My Daughter, A Sheriff and The Cultivation of Character

My daughter, who is 13, and if you remember from an earlier post, is pretty anti-gun, attended a school assembly last week.

The focus of the assembly was safety in school  and the community, so the school had invited the local sheriff to come speak to the kids.  After his presentation, he asked if anyone had any questions.

My daughter raised her hand and ask him, “How do you feel about guns in school?”

He said, “I think the schools are safe with the armed security guard that walks the campus.”

Not satisfied with that answer, she again raised her hand and asked, “But, how do you feel about people having guns in school, to protect themselves?”

Officer, “You mean the students?”

My daughter, “I mean the teachers and staff.  Do you think if the laws would allow for law abiding citizens to carry then the tragedy at Virgina Tech could have been prevented or at least not as bad as it was?”

Officer, “I do think if a teacher had a gun, it could have lessened that situation, yes.”

My daughter, “What about parents?”

Officer, “I would have to think about that.”

My daughter, “You haven’t thought about it?  You don’t think if a parent is a law abiding citizen and has their conceal to carry license,  they should be allowed to have their gun with them at a school, where it is becoming more dangerous?”

Officer, “Yes, I would say if the parent had the proper license they should probably be allowed to carry at the school.”

Fellow student, “Cool, how old do you have to be to get one of those licenses and carry a gun?”

My daughter, “21 for conceal carry and 18 for open carry, in the state of…”

Officer, “That is correct.  You sure know your stuff.”

When our daughter got home from school, she could not wait to tell us this story.  She said, mom, I was very respectful, but I thought it was important that I find out how he felt about your right to carry.

For me this story is less about guns and my rights and more about who my daughter is.  It moved me to see that my husband and I are raising a child who is civic minded, bold, and respectful.

Regardless of what this sheriff thought or what his answers were, she had the courage and poise to ask what could have been a controversial question and she asked in front of her teachers and peers.

What I love about this story is, that clearly my daughter, who disagrees with me, on the issue of carrying a gun where ever I go, respects my rights to do so.

I love that while we do not agree on an issue, she not only isn’t trying to change my mind, she is checking to be sure my rights are not going to be violated by those in charge of enforcing the laws. 

I love that she understands that just because she feels a certain way that does not mean she has the right to force that opinion on others.

I love that she is listening.

I love that she has respect for the laws that govern our land.

I love that she understands how important The Constitution is and how important it is for all of us to uphold it’s values.

 I absolutely love that I am her mom.

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  1. I just love love love this post! You have every right to be a proud momma! Respectful, tactful and although, not something she wants to do, very protective of her mother and her rights! Hats off to you raising such a daughter and to her for her security and diplomacy.

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