A Day At The Range


This is my target from the other day at the range.  I would guess this was about my 11th or 12th time ever shooting.  I shot with my Glock 27 which if you don’t know is .40 caliber and I think it was from about 12 yards or so.  The target was some where between the 10 and 15 line.  The crazy holes down to the left are from my first set of shots.  Super annoying, but the good news is, I got better.  Lots of work to do, but I see improvement and that makes me happy.

My Man

This is one of the targets that my husband shot.  This is from some where around 20 yards, shot with my Ruger LCP, which if you don’t know is a tiny little gun that shoots .380 caliber.  This was the worst he shot all day.  He is a pretty good shooter.  I have to say I married him cuz he is super good to me, fricken hilarious, and because he has a nice back side, but after 20 years of marriage, I discovered something new…his aim also turns me on.