarrassed about it, but nope.  It said exactly what I was feeling and still feel to this day.  This has been such an incredible journey and I can tell you honestly, I am the happiest I have ever been in my life and I have had a very happy adult life.  Even when life happens like it always does and the suck factor is in full force, I am still beyond happy.  Thank you all so very much for supporting me, encouraging me, and advising me.  You are the best!

41 thoughts on “Boys, Itching & Other Random Things

  1. This training you do seems like a waste of time. I don’t think anyone can hit, kick or wrestle you with enough force to simulate an actual attack. You are tiny. If someone attacks you there is nothing you can do. Just give them what they want. If they are going to kill you they are going to kill you. The reason you didn’t get more hurt the first time is because the guy didn’t want to hurt you. He just wanted some money. It’s a little dramatic for you to claim it was anything else. Let’s be honest, your not really being trained to do anything. I know you are not hurting him and I doubt he is actually doing anything that hurts you. It’s just your attempt at making it look like your tough and that is stupid.

    • Just lie back and think of England and let the man do whatever he wants to you.

      Anon supports criminals, rapists, and murderers over innocent people. Classy, Anon.

    • I honestly do not know how to respond to this comment. Clearly, you have read my blog, so i can’t imagine anything I could say would alter your opinion. Truth be told I have no desire to.

      I find your way of thinking very dangerous and I am 100% sincere when I say I pray to God that your thinking is never challenged in real life bad guy encounter.

      Regardless of what anyone thinks of me or my training, I will be continuing it because I will not ever again just lay on the ground while some guy lays on top of me with a desire for than just my money.

    • Mr. Anonymous feels threatened by women who dare fight back. He likes to pick on them and abuse them, but like all bullies he cowers when confronted with somebody who will fight back because he is weak.

    • “In the name of the best within you, do not sacrifice this world to those who are its worst. In the name of the values that keep you alive, do not let your vision of man be distorted by the ugly, the cowardly, the mindless in those who have never achieved his title. Do not lose your knowledge that man’s proper estate is an upright posture, an intransigent mind and a step that travels unlimited roads. Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark, in the hopeless swamps of the approximate, the not-quite, the not-yet, the not-at-all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish, in lonely frustration for the life you deserved, but have never been able to reach. Check your road and the nature of your battle. The world you desired can be won, it exists, it is real, it is possible, it’s yours.”

      Ayn Rand

    • Hey Anon numbnuts,

      I can tell right off the bat that you’ve never been in a fight–not a real one where ONE of you were going to get seriously (as in hospitalized) hurt.

      My old partner in the U.S. Marshals and I used to host and teach women’s self-defense classes–unarmed self-defense.

      Trust me, we started off gradual, but by the end, we weren’t woosyfooting around and if the women could NOT break a hold, or escape, or keep us at bay, they knew it and we didn’t stop teaching/instructing until they could.

      I’ve seen posers and “internet kung fu heroes” like you my entire five-decade plus long life. You hang around dojos and sometimes shooting ranges spouting your BS until someone calls you on it and demands you to “show up, put up or shut up.”

      It is then that we suddenly learn of your “war injury” or your “football knee” or that you’ve just “recovered from the flu” or some such other nimrod excuse.

      Yeah. We know your type.

      Get lost.


    • Wanna bet there anon?

      Just because it’s not an actual attack doesn’t mean the force isn’t real. Hell when I did my rescue diver and life guard training our “drowning victim” had every extra advantage you wouldn’t normally see in someone drowning.

      How serious and real was that? I had 3 bruised ribs and he shoved me under and tried to stand on top and keep me there. He had snorkel, mask, and fins. All I had was my swim suit. He would chase me as someone would who’s panicking. Due to the fins he was much faster. He got a return set of bruised ribs as he tried to pull me under. When he did it again I pulled him under and kept him there for 30 seconds. Someone who is drowning is unbelievably dangerous and will kill you in an effort to save themselves.

      So should I just hop in the water with someone who’s drowning without any training as to what they will do and how to protect myself?

      Just because it’s a rubber knife instead of cold steel doesn’t mean it’s not accurate training. Just because you’re attacker isn’t going to kill you or rape you since this is training doesn’t mean it’s inaccurate either.

      If training is so bad and pointless, why do special forces train so damn hard? It’s not as if they’re just going and learning by trial and error in the field.

      Run along troll and go place some place else. At best your an just a moron, at worst you’re upset at the fact that one of your potential victims has decided to arm herself. In which case I hope and pray that your next victim gives you a new entrance to your body cavity other than the ones god gave you.

    • I don’t know who Anon is and am not going to do the stink eye at them either. I will say though that there are a lot of people who don’t believe that a small or thin woman can fight off larger male assailant(s) intent upon doing them bodily harm. This was a prevalent opinion a few years back in teaching women what to do if someone was trying to rob or rape them. The belief was that fighting back would result in more severe injuries or death because of angering the assailant. I didn’t buy into that concept then and don’t now, I won’t even start to get into the psychology behind all of it or the mechanics of empty hands fighting. Anon might believe what they wrote but me, well I’ve seen a 90# woman not even five feet tall tear up a 200+ # 6’ tall fellow with a history of whopping up on bigger fellows and winning. He pushed the wrong buttons that night and lost, made a trip to the ER, ending up in the Graybar hotel

    • Anonymous, here’s the beautiful thing about the Internet and blogs in general. If you don’t agree with something a specific blogger says, does, or posts to their blog…don’t go back to that blog. 10 Nazis are not holding guns to your head, forcing you to read this specific blog. There are somewhere between 140 – 160 million estimated blogs worldwide. TONS of Justin Beiber, Hello Kitty, or Lady Gaga blogs for you to follow.

      So run along now. The adults are talking.

  2. Don’t respond to it. That’s what it wants you to do.

    On a side note, if the boys are scratching too much they may have a case of jock itch…..

    Anon, you remind me of a case of jock itch….

  3. Men scratch their nuts because, unlike dogs, we can’t lick them. I’m actually surprised MSgt B hasn’t shown up here to point that out. 🙂

  4. Really. I have seen far more women stick their hands into their pants so they can “use their fingernails to scratch” than I have seen men.

  5. I can’t speak for anyone else, but as a MAN, I rarely scratch myself, anywhere, certainly not in public, if I can avoid it. I’m mystified by the young men with t-shirts or crop-tops who feel the urge to scratch their bellies? Maybe if I had abs, I’d like to show them off, too (?)
    I never see women scratching anywhere inappropriate. Perhaps I’m not looking hard enough…
    :- )

  6. Well, women accuse men of being dogs and if you lie down with dogs, you get fleas. If you get fleas, you itch and when you itch, you have to scratch.

    When I was ten years old and three years into my baseball catcher position career, my uncle taught me the three necessities for being a successful baseball player: Scratch, Adjust, Spit.

    My mama (his little sister) about killed him for that.


  7. Mrs. Alien here. So do you see what I’m up against in my house hold now? Seriously? Mr. Alien has our 3yr old child saying Air Biscuit which I do not approve of but no one listens to little ol me.

  8. If you really want to itch then wear soft body armor under a uniform every day your at work or on the firing range. Factor in a 90-100 degree hot humid day and you’ll itch everywhere. FWIW men and women both itch, some just have better self control than others.

  9. Well geezz, I spend an hour reading AOA’s book and then head to an IEP meeting and I come home to this.

    Thanks for your support, ideas, insights, humor, and for always having my back.

  10. Wow….I got mentioned in a post by AGirl? *sniff* And I didn’t even prepare a speech! Silly me. Wait…hang on….**scratches** Okay, better. Now…where was I….

    As for Anon….screw him/her. That’s someone who feels threatened because a woman is taking her well-being into her own hands, getting training on how to protect herself. Anon, huddled in his mommy’s basement waiting for the next Occupy handout, feels bad about himself because he’s just jealous. You’re a threat to him, and remind him of all of his own failures in life. He’s hiding behind an “anonymous” mask because he’s too ashamed to let the world know that he has inadequacy issues. Sure, most everyone here posts using handles/avatars…guess what, most of those are actually links back to blogs or email addys…which, online, is pretty much like posting your drivers license. Anon, I pity you. And, once I click “Publish”, I’ll quit pitying you, and you’ll be forgotten. Buh-bye.

    AGirl…as usual, you rock!

  11. Yeah, not a scratcher, lol. I see what you meant in your comment over at my place now. I welled up at first, but read some of the other comments and I think it’s been covered. Also, to you please just ignore. It is an obvious attempt to troll and should not be taken serious as an actual comment.

    To Anon, anytime you want to “train” with someone since you don’t think it’s the real thing, you let me know.

  12. scratching while one’s hands are in one’s pockets is known as “pocket pool”. i read that on the internet. what?

  13. When you have an itch, it’s best to scratch it.
    It’s kind’a like being in the gunshop and holding that slick action 1911, for example, and knowing you shouldn’t because you’re in a public place, but you look over your shoulder at the little angel there, then lay down the plastic…
    And then there’s a possible genetic explanation for having an itch to scratch. Which I’m sure you’ll discover in deer camp when those woolens get soggy after two days without bath salts and body oils- and you’ll smell like one of the guys and wonder how the we can put up with ourselves. 😉
    As for Anonymouse thinking small women aren’t able to be tough, those kind used to come into my dojo for the ‘sample’ class. They never returned after getting thrown about and stomped by a ‘little’ girl assistant instructor.

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