Whatcha Wanna Know Wednesday

Other than shooting, what do you like to do with your time?
I am a very complex girl.  I like spending my time doing lots of different things.  Things that seem contradictory to others, but are perfectly normal to me. 
I love life. 
I love everything.
I love to travel.  Pretty much anywhere.  My family and I get all kinds of excited for a road trip.  As long as I am not on a time line I love to pile my family in the car and head out and they love it too.  Our children are excellent travelers. I hate to fly, but if it gets me to some fun destination then I am gonna get on the big ol’ jet airliner. as I am not on a time line I love to pile my family in the car and head out and they love it too. I like to cook.  Food used to be my passion before guns.  I still enjoy cooking but my food usually takes time.  I do enjoy a box of Beef Stroganoff Hamburger Helper from time to time, but usually I like to make things from scratch and take my time.  Cooking for me is relaxing.  It is good for my spirit, but my time is limited, so if I have a choice between heading to the range or making homemade pasta, I am strapping on my gun and heading out.
I am crazy for football.  There is nothing I like more than a Sunday afternoon with lots of yummy treats, my hubby, and a game or two on the flat screen.
When my husband and I first got married we had what we called “Football Sundays”.  
Original, I know.  
We were busy folks being pulled in a million directions, so on Sundays we took the phone off the hook(pre-cell phone days), closed the blinds, got Chinese food, and watched endless hours of football,  in the buff.  We were newlyweds after all.
Over the years our rituals have changed a bit.  The food is more traditional football fare, we are both texting friends about the scores, we have at least one kid hanging on us, we are lucky to sit down and see 15 consecutive minutes of any game, we are fully clothed, but the games are always on and we love it!!
I adore reading.  I am really a home body.  I go out and about meeting friends and being social, but being home is my all time favorite and if there is some peace and quiet where I can grab a glass of unsweet tea and a book in my comfy chair…HEAVEN!
I like putting shingles on roofs. Being up on a roof, is therapeutic for me.  I love the heat and the sound of the hammer on the nail head.  I have not roofed many roofs in my day, but when I get a chance to do it, I do.

(I like it so much, I have a framed shingle hanging over my couch)

I like welding. Again, not something I do often and not something I am particularly good at, but I would do it a lot more if I could.

I like to run.  I get giddy running.  My workout partner can tell you how goofy excited I get after a good long run.
I like spending time with my friends.  Meeting them for a girl’s weekend or a movie, or just having them over to my house or an afternoon at theirs is a treat for me.  I don’t have to be doing anything special, I just like being with them.
I like to text.  The first time I ever sent a text was about 2 years ago.  I was very slow on the uptake, but now I am borderline obsessed.  I can put my phone down and I do, but I like having the option of sending off a quick thought to friends.  When I see something funny or am annoyed, it is nice to have an outlet, but not have to stop what I am doing for a long email or time consuming phone call.
I like camping, in a tent, and eating food directly out of a box or a can.
I like getting dressed up all fancy and eating insanely expensive food at a posh restaurant.
I like any of the above activities with my kids and/or husband the most. If I can do any of those things with them, then I am unbearably happy.