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A while back I saw this video and thought it was interesting.  I had never seen anything like it and it intrigued me, but I never thought to buy the holster because I was just starting out and in the beginning all I wanted to do was work with my one gun and one holster and becoming very, very comfortable with both.

My goal was self defense and my focus was working, daily with what I would be wearing all the time.  I wanted zero variation because at that time I was doubting not only my skill, but my ability to make good choices.

I was counting on muscle memory to kick in and I wanted to give it every advantage by always carrying the same gun, in the same holster and in the same place.

As, I got more comfortable I experimented a little with the Ruger LCP and the Chic Holster, but until recently, I have stuck to the Glock 27 in a Crossbreed.  Very happy with both, but a few weeks ago I read That Texas Lady’s review of the Remora No Clip Holster.  Reading her review I becoming very interested because she said she wore hers to the gym.

When I go to the gym, I am not armed and I don’t like it, so to have a holster that would give me the ability to carry, caught my interest. Her review was favorable, so I headed to their site to check them out.

The price was well within my budget, so I figured it was worth the risk the order one and see if it would work for me.

As with just about every single thing on this journey, it has been a series of trail and errors and learning from the choices I make.

Without thinking it through I ordered a holster to fit my Glock 27.  That is the gun I carry and so not thinking about the gym(you know the whole reason I was buying this holster) I hit buy.  In hindsight I probably should have bought the holster to fit my Ruger LCP because it is small and therefore more concealable in workout clothes.

Also, I bought the one that is designed with a reinforced top to make for easier reholstering.  Again, not really thinking that, that feature would add bulk in a place I am trying to be discrete.

Anyway, last week my package from Remora arrived and to my surprise it included their regular holster without the reinforced top and 3 magazine pouches.  One single and one double.  I have no idea why they included these extras, but there was a hand written note, so I know it was not a mistake. 

For the past several days I have been wearing both holsters, practicing my daily routine of drawing and dry firing with each one and also just wearing them as I go about my daily activities.

I don’t dry fire the holsters, but everyday I try to practice drawing from my holster and dry firing and various other things to improve my skills.  I have been wearing the Remora for these little sessions.

The holster with the reinforced mouth that keeps it open is great for this.  It does not move.  I pull and pull and out comes my gun, but the holster does not move.  I love that and reholstering is easy.  One handed, not looking, no issue.  Not really good for concealing in just a shirt or sweater.  too bulky for the kind of clothes I wear.  Now, it is winter, so under a jacket, of course, it’s not a problem.  I could hide a dead body under my coat.

The regular holster without the reinforced opening is very concealable.

Even with my Glock in workout clothes, it is very hard to detect anything is under there, let alone a gun.

Now, since I am a new, I did what I am used to doing.

What is it they say about experience?

I put on my holster, loaded it and tried to holster.  After about 2 seconds I stopped and was thought, I am going to blow my finger off trying to get this thing in this holster.  Literally, 2 seconds,  I did not fumble around for 10 minutes before I realized this was not a good plan.

Instead, I put the gun in the holster and then put the holster on.  This I love.  It is so easy to position this thing exactly where I want it and it is so easy to take off.

When I say on and off, it is more like placing it and removing it.  There is no clip. There is nothing to put on or take off.  Go watch the video and you will what I mean.

One thing I am not super fond of about the Crossbreed is that it is a pain to take off and forget about moving it.  That is good, of course, who wants a holster that moves around, but it can frustrate me from time to time.

Again, the more comfortable I have become with the holster and have learned exactly where I want to place it, that has become less and less of an issue, but still I very much enjoy the ease in which I can put on and  off the Remora.

I was hoping that I would not have to wear a belt with this holster.  I hate belts.  I think they are uncomfortable and they make me look chunky.  Add a big holster and a gun and now my world has just become a nightmare.  In addition to look lumpy, it seems like I can never have the hole in the place I need it.  Either the belt is to loose and therefore my pants sag to one side, or way to tight and I look and feel like I am about to explode. This I don’t like.   I have found 2 belts, just 2 that seem to work with most of my pants, but not all, so the idea of no belt made me very happy.

Unfortunately, for me, my shape and clothes, I still need to wear a belt.  It might be the size or weight of my gun, but my pants still seem to travel down if I don’t wear a belt.  The only exception to that is if I wear spandex.  It works fine if I am working out and I wear spandex under my running shorts.  Gun did not move, holster did not move.  I run fast.  I have long legs and I still didn’t have an issue.

Traditionally, I do not carry a spare magazine on my body unless I am at the range and I need for training; however, since they sent me some, I tried them out…love them!

So, so comfortable and they disappear on me.  I don’t even know I am wearing one.  I am sitting at the computer with my Glock in the Remora(not reinforced mouth) on my left hip and the single magazine pouch on my left.  I honestly can not feel either one of them.

I did discover that if I chose to wear the magazine pouch on my other hip, that enough tension is created for me to not have to wear a belt, but that is only in jeans and spandex.  It didn’t work with my comfy sweat type pants or dress pants.

I am actually glad that I didn’t buy the holster for the Ruger LCP.   I am not a big fan of that gun to carry, so I rarely do and the way these holsters are made, I can conceal the Glock no problem.

I am really happy with this purchase.  It fulfilled the need for which I bought it at a very affordable price plus I discovered a few other things like magazine carry in my day to day life.

Remember I am not a holster reviewer.  I am only sharing my experience with this holster as it pertains to my real everyday use of it, like everything else on this blog.

If you are looking for specs and hard core details go back to Lima Life’s You Tube video or Falia Photography’s  You Tube page.

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  1. Huh, I never thought about about a braided belt. Probably because I never wore belts before so, of course, I went looking for a “gun” belt at like Gander Mountain or something. Being able to put the pokey thing where I need it, would help tremendously.

  2. While a gun belt is a good thing to have, with a lightweight package like a G27 in a Remora you can probably get away with a lighter duty belt.

  3. Brilliant. I am such a linear thinking and such a rule follower that it impedes my problem solving skills. I have made vast improvements in the past few months in terms of thinking outside the box, but it is still natural for me to just go along and do whatever the thing says to do.

    Need gun belt, buy a gun belt

    Need a band-aid, buy a band aid

    I would never think to use a belt to make a tourniquet as my husband showed me last night. A guy emailed me about some things and he said have your husband show you how to make a tourniquet. I expected my husband to to google tourniquet kits…lol Nope he grabs a belt and a stick.

    I can argue a good case, with facts and everything. I can write a well thought out paper. I am a pretty good professor and I discovered I am actually good in a crisis(as far as staying calm), but ask me to wear a belt with a gun that doesn’t specifically say gun belt on it, well, now you have sent my mind into all kinds of crazy.

  4. There’s a saying that goes like this:

    “You don’t know what you don’t know”

    And while it’s easier than ever to find the answers that you’re looking for these days, most of the time when you get into carry people will tell you that you need a sturdy belt…regardless of what you’re carrying.

    If you’re carrying a mid/full size steel frame gun, or even a heavy poly gun (think Glock 21 .45 fully loaded) etc. YES a sturdy belt is needed.

    But in terms of the smaller plastic fantastics, you can go lighter with the belts.

    Now as gun belts go, the stuff at Cabella’s and Gander Mt. don’t fit the bill for a real, leather gun belt.

    If you progress in your training, and get a larger gun…say and XDM-9 etc. and want to start taking more advanced training, you’re going to need to carry the gun, and minimum of two spare magazines.

    At 19rds of 9mm per mag, the XDM mags will get a little heavy and you’re going to want a darn good belt to carry the weight.

    Pending on the rise of your jeans, belts can be a major pain in the rear, too stiff and they’ll cut into the curve of your hips if the jeans are a higher riding jean. Mid to low rise jeans will lower the belt line and alleviate some of that, but a more flexible belt will also help.

    If anyone suggests the 5.11 or “Wilderness Belt” trainer belts, you may want to opt out of any extra reinforcements made to the belt (either by stitch or kydex reinforcement)as despite being a “nylon” belt, they are quite stiff.

    Same goes for any leather belts, some makers offer a polymer stiffener, don’t get those.

    Some good belt makers are:

    TT Gunleather
    UBG Holsters
    The Belt Man
    Boston Gun Leather

    But I caution you (if you haven’t figured it out yet) these will not look like a ladies belt.

    I think Lima has a picture of some of her most used belts, and some of them are just your plain old Target bought belts…

  5. When the Moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie, that’s…….(wait for it)

    The Wilderness Products NYLON belts specific for gun holsters!

  6. It’s almost impossible to reholster my G26 in the suede Galco holster I use for it safely so I do like you do, holster the gun then put it on. I can draw from it just fine and when I’m ready to reholster after a fight, I can take all the time I need.

    note: I do not use this holster for competition for that reason.

  7. I showed this page to my wife and she looks interested. I certainly think the double mag pouch might be just the ticket for my light carry days when I can’t swing my shoulder rig.

    Been hearing a lot about these holsters, and it seems the reviews are consistent.

  8. Maybe talk to a few people at some gun shops, or talk to some one that works with leather. They could maybe put you in touch with some one that could make you a belt to your liking.
    Just a thought.

  9. Thanks for the review! I am PRETTY sure that Santa will be bringing me a Remora for my LC9. I already have a Crossbreed,and it’s pretty comfortable. Hubby and I are taking a “Weekend Warrior” class in January and there’s holster practice, which I am jazzed about.

  10. That’s a pretty awesome setup. I’m glad you figured out the re-holster before disaster struck. Holsters without reinforced tops can fold into the trigger guard on holstering and cause discharges. For those types, I recommend what you figured out (re-holstering then putting on the holster) or a very delicate determined re-holster.

  11. I know this is old, but have you tried the Looper belts made for women? They are super nice when you need to wear a gun belt.

    • I have. I ordered one belt and I wasn’t impressed with the quality. The end of my belt began to fry within about 2 weeks of use, but thank you so much for the suggestion. I appreciate it!!

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