I am never sure what to say to events like the death of Bin Laden. Part of me wants to say nothing.  I hate even using his name because he doesn’t even deserve a second thought, but I think not saying something is disrespectful to those who lost their lives and those who are fighting to protect us. To ignore the impact seems to somehow ignore them.  To say nothing seems like the easy way out.  To make a joke or a quip seems to minimalize the vast gaping hole left in the lives of those who have personally suffered at the hands of this monster. 
I feel like I should want to celebrate because surly this is a good thing, but I have a hard time celebrating the death of anyone. Not because he didn’t deserve to die, but because it is a glaring reminder of the world we live in. There would be no military operation to eliminate this man had there not first been the tragic and horrific events in September and many other awful days just like it.  
The pain and destruction. The price that has been paid by the lives lost and all those who continue to fight to protect our freedoms. All those children who mourn the loss of a parent. 
It makes my heart ache, literally.