I Came Out Of The Closet(So to speak)

For the most part the people in my real life have not known that I carry a gun. I have always had a very small number of friends on my personal Facebook. It has been made up of my close friends and people I have known either most of my life or for a very long time.

I have not posted about guns on there until recently. Over the past several months I have posted a picture here or there of me with Eleanor(my AR) or of the kids at the range and I have even posted a few links to this blog(but people didn’t realize I was AGirl), but I never really spoke about me and guns and I never spoke of the mugging.

I have been trying little by little to integrate my two worlds. Last night I posted an old picture of me with my gun on my hip along with a story of how I almost walked into the kids’ school dressed just like that.

Soon, I had a few friends email or FB message me asking what on earth and what in the world and oh my…

So, today, I came out. Today I told all those people that I had been mugged and that I am not only a gun owner, but a gun carrier.

There has been something very protective and safe about being two people. There is something comforting about having a place where I could still be the old me or at least subconsciousness-ly pretend to be. It was nice for a while and then it became a burden and started to feel heavy.

In the beginning I did not tell them because I did not tell anyone and then I didn’t want them to know. I was embarrassed and ashamed and I had already had the few friends I did tell walk away. Later it just became a nice place to escape. A place where I didn’t have to think about being a victim or what had happened. And I liked holding onto the old me. Even two years later I wasn’t ready to fully walk away from the old Shelby, the one that was never attacked.

With all the good that has come from my waking up, there is still pain. It is faint and hardly even there, but nonetheless, it can be felt from time to time.

The more I have healed and the more I have come to accept all the new aspects of myself the less I have wanted to hide. I have not wanted to be AGirl any more, but be more, just a girl. More Shelby. In fact, the less I want to blog or post on my AGirl facebook and really just talk about guns as part of my everyday life and not so much as an announcement or a revelation. I am, in a way, becoming more private again and yet still wanting to share.

I am not walking away from the blog or guns or my public advocacy for training, awareness, self defense and gun owners. I am just being a little more me and a little less AGirl, if that makes sense.

As of right now no one on my personal facebook has walked away or been anything but supportive  Time will tell I guess, but regardless I am feeling lighter than I have felt in a while and a little more whole.


Just a quick update…

Basically all is good here. The forehead thing is fine. The key was that I needed the spot to get all red and icky to show that the cream was working and it is indeed doing that.  Good news!!

I have been doing a lot of dry fire practice and I have been reading a ton to make up for lack of actual training. I also started a glute program. My backside needs a little(or a lot) work. I have a ways to go, but I can see changes and I feel stronger.

The guy I was doing self defense training with flaked on me, so I have been looking for a quality replacement. Has not been easy, but I think I might have found a place. Excited to at least have an opportunity.

Mostly have just been busy with EMT and the kids. I do have a couple of posts I am working on, so hopefully I will find he time to sit down and finish those.

Hope you are all well!!!


My daughter M, who will be 15 on Sunday was talking to me about one of her friends. I like this friend very much. She is a nice girl, but like many young girls, she is searching for her place in the world.

This friend was asked to prom by a boy a few weeks ago. Prom is this Sunday. Last night this sweet girl texted M and asked her how to by a boutonniere. M didn’t know, so she asked me. Together we walked through the process and got one ordered. I wondered why the girl’s parents didn’t help. I do not think M would appreciate me sharing the conversation, so we will skip that part.

Today M told me about her glutes being sore. She started a new workout. She told me that she likes being healthy, but she could careless about being thin.

This same friend cares very much about being thin. Her mom think that for her height, 120 pounds is the ideal weight. So much so that she will have a 20 minute discussion with herself about eating a cracker.

Friend- I want to eat the cracker, but I don’t want to. I am hungry, but do I need it??

M- Eat the cracker or put it away, but lets not waste our night trying to figure it out.

This conversation between M and me took place on the way to the store today to buy toilet paper(I have TP, but there was a sale:). I use the term conversation loosely. I didn’t say a word. I listened.

Eventually M says, “She does not have an eating disorder, but she eats disorderly.”

That is the quote.

How many of us do not have a “disorder”. but we do things disorderly…

What a very insightful thing for a 15 year old to say.

The Best of The Worst

Last week my dermatologist’s assistant called to tell me that the official word came in. The thing on my forehead was/is cancer. I made an appointment to go in to discuss options. That appointment was yesterday.

As a quick aside, my daughter and I were asked to participate in a photo shoot for an gun article written by my friend Lynne. That was Monday night. I left there sick, sick, sick. In addition to tossing my cookies the entire drive home(did I mention I was the one driving?), I spent the next day and half in bed. I was feeling much better by my appointment yesterday, but not my usually chipper self.

When my doctor came in to see me she said…

“Make no mistake there is no good kind of cancer. Cancer is bad and unwanted in any form. Having said that, yours is very remediable”. As she said, I have the best of the worst. Cancer is the worst, but Basal-cell carcinoma is the best to have as already stated by other bloggers who have been there done that.

Due to the location she suggested we go with the cream. She is a big fan of the cream. My first thoughts were lets just cut the thing out. Intellectually, I understand this is not the end of the world, but I just hate having cancer in me, on me, growing…I want it out, but I trust her judgement. She did a very good job of explaining why she felt the cream was a good option and said if I wanted the surgery then that is what we would do.

So, for the next 2 months I will be applying this super cream to my forehead 3 times a week and then in 3 months I will go back to be checked. There is every reason to believe that this is basically a non issue and once dealt with should not cause any more concern.

I want to thank everyone who came here to offer me support and kind words. I realize that this is not that big of deal in the world of big deals, but in my world it was. Kindness is one of the greatest gifts one can give. Truly, thank you!!

Toome/Manchin Bill & Remmington

I am very interested in what you all think about the SAF and Remmington’s decisions as of late.

I am trying to play catch up here and feel like I don’t have enough background to understand it all.

1.  The Toome/Manchin/Schumer gun control bill amendment was apparently written by a gun-rights organization


As a shocker, the Toome/Manchin/Schumer amendment to a gun-control bill in Congress was written by the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA)!

Alan Gottlieb, with CCRKBA, told a group of gun owners at a meeting that his organization wrote the bill and it has a lot of improvements to current law that are good for gun owners.  In fact, CCRKBA actually ENDORSES the bill (http://tinyurl.com/cea4le4).  HOWEVER, VCDL continues to OPPOSE that bill.

The bill does indeed offer some improvements to current law:

* Provides a felony penalty for anybody who attempts to make a gun registration database (currently such a thing is illegal, but there is no penalty)

*  Allows handgun to be purchased in all 50 states, and not in just the state where the purchaser resides

*  Clarifies the federal peaceful journey law to allow a person to stop at a hotel, eat a meal, get gasoline, etc. while traveling across a gun-unfriendly state

*  Provides criminal and civil protections for private sellers whose sale was run through a background check

*  Provides a method for protecting veterans from having their gun rights removed without proper adjudication

While those items are indeed good, the serious problems with the bill comes in the area of requiring background checks for all guns sold at gun shows or for guns that are advertised either in a “publication” or on the internet.  While selling a gun or giving a gun to a family member would be allowed without a background check, selling a gun to anybody else would become almost impossible:

1.  If you sell a gun at a gun show, then a background check MUST be done.  There is no requirement in the bill, however, that a dealer would be available to run the background check!  So it would be quite possible that private sales at gun shows would not be possible at all if no dealer agreed to run the background check.  In fact, based on the definition of a gun show as having 75 or more guns for sale, a large flea market might qualify as a “gun show” because of a lot of small private sellers, with NO FFL present at the show to run background checks.  In that case NO guns could be legally sold at the flea market at all, wasting everyone’s time.  And how would a person know if there were 75 or more guns at the flea market or not?  Talk about a trap to turn good people into felons!

2.  If you say you have a gun for sale and either list it on the internet or post something about it in a “publication,” then the gun MUST be sold through a dealer at that point.  If the buyer posts in either place that he is looking for a gun, the gun he purchases will also require a background check.  The only way to sell a gun to a non-family member is if you are NOT at a gun show and never make mention of wanting to sell the gun on the internet or in any kind of publication.  Basically, you would have to do it by word of mouth only.  Good luck with that!  What are you going to do – walk down a street and ask everyone you pass if they want to buy a gun from you?

3. While Alan claims that this bill would in no way lead to a registry, the data would be there for the taking, since the sale would be on a form 4473 kept by the dealer.  If you didn’t sell through a dealer, the feds would know they only have to look to your family members to find the gun, since they would be the only people really exempt from the background check.

There is no doubt that this bill would do serious harm to gun shows and to private sales.  You could find yourself at a gun show unable to sell your gun because no dealer will run the background check.  You might not be able to sell your gun at a large flee market because there are no dealers in attendance to run the check.  Make a mistake in how you sell that gun, for example mentioning it in an email but not selling it with a background check, and you can become a felon.

This is simply not the time for ANY gun bills to be considered in Congress, because they can be hijacked and made into anti-gun bills.  Or, in this bill’s case, it already has some serious problems that can be made even worse.  Surely, no one is really stupid enough to trust Senator Chuck Schumer when it comes to guns?

VCDL continues to OPPOSE ALL gun control bills in Congress.  Sadly, this bill only makes our job harder at a time when Bloomberg and his illegal mayors are about to go on another offensive against our gun rights.

Here is the text of the bill:


Here is video of Alan explaining the bill:


Alan’s faith in background checks, and in Chuck Schumer, is misplaced and this bill must be defeated.  Criminals will continue to have no problems getting guns with or without background checks.  It’s the rest of us who will have lost our right to sell or buy guns from a private sale without Big Brother’s approval.  That Big Brother, BTW, is the same Big Brother who provided guns to the Mexican cartels in Fast and Furious and tried to blame innocent gun dealers.

Sad and Thankful

So heartbroken and disgusted by the events in Boston today  Beyond thankful that the bloggers I know are safe as are their families.

Thought and prayers for everyone!!!



The world can be an ugly place…Be safe!!

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The service issues that have been occurring over the past week should be no more.