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Scene Safe

On the first day of EMT class the instructor asked us “Who is the most important person at the scene of either a medical or trauma event.”

Random student-“The victim.”

Instructor- “Wrong”

Random student- “Whoever is hurt.”

Instructor- “Wrong”

Random student- “The dude bleeding on the ground.”

Instructor- “Wrong” “The most important person is you.”

I looked at TSM and he looked at me. As a Marine the idea that he would put himself first was. not. computing.

The classroom began buzzing…”Why are we there if not to help?” “It seems pretty selfish to be more concerned about myself?” “I can’t just do nothing.”

I found it interesting that the prevailing thought was the idea that to be concerned about your own safety was selfish.

It is a lie we have been told not only about our own lives, but about those who are in positions to help us.

We are taught by a large portion of society that we should not harm anyone even to protect ourselves and also that the police, fire, first responders, etc. should risk their own lives at all cost to save us. We are taught dependance.

EMT training does not work on this principal. They work on the idea that while you are there to help, you can’t do squat if your hurt or dead. Good point.

The way they drill this into our heads is to force us to say, every time we approach a medical or trauma event “Is the scene safe?” And each instructor constantly repeats “This is not your emergency.”

This is not your emergency means you, the EMT, is not having the heart attack, dizzy spell, neck injury. You, the EMT is there to help and you can’t do that if your worked up with adrenalin pumping through your body. If an EMT approaches a scene and doesn’t take the time to be sure it is safe then it is entirely possible that not only will the original person not get immediate help, but now the EMT is also in need of assistance. Two patients instead of one. This is what is known in the EMT world as not a good thing.

This idea of “Not your emergency” got me to thinking about guns, gun owners and training.

After an event like the shooting that took place in the Colorado movie theatre I read lots and lots of commentary  from Conceal Carry folks that amounted to them claiming they would have saved the day. Whether they have the skill or not isn’t for me to say, but I remember thinking, would I do that? Would I put my life on the line for some person I don’t know in a theater, restaurant, bank…

Not just drawing my gun in defense of my life, but actively engaging a bad guy when I didn’t have to. For example, I am in the theatre, I have my gun on my hip, I hear shots and I see people going down. If I am right by an exit do I run out or do I stay and try to end the threat on behalf of my fellow movie goers?

I carry a gun for one purpose. That purpose is to up my chances of staying alive should I be attacked and forced to defend myself. My life, my chances, for defense. Now, that word “my” most definitely extends to my husband, children, and other folks that I care about.

If a person breaks into my home or my car and tries to do me harm, things are gonna get sporty. Can’t say exactly what I would do because each situation is different and while I think these things through and have a plan, I also recognize there is no way to know for sure how it will all play out. What I do know is that the plan will involve me actively fighting for my survival.

If I am walking into a local convenience store and as I open the door and I see what appears to be a robbery in place, what do I do?  Now, I am not going to hop in my car and go home, but am I going to try to go back in, risk my life and try to take down the bad guy??? I have an answer to that situation. I know what I would do, do you know what you would do?

Is it selfish not to intervene? If you do and in the process save the day, but die, will your being selfless be much comfort to your spouse, parents, kids?

When a life is at stake be it on the scene of a car accident or due to a crime taking place most of us can not fathom doing nothing.

I think as part of any responsible self defense training one should seriously exam scenarios where he/she is not the primary victim and mentally work through the risks and emotions of both intervening and not.

Choosing to carry a gun is a very personal choice and is a huge responsibility. There is more to consider than just you one on one with a bad guy.

I have a clear idea in my head of when I believe I would intervene. I am not going to get into specifics because it doesn’t matter. Each of us has to decide for ourselves where that line in the sand lies, but you are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t take the time to prepare for those possibilities.




After I read JD’s post this morning I emailed several people. Among them were a group that asked me to participate in a local blog shoot and had planned to raise money for Wounded Warriors. I also emailed Jonn over at This Ain’t Hell, But you can see it from here. I was very curious to know what he thought since he associates with so many veterans, many of whom are/or were wounded. I let him know my stance which was, I wasn’t sure for the reasons I mentioned in my last post(although my email was much shorter).

Then I posted on my AGirl Facebook page and then my post here. The group that is doing the blog shoot decided not to support WWP. Jonn emailed me back a very nice response and stated his opinion. I didn’t share that at first because it was not a public opinion, but he has posted over on his site. What he says there is essentially what he said to me. He didn’t respond to my second email, but the folks over there do not seem to be that upset about the Wounded Warrior stance. However, there are many, many vets that are angry and have said so on the WWP Facebook page.

I was reminded that when I was asked about doing a fundraiser for WWP, I said that I would prefer we raise money for someone else, but I would not object to it if they decided to go with WWP. My only objection was that it not be an anti-gun, anti 2nd Amendment organization. I was not sure from the original information that the Wounded Warrior Project people were in fact anti 2nd Amendment, but after more research it is clear the head folks are at the very least cowards on the subject.

Anyone who willing tries to limit the freedoms of law abiding citizens and shares opinion that put gun owners in a bad light is not a group I will support in any fashion.

I was convinced reading some of the messages left on the FB page. Things like…

“Oh, you will take money from gun shops and gun groups, but you will not be seen with them in the light of day”

“So, you trust veterans to fight for this country, but you don’t trust them once they are out of uniform. Unacceptable.”

Not to mention all the comments left here..

Thank you all for your thoughtful, honest comments. I always appreciate the straight forward dialog on my blog.

Wounded Warrior Project

Last night I read on The Minuteman Blog about The Wounded Warrior Project not wanting to publicly be associated with people or companies that are connected to guns. Then this morning I read this at An Ordinary Texan.

I am torn on this. Let me first say I have never been that big a supporter of WWP in the first place. I raised some $700 for them a year or so ago and have supported others who were raising money for them, but I am kind of anti big charity groups. I never give to the Red Cross or Salvation Army. I do give to Toys For Tots, but anyway, the point is personally this issue doesn’t impact my giving.

I am also not a huge fan of boycotts. I think companies have a right to not like me or want my business and generally I just chose not to spend my money where I feel it conflicts with my values. However, sometime there are things bigger than my point of view.

Sometime ago I gave money to a person I didn’t particularly like. I actually like this person very much today, but at that time I felt he/she was rude, but the issue he/she needed money for was something I felt was way more important than my hurt feelings.

I assume most of these wounded warriors have done many things they disagreed with or even found wrong(ie serve under the current administration), but they took the bullet, literally, for me, for my freedoms and so I dislike taking something from them. True, there are many others way to give to these heroes and as I said before that is generally what I do anyway. I just don’t know that I am good with giving up on The Wounded Warrior Project on a wide scale boycott.

I am torn.

I do think it is good for them to be outed though. People need to be made aware of what and who they are giving their money to.

A Renewing Of The Spirit

Please remember to keep checking back with Old NFO, Jennifer and JayG for updates on Tam’s raffle. Lots of very neat prizes being donated.

Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that MSgt B met Jayne(that’s my truck) and they got along swimmingly. He even gave her a little present. A Zombie hunter’s License sticker. It’s pretty sweet.

Yesterday I headed out to Culpeper to meet John and several others for a day of shooting. Karla from the FN shooting team was there. Several high speed low drag vets to include Mr. Awesome. Like my hubby, Mrs. Awesome had to work and could not join us:(  I finally met a guy I have seen all over the web. He stood out to me not only because of his common sense approach to things, but also because his last name is the same as my maiden name and that name is not a common one. He turned out to be as great in person as he is online. One guy there, I am just gonna call him TS(The Shit) was well, you know The Shit. Seriously this dude is one well maintained man. When shooting his arms are like a sculpture. He should be on the cover of a gun magazine. Even two of the other manly men commented to me about TS’s physique. He was a nice guy as well.

I brought Eleanor and was able to get her all set up. Well, not really all set up. I need to switch some things around for my new sling John bought me. The guys were going to make the changes, but we decided to just shoot and fiddle later.

I started out the day with Karla’s FN SCAR with fancy optics. I am new to rifles. I have shot several, but usually someone just hands me a rifle all loaded and ready to go. I am always standing, pop off 5 or 6 rounds and I am done. Yesterday was day one of me actually learning how to shoot and handle my rifle.

Karla gave me all kinds of good information and tips. She is a lefty like me, so that was cool. Then John took me and Eleanor to do the zero thing. That was done lickty split. I spent the rest of the day getting comfortable with her. Shooting from a variety of distances(not farther that 50 yards) and positions and am pretty much addicted.

This picture is of me taking the VERY FIRST shots ever from this gun. I made lots of adjustments in form and position throughout the day.

I had the chance to shoot a Steyr Scout which, of course, I loved. Just 3 rounds, but if you have been here long you know I enjoy a little kick or even a big one.

I need lots of work and practice on form etc. but yesterday I was able to get a good grasp on exactly how my gun works, what all the little buttons and whatnot do and get a feel for her. I will spend the next few months or years really focusing on using the sling, positioning and all that.

And now…

You had to know it was coming…

The people…

I love to shoot for a zillion reasons. I like it by myself or with people. I don’t need any extra incentive to toss lead down range, but when I get to hang with people I love and respect well it doesn’t get any better. I think one of the guys I spent time with yesterday puts it perfectly.

After a week of icky-ness, this long weekends events were just what I needed!

Fun Day

I had the most wonderful day yesterday. TSM and I lounged around in bed for far to long reading, drinking coffee and playing WWF. Our kids were snuggled in with us reading and messing with the new pup, Wesson. Around 10ish he and I headed to our local range where we stalked ran into MSgt B. We were there about an hour or so where we all got to shoot my new Shield.

We did not like it. The trigger on mine is very ratchty. No biggy. That can be fixed. I love the size and the feel and the sights althought bulky are ok.

I was finally able to get to the register first and pay for another gunnies range time. These people are generous and quick, but this time my hubby got up there and we worked it our. Of course MSgt B could not handle the gesture so he said let me buy lunch. We all headed to a little Indian restaurant my man picked out. Oh my, oh my was it delic and the portions HUGE! I brought more than half home, MSgt B took about half of his home. TSM ate every bite of his. For a fit guy he can eat a lot.

Normally we buy a service member a meal on Veteran’s Day(we do it other days as well), but since we got treated, we could not. On the way home we bought a Thank You card and a Visa gift card(I do this often), wrote a little note and placed it on the windshield of what we hoped was a service member. We went to the parking lot of Applebee’s, found a little car with military stickers and a uniform inside.

After all that we were still home by 2ish. We spent the rest of the day watching football and other various things. TSM did schoolwork with the youngest while E and A helped me make treats for a special someone. For dinner I made yummy rice and beef bowls and I was in bed asleep by 930.

The kids have school today and the man has to work, so my son and I are headed out to meet some fine Patriots for a day of tossing lead down range. They will be teaching me how to shoot Eleanor. As you can imagine I am more than thrilled.

I am still receiving a lot of emails and FB messages about being prepared. There are two more blogs I would like you to check out for good solid, easy to follow ideas.

Senior’s Mess and Tales From The Clothesline. Remember these two have been doing this for a while. I am going to keep saying again and again. Do not panic or feel behind. The point is to get started. Any thing you do is good. Do not let fear or being overwhelmed keep you from trying. Pick a reasonable goal like food for a month or 3 and then add to that supplies like lanterns or alternate cooking methods and pick one new skill to learn. Then work on expanding each of those. Typically after an event like a mugging, a divorce, a health scare or a natural disaster people get woken up, declare to become proactive and then get overwhelmed or discouraged and never follow thorough. Do not be that person. I am no where near where I need to be, but I am a heck of a lot farther along than I was 20 months ago. You can totally do this!!

Veteran’s Day

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To all those who have served and are currently serving thank you! Thank you for all you have sacrificed and continue to on our behalf.

The Sexy Marine and I pray that today you feel valued and appreciated.

Harden Your Heart

I fully believe in consequences for your actions. I think if one makes a poor choice they should have to live with the results of that choice. I am a stickler on this with my kids.

I am also very compassionate and while I may tell my kids that I am not helping them out of the mess they created, I still ache watching them learn some of life’s hard lessons and of course, sometimes I do help them out. Sometimes upfront, but many times behind the scenes.

We all make mistakes and often the price for those are very high.

So even though I am angry as anything at the folks that are willing and with forethought destroying this country, yesterday I had a pang of sympathy for some. I truly believe there are good people out there that just don’t have a clue what they voted for. My husband has some casual friends on his personal Facebook page who voted for Obama and already are losing jobs and benefits because of it. They are freaking out. Reading their words of panic made my heart sink.

I posted my empathy for them on my AGirl Facebook page and was met with strong reaction. My friends over there are not at all concerned for these folks. Rightfully, they are angry and let me know in no uncertain terms what they thought. I appreciate that about them.

What is interesting is that none of them, not one called me names. Not a single one said I was stupid or anything rude directed to me. They voiced their thoughts and left it at that, but the people who voted for Obama, they showed up to call me names (fat of all things) and they got down right ugly.

My friend Akgirrl posted a note on her wall and all night and into this morning I have received the kindest and most thoughtfully supportive notes on my wall. Most didn’t even bother to address the anti folks, they just came for me. To build me up and have my back. Of course that didn’t surprise me, but I was truly shocked by the Obama crowd.

My husband says it is time to harden my heart. I think the rest of the world is doing it for me.