It’s Not A Gun, But I Am Still Smiling

Everyone here probably knows by now I love my Remora holsters.  I mean I love them.  They are comfortable and work perfectly for my lifestyle, but I have been wanting an OWB holster for a while and I wanted it to be pretty.  My husband loves his from Dragon Leatherworks so much, I thought I would buy another one from them and I am sure I will someday, but one day I read a post by Jennifer about her husband, Michael, designing and donating a holster for one of our service members overseas.  I am a big fan of our men and women who serve our country, so I popped on over to his site and was very impressed with what I saw. 

I sent an email to Michael at The Holster Site and said something like “I want a holster, but I have no clue what I want”.   I might have given him a bit more to work with but not much. I knew I wanted a holster that went on my belt, was low profile, and was girly, but not over the top. He emailed me back right away and we tossed around a few ideas, came up with a price, I sent off the money and a few weeks later I had my brand spakin’ new holster.

I was crazy excited when I got the tracking number and saw the arrival date.  My mailman was not quiet as excited to see me as I was to see him.  One time I was stalking around my house practicing dry fire and he came to the door, ever since then he pretty much just tosses my packages in the vicinity of the porch.  However on that day I met him at the mailbox and snatched the box from his hands.  I was smiling and all “Oh, hi, is that for me?” “I am so happy to see you.”  and he was all “Yeah”, and had a look on his face like, please for the love of God woman just go back into your house.  I guess a hyper active housewife with an enthusiastic look in her eyes and gun makes some people uncomfortable.

I got into the house, ripped open the box, literally.  I am not using that cliched phrase for dramatic effect, I ripped that sucker open. Holy cow, it was awesome.  Since we just talked things over in an email, I didn’t have an image of exactly what the color would be or any specific details, only abstract images in my mind.  I was just trusting Michael to translate my ideas into a workable holster and he did…except, when I went to put it on my belt my son said, “That is a right handed holster”.  “No, no, it’s not.” I assured him.  “Mom, that is a right handed holster”.  I went upstairs got my gun, checked to be sure it was unloaded, tried to put it in my holster, but guess what?  It was a right handed holster.  My stomach sank.

This was my next email to Michael, “I got the holster.”  “It is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen”.  “Unfortunately, I am left handed.”  His email to me.  “AGirl, call me.”

In all the excitement of going back and forth talking about the design, I never mentioned that I was left handed.  I completely forgot to mention it.  Not a word, nothing, nada, zippo.  In case you are new to guns and have yet to order your first holster, I would like to offer you some handy dandy advice…Be sure to tell your holster maker if you are left handed.  Seems obvious, you say?  Well, who asked you?!

Since Michael is an incredibly kind and generous man, he said send it back and I will make you a new one.  I did and he did.  On Monday I received it!  Monday was not a good day for me, so I did not meet  the mailman at the mailbox and it’s probably a good thing because the only worse than an excited housewife with a gun is one with red puffy eyes in sweat pants she has been wearing for 2 days.  I am kind of thinking if I would have met him at the mailbox like that, he would be leaving my packages at the neighbors from now on.

So without further ado…

I know, I know…SHE IS GORGEOUS!!!!!!  I am in love with this inanimate object and yes, I have on occasion over the past few days, just held it up to my nose and breathed in the leather.  I have also opened up the bolt action on Anastasiya and got a little high on her scent as well.  Do not anyone email me telling me how dangerous lead is or the corrosive properties of Russian ammo, I don’t care.  I don’t smoke, I don’t drink a lot, I don’t drive fast, I work out, I eat healthy, I go to the doctor annually for all of those lovely little tests, I take a mutli vitamin, and I carry a gun. I don’t exactly live life on the edge, but regardless of the risks, I am going to sniff my rifle from time to time.

It’s possible, I got off topic again.  Let me bring this back around…contact this man and pray that he is not too busy to make you your own thing of beauty, which also happens to be extremely well made.  I don’t know much about holsters, but I do know quality and folks, this is it. It is still brand new, so I am not wearing it yet, as I am safely breaking it in, but I will give you an update when I put it into actual service. 

Thank you again, Michael!!!!!!

31 thoughts on “It’s Not A Gun, But I Am Still Smiling

  1. I think I am going to email him about doing a “Navy Chief” one for my hubby. Love the color choice on yours. and Yes I too take out my AR15 aka “Brock” from time to time, to relish in his manly scent….

  2. “I don’t exactly live life on the edge, but regardless of the risks, I am going to sniff my rifle from time to time.”

    Quote. Of. The. Day.

  3. I ordered a really girly one for my wife from him. Pink and glitter. Should be getting it in the mail next week for her birthday. Im betting shes going to love it as well.

  4. You and I seriously share a brain some days. I love the color and you carry the same spot I do when I go on the belt. Behind the left hip just makes being a mom with a gun easier eh? I have been thinking about placing an order but I might just have to now after seeing yours. Just need some cash heh.

    • Can’t think of a better person to share a brain with. Ugh, money…I am so glad I bought mine before my big ol tax bill came. Well, worth the money though. Good price too. A custom made leather holster for not much more than my mass produced holsters.

  5. Ooooh, love the purple!! I’ll have to wait a bit though, my new dragon leatherworks one should be arriving tomorrow. Maybe for my next one though!

  6. You should buy that “wrong” sided holster from Mike as well. As you advance in your skill and seek out other training one of the things to work on is shooting from your “wrong” hand with both hands and just the support hand. Having a holster set up for your support hand that mirrors your primary holster is an advantage.

    Mas Ayoob goes so far to recommend that after his students have taken a few classes for them to actually attend a class running the gun entirely from the support side. There are a couple advantages to this. The first is that it really improves your support hand side skill. The other is working on doing everything using your support hand as the primary hand really reinforces the basics. It feels so “wrong” that you really focus on the fundamentals and that helps your shooting overall.

    So, call Michael and see what he wants for that “wrong” holster. It will come in handy when you are ready for more support side training.

    Rob (Michigan Firearms Examiner using his LJ account for this due to your comment requirements)

  7. Excellent point! Good advice. I’ll think about that. If money were no object and all that.

    As for comment requirements, I don’t have any. I started this blog a year ago, by following the little prompts. I have no idea to add them or take them away…sorry, but thanks for commenting anyway:)

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