An Open Letter To The Anti-Gun Folks

In 2005, my husband and I started the process to adopt a little girl from China.  It was a brand new scary process that we knew nothing about.  All we knew was that we wanted a child.

When I am passionate about something, I want to know everything I can about it.  So,  I did a lot of reading about China and adoption.

One of the people I read about was a woman named Gladys Aylward.  She was a poor woman from London who wanted to go to China in the 1930’s to be a missionary. but she had no skills, no education and she didn’t speak the language, so no formal organization would allow her to go.

She was angry and frustrated, but she didn’t give up.  She spent a year working and saving, so she could make the trek on her own.

As she spent time in China, it become more and more her home.  More and more a place she belonged and eventually, a place, she never wanted to leave.

Things got very ugly in China when the Japanese invaded and her family wanted her to leave, but she refused.

No matter how dangerous it got, she would not walk away from the people she had grown to love.

She said, “Greater Love Has No One Than This, That He Lay Down His Life For A Friend”- John15:13.

She said, “These are my people”.

Unlike Gladys, I didn’t want to be in this community.

I came here purely out of a desperate need.

A need to save my life.

What I found here is rare.

The gun community is a generous community.  It is unlike any other I have been associated with.

I did, for a while, belong to the adoption community for a few years and though I am still crazy passionate about children and orphans.

Those are not my people.

I did, for a while, belong to the church going Christian community and though I am still crazy passionate about God.

Those are not my people.

Generally a group, any group, has an agenda. Stated or not.  Conscious or not. No matter how well meaning, they almost always want something.

That something is usually steeped in power and control.

Politicians, religions, schools, the anti gun crowd, you name it.  They want to bring you for what you can give them, which is often nothing more than a feeling of power and self worth for the leaders of the group.

They want to take something from you in order to gain something for themselves.

Not this group.

In the past 10 months, I have gained so much more than the ability to line Up my front site on the target.

This group has welcomed me when I had absolutely nothing to offer them.

I was empty.

I was broken.

I needed things I was too weak to even know I needed.

I came here desperate and searching.

Day by day this community, these gun people, built me up.

They never once pretend to be anything other than exactly who they are.

They didn’t try to wrap themselves up in a pretty little package to draw me in.

They didn’t use smoke and mirrors and they never, not once, lied to me.

They told me things I didn’t want to hear.  They showed me things I didn’t want to see.  They made me face thing I didn’t want to face.

All while holding my hand and guiding me and nurturing me and givng me a safe place to grow.

They wanted me to grow.

They wanted me to be stronger.

They wanted me to be able to depend on myself.

They gave me everything they had, so I wouldn’t need them any more.

They gave me tools and guidance, so that I could soar and each and every time I took a step forward, they have been there, to say, good for you.  Job well done.

They did this, not because of me.

Not because I am something special.

They did it because they are special.

They are rare and they are so very, very special.

It is who they are.

Dig deep.  Dig into the core of their being.

This is who they are.

You, you who hate guns, you gave me nothing.

No hope.

No tools.

All that was offered me was a life of fear, of resentment, of bitterness, of dependance…

The gun community has offered me hope and strength, and courage.

They have taught me to have belief in myself.

They have asked nothing of me in return and, yet, I would give them my life.

Funny thing is, they would never ask me to.

This is where I belong.

These are my people.

144 thoughts on “An Open Letter To The Anti-Gun Folks

    • I don’t think I’ve ever read such a pathetic excuse for a blog. Typical pro gun junk. No argument, no morality and no brain. Some pathetic losers who think that gun ownership is the answer to their lives.

      • There is a concept in psychology called “projection”, where an attacker takes all of his character flaws and projects them upon his victim. Projection both absolves the attacker of his need to confront his own flaws (and change them), and gives him the excuse he needs to attack those he now perceives to be his inferiors (note that projectors tend to be bullies, usually not only attacking those deemed inferior, but weaker as well.)

        “Anonymous” Starts off with an attack: “I don’t think I’ve ever read such a pathetic excuse for a blog. Typical pro gun junk.”

        “Anonymous” then complains that the blog contains, “No argument, no morality and no brain.”

        Well, I don’t see any argument here, at all. I certainly see no argument for morality, nor a rational argument to prove his assertion that the blog contains “no brain”[sic] (the writer meant to say something grammatically correct, such as “intelligent discourse”, but let’s ignore that for now.)

        “Anonymous” concludes by launching a second attack, “Some pathetic losers who think that gun ownership is the answer to their lives.” The attack is crude, ad hominem, and ignorant — I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m reasonably sure that I am neither pathetic nor a loser (I am both educated and served my country, and support my family very well, thank you.) There is an old saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” I choose to flock here, with those I consider my equals, those I consider as non losers.

        I — and I suspect most others on this board — do not for a moment believe guns are the answer to my life, and would find anyone who did to be somewhat odd. I do believe that guns are a part of a well balanced curriculum of self defense and of the ability to defend ourselves. The concept of self defense (as opposed to sacrificing our own power in exchange for dependancy on others who may or may not make good on that promise) is part of a well balanced life. What we are talking about is just one part of a tapestry of beliefs that underpin not only Western culture, but most human cultures as well. “Anonymous” would have us believe that he is right to make himself helpless, and the vast majority of humanity is wrong for maintaining the ability to aid ourselves and others (including him) in time of need. “Anonymous” has made himself a paragon of ethnocentrism.

        Note also that “Anonymous” was motivated to attack after reading a passage (“An Open Letter To The Anti-Gun Folks”) that is an object of beauty, is filled with kindness, love, and comes straight from the heart — concepts that are absent from the inner life of poor, vicious and empty souls like “Anonymous”.

      • To the anonymous weenie above: Funny how you characterize gun owners. I think the same thing whenever I see the Pot Zombies talking about legalizing drugs. I think, “Really? Your whole life is whining about crafting laws to legalize something you do 24/7 anyway? You’re like a missionary trying to convert as many people as possible to your slovenly lifestyle.”

        At least gun ownership is a) constitutional and b) contributes to the well-being of hundreds of thousands of people annually who defend themselves with firearms.

        To parody a bumper sticker that brainless liberals think is devilishly clever: Against guns? Don’t own one!

        …and, work on your sentence structure.

      • complete agreement: empty, knee jerk response. bunker mentality, cant see beyond the end of their rifle. guns are destroying communities and this is its cheerleader. disgusting.

        • If guns are destroying communities, then i would not be here today. That is some knee jerk response if i ever heard it. It is pathetic our country has become what it is with all this crap over guns, when i grew up we had guns,hell, i had my first shotgun at 14 which i used to target shoot, bird hunt. I was not a redneck either so dont go there.
          Some pathetic losers who think that gun ownership is the answer to their lives. No, guns are not the answer to our problems, our problems lie in the fact we no longer have values, morals, and a true belief in America the way it was when i grew up. America meant something to me, and i would have given my life to keep our rights and freedom, yes, i served during Vietnam where thousands of my brothers were killed or MIA. YEA, i said brothers because even tho we disagreed on many subjects, we respected each others views, not belittle each other like a bunch of 5th graders, which is all i see on most any post about our rights or our right to bear arms.
          Bunker mentality?
          Guns destroying communities, no, u have it wrong
          my man.
          Blood has not been shed on foreign soil for our rights to be abolished by those who disrespect those who whom paid the ultimate price, and with comments as such given, I feel you have given such disrepect.

      • Typical pathetic answer from an Obamanite indoctronated socialist. Go back to your handler for more info sheeple. Obamanite: Sub-Human species of a former human/American.

      • Typical anti-gun rhetoric. You just don’t get it, do you. Gun ownership is just one aspect of life. It is a right, and a responsibility. But, as an anti-gun weenie, you don’t understand. All you can do is hate what you don’t know. Fear what you can’t comprehend. And attempt to insult those of us who do understand and comprehend that owning a firearm is part of being free.

      • Having met so many wonderful people (female and male) since I obtained my concealed weapon permit, I stumbled across this blog…and your post. Of all the criticism by the anti-gun crowd, you are the poster child for ignorance. People do not own or carry guns because they are afraid of the world; they do so because they, unlike you, see the reality of the world…that there are despicable people who will harm or kill you without a second thought. Obviously, you live in an ideology that would have the law abiding citizens simply give in to the criminals in society. YOUR stance is immoral. Any suggestion that a person has no right to defend themselves is immoral; it is the criminals who are immoral. We don’t carry because we are paranoid or wish to frighten people. We carry for 2 reasons:
        1. Self-defense and to protect those we love because the police can not protect us.
        2. We carry a firearm because WE CAN. You will have to find some way for your small intellect to deal with the fact that there are more law abiding citizens carrying concealed handguns than ever before and that number will not shrink, but rather increase. For that fact, you should be thankful rather than critical.

    • We appreciate the logical argument you’ve presented to support your views.
      Does your mommy know you’re playing on her computer?

        • Should be: “Does your daddy know you’re stupid.” Maybe you have trouble with the English language?

          • Lady at my age, I could care less about being politically correct or proper english grammer. Been there, Done that, now retired and don’t really care.

      • Maybe you have a problem lady. Who gives a rats ass what you think anyway, I could care less. That man served his country probably more years than you are old.
        I am like him, screw dottin the i and crossin the t. Makes my head hurt in my older age just like you do.
        So go play with yourself and dont worry about it.

    • Anonymous who posted May 29, 2912 at 3:18 is your typical anti-gun liberal moron. I hope he/she meets some of the “For Travon” crowd in the near future.

      • Please leave “Liberal” out of the list of adjectives. There’s quite a lot of liberal gun owners, and the number of them is growing fast (not as fast as women gun owners, but still).

        When people assume “liberal” means “anti-gun,” it fractures the community. We gunowners can’t afford such separation.

  1. Beautiful. That is how I have felt too. My husband kind of laughs at me sometimes for the blogging but at the same time loves the ideas I find and the drive it has given me. I have always felt like the odd duck in a crowd of swans. Unsure, unwanted, and like I never fit. Finally I found things I feel passionate about. Not just shooting and safety but the prepping side as well. Making my family safe and preparing for anything that could come. Never have I found so many kind words or people eager to help for the joy of helping.

  2. What a wonderful post in thanks to such a wonderful community.

    *hug* I think this is Post of the Day. 🙂

  3. Quite simply put, “Why I’m here. Why I’m a gunnie.”

    You said it a lot better than I did. They personality of the type of people you find in this culture exist in no other place. I don’t know exactly why it is we’re so different, but I’m glad we are.

    Thank you for your wonderful reflection on the community. I will work hard at making sure the comments continue to be as true and relevant as ever.

  4. Somebody must be playing with OC in the neighborhood ’cause my eyes are watering.

    Beautifully put and we are so glad to have you with us.

    Welcome to the Gun Culture.

  5. Remember people, this is the advantage we have over them.

    We have a community that sometimes bickers over trivia but always hangs together and supports one another.

    They have a shrinking collection of shrill harridans parroting one another in an echo chamber of butthurt.

    Thank you for posting this.

  6. “Lean on me, when you’re not strong
    And I’ll be your friend
    I’ll help you carry on
    For it won’t be long
    ‘Til I’m gonna need
    Somebody to lean on”

  7. No Thank you for this post.

    You’ve said what this community, what your community is about better than any of us have said.

    As Robb Allen said “This is why we win.”
    In both meanings of the sentence.

    Again thank you.

  8. A Girl and her Gun, I must disagree with you on one point… with the stuff you’re putting out on the interwebs, I think you’re the one people will be going to instead of the other way around.

    Very well played.

  9. What can we say? We like people to be able to look after themselves. Many of us are very frustrated at seeing people victimized, and we can’t do anything to stop it. All we can do is make people into harder targets.

    Plus shooting guns is fun. It’s even more fun with friends.

  10. You wrote this beautifully, and I think everyone in the gun community can relate. I’m slowing goind through your archives and getting caught up, eventually I will have read all of your posts 🙂

  11. I don’t know about the rest of these folks, but as far as I’m concerned, we do what we do because we truly want good things for our fellow man (and woman). We want you to have the benefit of our experience, because someday, likely soon, you’ll be spreading that same experience to another person who is exactly where you were, scared, and with none of the knowledge they need to take care of themselves.

    Good for you. Keep it up!

  12. This: “They gave me everything they had, so I wouldn’t need them any more.” Exactly this. I enjoy teaching new shooters, but I would love to be out of a job!

    I found my voice here in this space almost two years ago. This community as you say is very, very special. They stop by and see my pedestrian comments and activities and yet when I went to my first Blog shoot, with people I have never met in real life, I knew.

    They are special indeed, and you are too simply because now you are now one of us!

    Well done and thanks for making my Monday that much more special!

  13. Truly wonderful. Thank you.

    What makes the gunnies different? Freedom, they know what it means.


  14. I’ve enjoyed our chats off blog the last couple of days. I stand by everything I said. You are strong and special. (and if you can make our tactical slumber party we’ll let you know when).

    Pleghmfatale, a friend outside of the internet, put it as well as anyone. In talking about the gun blogging community which whom she has many friends, she said “you are my tribe”. Amen.

  15. I always say, the NRA is the only lobbying group in Washington whose members don’t consider themselves victims.

  16. Good folks in this group… we share, we discuss, we shoot, and when the lead is down range and it’s done… all we can do is give a smile and say, “Ya’ll come back, ya hear”…

    Dann in Ohio

  17. And yet you say we don’t have an agenda and we didn’t want something from you. Actually, we all did. We wanted this. You’ll find the gunnie community has an agenda to educate and empower and we want to see people overcome and achieve. I think in those two respects, you’ve given us what we want to see. You’re quite a spectacular person and any of us would be proud to have you at the range.

  18. Everything I wanted to say has already been said and pretty much everyone who reads my blog has already commented or linked to it. So, I will simply say thank you.

  19. Wow…
    I can’t say anything that hasn’t been already said, so I’ll simply say “Thank you.”
    You nailed it on the head, being a member of this community is an awesome, and humbling, experience.

  20. Great post. Have to agree with most of it (can’t say much about adopting from China, as I’ve never done it, but the rest rings true), and say some of the friendliest people I’ve met have been at the range. Definitely need to go shooting more often!!!

  21. First time I went shooting with the Spousal Unit, it had been a few years for both of us; when I had emptied the first magazine of my Bersa .380, he asked me how it felt – I responded “Empowering” ………………….. 😉

    Semper Fi’

  22. Thank you for this letter!

    I am an NRA Instructor and Training Councilor. I do it basically as a volunteer activity. It is the reaction I get from students and letters such as this that make it rewarding.

    I and others in the community get many things out of it. That is why we do it and why people are thanking YOU for the letter.

    Many have already been mentioned. Seeing someone gain confidence and empowerment makes me feel good. Seeing some one enjoy something I do makes me feel good.

    My favorite comment came from a student who was a lady of a certain age who was pressured to take the class because of a heinous crime in her area. I ask students what brought them to the class and if they are looking for anything in particular. All she would say was “I Hate Guns!”

    When I handed her the certificate for the completion of the NRA Basic Pistol class she said “I really enjoyed myself. In fact I had a damn good time!”. That really makes it worthwhile!

    I have not read more of your Blog than this post so I know little about you and you may have already done what I will suggest. However, I suggest, as you get more experience, you consider teaching others either informally or as a Certified Instructor. I suspect that you would find it rewarding.

  23. Kevin, I read her article the other day. I can’t remember where it was linked from, maybe SayUncle. Anyway, very cool. I am interested how she will feel after the course.

  24. That was kind of hard to read. Must have been, my eyes are sweating now. Anyway, I understand completely. If someone could benefit from what I can offer, it’s theirs. It doesn’t take from me, it adds, because I’ve made something better for someone. Things aren’t the way “they” say they are. Keep living outside the box they give you. You will rawk.

  25. Outstanding, and can’t believe I had not found your blog yet. Have proudly put you on my blog roll.

    My wife and I are also looking into adoption, but domestically.


  26. It was moving to say the least and that’s why I think I am also attracted to the culture. Luckly I never had a “need” I just had a want and met some of the finest people I think I ever would have encountered.

  27. 9mm vs .45
    AR vs AK
    Mosin Nagant vs Mauser
    Open vs concealed

    At the end of the day, we’re all shooters, and we love to hear that people are safe, whether by fortune, their own doing, or that of a passerby.

    And most of us will happily offer advice and loaner tools.

  28. Damn. I’ve got some dust in my eye or something. It’s like finally realizing those folks who say “Thank you for your service” really do mean it – humbling in the extreme.

    Hope you don’t mind my posting a link in a few places. And if you do, too bad!

    If I ever thought of giving up, this would have cured me. Thank you for writing it.

    stay safe.


  29. You make me proud to be amongst the real people I see at the range, the gun shows, and all the competitions. I have never seen any kind of incident when I have been among our people. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

  30. Excellent! This is an awesome community of men and women who care, share and support. Why the anti’s would want to take away any of this is just selfish ignorance.


  31. Thank you so much for putting into words everything I have felt since I too became part of this amazing “tribe”. I am not just a gunnie but also a prepper. I love the incredible independence and gratification I have achieved by being able to take care of myself and my family without relying on others. I have made so many real friends through this community and I’m holding on tight. Your words are inspiring and it feels good to see more and more women here. Thanks AGirl…

  32. I’d love to say something, but it’s not my place to. All I could do was link to this and spread it.

  33. Great post. I started shooting again after roughly a 20 year layoff. When I came back, it was like starting over again, but found folks on the line at the range very helpful. I’ve taken two classes and started into IDPA and have found the folks helpful, cheerful, and happy. It’s like they feel the same success when you succeed and that is an awesome feeling. Now we need to remember and pass that same feeling on to the folks following behind us and even to those who are not knowledgeable in the ways of firearms and so are scared and frightened of them.

  34. This was linked on the Starbucks Facebook page. Very well written!
    It seems Ladd Everitt, Director of Communications for The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (formerly The Coalition to Ban Handguns) has been using the Starbucks FB page as a forum to attack pro-Gun folks voicing their appreciation for Starbucks not caving in to the anti-gun lobby pressure to change their firearms policy. The policy which is neutral and only follows local laws regarding firearm carry.
    Since the anti-gun lobby’s epic boycott failure on Valentines Day, him and his klan have been posting misinformation, using fear mongering and lies to harass anyone not supporting the boycott. Funny, his own FB page at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence does not allow comments or quetioning of their position. Even polite attempts to discuss the facts will have your comment deleted from their page and you will be banned from the page as well!
    I encourage all to visit the Starbucks page and thank them for “sticking to their guns!” Remember, “A lie left unchallanged becomes the truth.”
    There are many that visit the SBUX page who would easily believe the lies they are spouting. It’s up to the gun community to counter them with logic and facts. If you go there, please don’t allow them to rattle you. They have a few and they with screen scape the post and stick it on the CSGV page as “an example of why people should not be allowed to carry guns in public.”

  35. Hey y’all!

    Please post an update on how you’re doing, and whether Milton is still evil. 🙂

    Seriously, haven’t heard from you in a while, and we’re wondering how you’re doing. Andy the Pony sends his best.


  36. Wow! a powerful letter…
    I`m from Argentine, and here we can`t carry guns. Our politicians, in their wonderful wisdom, “take care” of us. They know what is best for us….sadly, but true.
    I like your blog very much!

    • Pablo, thank you for stopping by and for your nice words. I am sorry your government is so misguided. We have several of those types here as well. Hopefully, we will not let them win!

  37. I just came across this and it’s beautiful. It certainly puts words to what I’ve felt for a long time. Thank you AGirl! Well done!

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  40. Very good article!!!
    Its amazing how many people think that the police are here to actually protect them.
    I have only seen one case where I live where a police officer actually stopped a crime in progress.
    The police usually show up after people have died or been injured. Why should I not be able to protect myself and my family if I so desire? Am I paranoid? I certainly am not, Im prepared. A gun doesnt make me feel invincible, a gun makes me feel confident that I am able to have a chance at protecting myself and not end up being just a number in the morgue.
    I pray that I never ever have to draw my gun except when I train or just go plinking.
    Anonymous, what will protect you when the boogie man knocks upon your door? You will probably wet yourself because of the fear running through your body and the feeling of helplessness.
    Are there bad gun owners? There sure is. Not much we can do about them though.
    If you outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns. Remember the Von Maur shooter in Omaha? He didnt obey the signs that were posted on the doors of the mall. Gun owners do obey those signs because if they are caught, they become a criminal.

    Thanks for the time

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