I Don’t Cuss Gosh Darn It!

As I have mentioned before, I don’t cuss, but if I were going to, this is how I would do it.

Grumpy Bastard

I have never read this blog before and I know he is seriously frustrated and he should be. Very good points, but I nearly peed my pants from laughing.

Excellent use of profanity.

*He is probably a huge blogger, but I am new and just now making my way around the blog-o-sphere, so I am late coming to all the jewels that are out there. I am finding that I have been very, very sheltered.

11 thoughts on “I Don’t Cuss Gosh Darn It!

  1. Ma’am, I’d like to thank you for your kind words, and for taking the time to visit my corner of the Internet. I am truly honored that you found humor in what I wrote.

    As for being a huge blogger, I hate to disappoint you. Prior to your post, I had three regular readers, and a total of less than a hundred page views. Thanks to you, I had a record 61 views yesterday. I blog as an outlet, a diary if you will, and nothing more.

    I enjoy writing, and occasionally, I write something in a way that make folks laugh. Well, when I say folks, I mean my sister. But she’s probably a bit biased. Her favorite was the post “Airline Fun” from last February.

    Might I add you to my blogroll? It’s not like I’m likely to send you any traffic or anything, but I’m enjoying my journey through your archives and you will become a regular read for me. You needn’t return the favor, unless you’re so inclined – my profanity will likely turn off a lot of folks.

  2. alaskan454, you are my new BFF. You are to funny! Thank you for stopping by and yes, yes, yes, add me to your blogroll. I kind of panicked a bit when you asked because I realized I have never asked permission to add anyone. I just go ahead add people without any regard to blog etiquette(I have a lot to learn still). Lets not tell them, maybe they won’t notice:)

    I highly doubt anyone will be turned off by your use of profanity, first off, I am pretty sure I am the only one left that doesn’t cuss and plus, you use it so artfully.

    I have not had a chance to go back and read your archives(the give a way keeps me hopping), but I plan to.

    Thanks again and I am so totally adding you to my blog roll…is that ok?

  3. Hi! I’ve been reading your blog for a while (I think Weerd pointed me out to you) and I really enjoy your writing. I grew up around guns in a military family, so it’s interesting to see how other people have “come around” to our viewpoints.

    If it’s not considered poor form, I’d like to point you in the direction of my blog. I don’t talk about guns nearly as much as you do, but I hope you’ll like what I have.

  4. *blush* Thanks!

    You have been added to my blogroll, thereby doubling its size. Absolutely add me to yours. I asked permission because of an issue that I had a few years back. I attempted this blog thing once before and actually had someone get offended by something that I wrote.

    They contacted me and asked that I remove them from my blogroll. I hadn’t asked permission to add them, and thought maybe I’d better ask this time – especially since you have made it known that you do not use profanity.

    And because you’re a sweet girl.

    And you carry a gun. 😉

  5. Nah, there’s still a few of us who don’t use “profanity” in the classical sense of the term. Personally, I prefer to sound a bit more educated (and snarky) than your average 3rd-grader out on the playground, so most of my own profanity comes from the Grand Master himself, Yosemite Sam. Still been known to bust out a four-letter word when pain is involved, but that’s hard-wired into the human species. If you really want to view some creative profanity (seriously…I ran across the term “turdburger” for the first time there, and use it in day-to-day conversation on occasion), check out www dot badassoftheweek dot com. Prepare to learn a bit about history, and do not drink anything whilst reading, you will definitely spew it all over your screen. Just sayin.

    BTW, recently found your blog (linked from injennifershead.com), will be perusing the archives from home after work!

  6. So now that I’m back on my home network I can comment again…
    I went back through all of your posts, and you have a powerful story to tell. Good for you!
    Alaskan454 is a good friend of mine, he’s the guy that got me into this whole shooting thing to begin with. In person he’s a pretty erudite fellow, but his blog is where he rants…and he does it so well…
    By the way (and apropos of nothing) I, too, am a former small-town Iowan. I was born in Cedar Rapids and raised in the same town that Glenn Miller (of big band fame) was from. My parents still live there, in fact.

  7. Lol i’ve checked on your blog a few times Alaskan and i’ll admit that while i don’t allow profanity on my blog that it is not something that offends me – i just know that one of the folks who follows my blog is a 10 year old lol. That said there is a reason why i got so well acquainted with soap as a kid (it didn’t work lol) and it had little to do with saying no to my parents lol. Plus lets face it truck drivers and Marines tend to swear, and i’ve been both lol.

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