The Gun Show…Still

I don’t know that I had any preconceived ideas of what the gun show would be like or what kind of people I would find there, but I do know I was nervous to go.

I was nervous because I was completely out of my element.  I knew very little about guns or shooting or hunting and up until that point, my efforts to learn from others, had fell flat.

I went with my husband because I always feel safe and secure when he is with me and because he does actually know a bit about guns, although he is not overly “into” them.

As we wondered around being totally amazed at all the guns, knives, peppers spray booths, and beef jerky.  lots and lots of beef jerky, we found everyone to be so unbelievable nice and over the top helpful.

The place was packed.  I honestly think everyone in my state was there.  Could not hardly walk and yet no one was pushy or anxious or grumpy and at every booth we went to, the people working made time to talk with us.  If someone bumped into us or we bumped into them, everyone was ready with an “oh excuse me”, “oh I am sorry”,or an  “Are you ok”? Very Awesome!

One of my problems is that I am small.  Well, I am tall, but I am thin and have had a miserable time finding a gun that I can conceal.  My first gun was a Glock 23 which I loved, but there was no way I was hiding that thing anywhere, so my husband decided to buy me a Glock 27 which is much smaller, but still not concealable on my frame.  Everyone we talked to said I need at least a .40, but finding a gun that I could conceal in that caliber is not gonna happen.  While we were at the gun show we were able to discuss with a variety of venders viable options that would both be concealable and pack a punch, especially if shot by someone who is well trained(I am working on that last part quite diligently)  No matter how many questions we asked, not one person acted like we were stupid or like they didn’t have time to explain even the most basic of information.  I learned so much and also slowly started to feel comfortable in a place that was very foreign to me.

One of the highlights was when I took my Glock over to Glock booth and met “The Glock Guy”.  He was THE nicest guy who took the time to tell me everything about my gun and even add a few things to make it both more user friendly and cool.

Unfortunately, I was not as nice.

As we talked and talked and he showed this and that and added this and that, I got more and more caught up in everything he was telling me and I got super excited when he offered to put my night sights on my gun, that after we were done, I just walked off.

My husband ran home to find my sights to bring them back for “The Glock Guy” and I wondered around looking at everything and of course, bought some beef jerky, lots and lots of beef jerky.  Well, my husband could not find my sights, so I went back to the booth to let “The Glock Guy” know and he very nicely said, “No problem and umm, you forgot to pay me,”

I just walked off, never having paid the man and since I bought a life time supply of beef jerky in the mean time, I had no more cash on me and the ATM at the venue was plum out o’ cash, so my husband went to the ATM down the street to get the money.  Of course I kept apologizing and was thoroughly embarrassed, but he was not phased.  His girlfriend was not phased.  No one was mad or anxious or running around the gun show trying to find the idiot that doesn’t pay.  In fact as we waited for my man to return, he oiled up my new gun and showed us how to take it apart and reassemble it and we chatted about guns, life, kids, jobs and even the weather.  When I finally got my hands on the moola, I tried to pay him extra, but he would have no part of it.  Not only did he absolutely refuse, he gave me a free hat!  Now, that is some kind of hospitality!

To recap…I went to the gun out of desperation to find a holster, but along the way I found out a ton about my gun, found a new gun that better fits my frame, found out that I when I get excited I am a bit scattered brained and just might rip off a dude, I found that I can eat my weight in beef jerky, I found that  facing my fears of the unknown is quite rewarding, and I found some confidence and some new friends.  I did not however find a holster.