I know I have not been the chatty Cathy I normally am and I very much appreciate the emails checking on me.  Thanks for the concern.

Mostly I have just been very busy with life.  Very, very busy and a couple of weeks ago I broke my foot sparring and have done little more than sit around.  Well, that is not entirely true…I have mostly been hobbling around trying to go about my daily life until my family and friends forced me to sit around and do nothing.  They are annoying like that.

Plus, I went on vacation with my family.  We were gone for a week and it was pure bliss. 

For the most part, nothing significant happened in terms of guns.

Although, our trip to Wisconsin was the first time I traveled with my gun and while I was a bit nervous before we left, the trip went off without a hitch.

I did find it a bit annoying that when we traveled though a unfriendly gun state, we would have to stop, disassemble the guns, put the guns in one safe and the bullets in another locked safe and put them both in a locked trunk, but whatcha gonna do.

I did see a neat set of bumper stickers…

(My other auto is a .45. A picture of cross-hairs and it says…this is my peace symbol, I support world peace with more cross-hairs)

The woman driving the car looked at least 60.  I tried to get a closer picture, but I forgot my good camera at home and I was afraid she might shoot me if I got any closer.

I do still have a few things in the works, but due to time and injury, I have not been able to focus on those thing very much.  Hopefully, I will have more time to get back to all things guns very soon.

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  1. lol great pic but might be a good idea from a courtesy standpoint to blur out or otherwise hide the persons license plate in the future

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