Let me first say, you people rock! The donations for the Wounded Warrior’s Project are pouring in. Thank you for supporting those that have given so much for all of us.

Second, I am very excited to announce a NEW PRIZE!!

John from FPF Training(www.fpftraining.com)has donated a conceal carry class!!!

So, now for a $5 donation to the Wounded Warrior’s Project you will have a chance to win 2 firearm training classes.

I will cover the cost, up to $300, for the course of your choice and if you live in Virginia or want to come visit(remember we are for lovers and um, shooters)you can attend one of John’s conceal carry classes.

FPF is the course that I attended and If you have been reading long, then you know how I feel about that class, the other students who attended that weekend and the instructor, but incase you don’t, this is a course you want to attend. I don’t care if you are a novice like I was( stil am) or not, you will gain much from attending one of John’s classes.