This morning I clicked on a link shared by Kathy Jackson on her Facebook page. It lead me here.

Over the past 2 years(especially this last year) I have grown a lot. Learned a lot about myself and standing up. I have been more outspoken this year then I ever have been.

I do regret that I didn’t wake up sooner, but also I feel like I am just beginning to find my voice. I have seen the things I do and say making a difference in a positive way and I am encouraged by that, but we have a mighty big fight on our hands and we are going to need to stand together.

I am fortunate to live in Virginia and to be a part of a group of people who know exactly how to stand and fight. The VCDL is a powerhouse of hardworking 2nd Amendment supporters who absolutely do not back down.

My time is limited and I am spread pretty thin, but I think I can be doing more.

I do not have a clue how I can help in this effort, but I am going to stay tuned and jump in where I can.

A Blogger In Need

I do not know this particular blogger, but one does not need to know someone to help out a little.

Erin asked me to post a link to Squeaky Wheel Seeks Grease.

Squeaky Wheel is dealing with some healthy issues and she was brave enough to reach out and ask for help. I admire her for her courage, so once again, I ask you to at least take the time to pop over and see if there is anything you can do.

It’s A Fundraiser-Walls Of The City Style

Go here and join in on the fun.

If you are like me then money is not flowing as easily these days as it once was. I personally had to cut back in my own spending on things like Starbucks, Friday night pizza, and other non-essentials(but somewhat important to the enjoyment of life)to afford my own giveaway, plus Tam’s need and others, but with all the craziness we are experiencing, there are still folks in need.

The cool thing about this fundraiser is the amazing prize packages!!!

I Made A Little Video

I bought a new bag to replace the purse I had been carrying for years. I have tried several times to write a post explaining the reasons and the changes, but each time the post was a scattered mess, so I gave up and made a video.

As with ALLLLLLLLLLLLL(there is just one) my other videos, I did not edit or re-shoot or have special lighting. Unique to this video is a peek at M’s finger and her cute little piggies.

*Could not get the video up on the blog which is one reason why there isn’t likely to be more videos.

Hello, I am…

After reading the story of the father and son whose rights were violated in New Jersey I felt sick. After I read on some Facebook pages comments from well meaning folks warning others not to post pictures of their kids shooting I felt fed up.  So fed up I decide to come out of the blogging alias closet.

“My name is Shelby McKenzie. My husband’s name is Phil and this is a picture of 3 of our 5 children…with guns. There are many pictures of our other two kiddos holding and shooting guns as well. We are standing with the father and son in Jersey whose rights were recently violated. I will not hide. This is us. This is who we are.”

I understand it is not much. It will not make all that big a difference in the grand scheme of anything, but it is one less person hiding. One less person being intimidated. One more person standing up and saying enough. Seven more people actually.

For your viewing pleasure I once again post pictures of my husband and I proudly teaching our children how to be responsible gun owners and citizens.

Family 428 Family 385 Family 376 Family 309 Family 338 Family 286



That last one was just cuz TSM is extra special sexy in that pic.

Life With Kids

E brought down a Nerf gun from her room and said, “Mom if this was a real, I would keep my finger off the trigger, check and be sure it was empty and point it in a safe direction. That would be safe right?’

She is standing in my kitchen with a toy gun so I say “Yeah”.

Then she says, “But, it is not a real gun, so is it OK to point it at people and shoot?”

“Yes, that is why mommy and daddy bought it.”

E- “Well. The Boy (that is her 7-year-old brother. She nick named him The Boy) shot the dog and that is wrong.”

Me- “Wow, that was a roundabout way to tattle on your brother.”

The Boy standing next to her with a look of oh-crap-I-am-in-big-trouble and staring at me with puppy dog eyes.

Me- “Boy, do not shoot the dog.”

He skips off smiling and E looks a little deflated.

I have to say kind of out of character for E, but also kind of funny.