I’m In Love With A Dragon

Back in November 2011 I ordered a holster for my husband from Dragon Leatherworks.  Dennis had it ready and shipped in time for my husband to open it Christmas morning!!  I had a minor issue and contacted Dennis to see if he would mind making the adjustment and within 3 minutes of me sending an email to him, he called me.  He was happy to make the change and he did so lickty split!!  From my first conversation with Dennis I knew this was going to be a good experience.  He was nice, professional, timely and his holster speaks for itself.

The workmanship is outstanding, the customer service stellar and plus this is one gorgeous holster!  Thanks Dennis!!

12 thoughts on “I’m In Love With A Dragon

    • i hearya, been thinking about checking to see if he can do one for the gp100 since atm all i have are my shoulder holster and a cheapy nylon belt holster for it – most of the holsters i’ve bought have been for my wifes m9

    • update he’s doing one for the GP-100 and i should have it in 4-6 weeks. Seems like a great guy and very accommodating so if the one on the way is as good as i expect (i will be doing a review) i’ll be getting one for my wife’s m9 – she loves the look of the holsters. She may not be all girly girl (usually) but she still likes pretty stuff lol

      oh and the flatjack is the one that is on the way

    • Very cool! You won’t be disappointed. Can’t wait to hear what you and your wife think about the holster. I am with your wife…I am not overly girly, but I like pretty things and while I, personally, don’t want a pink gun, a little feminine touch is nice!

  1. That is beautiful! I certainly wouldn’t be carrying concealed with that work of art. It would be open carry all the way! And probably with me telling everyone, “look at this!”.

  2. Placed an order for one of his holsters this past Saturday, e-mailed with several questions and comments he was fast with his answers and explanations. With that type of customer service he will receive more orders from me, can not wait till I receive the holster I ordered.

  3. I received my Flatjack back in May and have just now had time to really try it out. I love it! Dennis is a great guy to deal with and his holsters are works of art that function well. Your review along with Brigid’s and a phone conversation I had with him when he was still in New York convinced me his holsters were what I wanted.

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