Woman With Her Gun-Amber Gaskins

 How I Became A Pistol Tote’en MamaI

I was always around guns growing up. Both, my mother and father, had their own. And quite the variety at that. But, I was never interested in learning about them.

Yeah, I shot them here and there.

Target practice with my dad…ect. ( what country girl doesn’t do that growing up?).

Yet, I still didn’t have a passion about them. Which I find very strange to this day.

It wasn’t until I met my husband, Tim, that I knew this vast world of guns, was for me. I wasn’t particularly keen on them when we met either. And to be totally honest with you, if he would have shown me his gun collection and announced how much of an enthusiast and pro gun he was, when we met….yeah, I would have ran for the hills.

No joke.

Thank goodness he took the gentlemanly route and slowly baptized me.

I now, am the proud holder of my concealed carry license, and yes, my .40 goes everywhere with me. My collection is growing quite rapidly and I’m like a proud mama about it too!  It just seems crazy to me too think back to the days when I didn’t know this much fun was out there. I, now feel the urgent need to introduce our 4 kids the importance of the “gun world”. They range from 11 to 7 and are with us at the range almost every time we go. I guess you could say guns bring our family together.

We enjoy it endlessly.

So, back to your question…I blame it solely on my wonderful and amazing husband, Tim.