1 thought on “Why Carry Concealed

  1. I think this gentleman does a pretty good job of explaining about conceal carry.

    Again every course I have taken, every book I have read, every video I have watched stresses what an incredible responsibility it is to carry a weapon and again, without fail, 100% of them talk about avoid, avoid, avoid!!

    Some people I have been talking to in my circle of friends wrongly assume that gun owners are looking for a fight and will shoot anyone who looks cross eyed at them.

    As my husband, a retired Marine, always says “The person who wants to go to war the least, is the one who has to fight in it,”

    It’s about being prepared should the situation develop where there is no other alternative, but much of the training is geared towards looking for signs that trouble might be brewing and how to get the heck out of dodge before it does.

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