LEO, LEO, Everywhere

We are traveling through Indiana and my husband is speeding right along, and since he was speeding, one of the state troopers pulled us over.

I am sure you all will be shocked to learn, I have never been pulled over and don’t have much experience with the police, so I was not happy with my man.

I did not need to worry.

The officer approached my side of the car, but did not come all the way up to the window. I rolled down my window, he peaked around the door frame, checked things out, then came up further and asked for license and registration and said we were going a bit to fast. 81mph to be exact.

He went back to his car and returned a few minutes later saying, no worries, just a warning, slow it down. He asked us where we were going, then said Have a Merry Christmas!

Hubby no longer in the dog house.

4 thoughts on “LEO, LEO, Everywhere

  1. Is your husband an officer? Folks don’t usually just “get out of a ticket” that easy unless there’s some kind of professional courtesy. Having a concealed carry license doesn’t do it for you down here in Texas. Just curious.

  2. Nope. He is a retired Marine, but there is nothing that identifies him as that. No sticker on the car, no decals etc.

    He was extremely nice. We do have a nifty little paper with the official warning, but that’s it.

    Maybe he had holiday spirit!

  3. Lucky! I got my first speeding ticket at 18 and I got nailed for 82.

    Can’t remember how much it was, but it stung…the insurance spike hit more.

    Hold onto that hubby of yours, he has magic in his touch!

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