Update on the Bersa

When the package arrived, I immediately thought, this is not right, but I am so new to guns, I thought I better check to be sure shipping guns in tobacco is not SOP.

Anywho, we did put in a call to Bersa. A supervisor did call back within minutes and she is sending one new magazines to replace the onr that is missing and another one for our troubles plus a t-shirt for my son. I will also write a letter to the actual company that did the work and I most certainly will use the company in Colorado if ever I should need any more work on the Bersa.

As always,THANK YOU!!!

Weekend Roundup

Do you all remember this story? Well, on Saturday the little boys parents. The Captain(they have a boat) & Martha(not her real name, but she is more hospitable than Ms. Stewart) invited us over for their annual March Madness party.  I went last year too, but anyway, when we got there both the The Captain and Martha told me they read the blog and love it.  I was flattered , of course, but the really neat thing is that Martha. said she wanted to sign up for the training give-a-way!!  That is right, folks, I think I inspired another person to give shooting a shot(pun totally intended) I really need to win the lottery, so I can just outright pay for these folks to get the training and skip the whole give- a- way run around, but until then I am going to bask in the knowledge that I am successfully spreading the love. 

On Sunday we met up with some other friends for an afternoon of bowling.

We were met by this sign

The husband is an FBI agent, and while I have always known this, we have never discussed guns or his job, but of course, everything is different now.  I had a nice talk with him about guns and self defense and he really recommends I take a course at the Sig Academy, so that might be in my future.  The wife and I were discussing being mugged and she shared a story with me I hope to share with you all, but I need to double check first and make it is ok. When i am in my everyday life I am not thinking about the blog, so when I am talking with people I don’t think to say, “Hey, can I share this with several thousand of my friends?” Anyway, I was surprised at how much we have shared with each other over the years and how close our families are and yet, I never told them about my attack even though I have seen a couple times since then.  I never mentioned it and I was surprised by what she shared with me.  I am finding out that my reaction was not all that abnormal and oddly that gives me great comfort.

Last year about this time, I bought a Bersa for my son.  He was 19 at the time and in Virginia a person that is over 18, but not yet 21 can openly carry(there are certain circumstances where younger folks can also) a handgun, but can not purchase one.  A parent can purchase a handgun for their child if that child is otherwise legally eligible to carry one.  He wanted a Bersa, so that is what I bought him.  He has had all kinds of issues with this gun, so finally we sent it to an approved Bersa gunsmith to have the repairs made.  On Friday we got the gun back.  I was a bit shocked at the condition it came.  I am not sure if this is normal or not, so you all tell me if this is standard procedure or if I should send a note of displeasure.

The gun was placed, action closed(it’s open in this pic), in a tobacco package and then inside another plastic bag.  Even though we sent a magazine, it was not returned.

 The gun is covered in tobacco.

I am not sure if there is some reason for this or not.  Any thoughts??

Lastly, my husband and I were suppose to go to Appleseed this coming weekend to meet up with Sean, Keads, my BFF,  and several other bloggers, but we have had a family issue come up.  Nothing to worry about and nothing to discuss here, but unfortunately we can’t make the trip.  I am beyond disappointed, but I am excited to hear all about their adventures.

The Few, The Proud

I have been follow this blog for a few weeks now and I always walk away with a deeper appreciation for a military I am already intimately in love with.

Today I read a post that the blog writer linked to with passages like…

It is a fact that our country today is in a life and death struggle against an evil enemy, but America as a whole is certainly not at war. Not as a country. Not as a people. Today only a tiny fraction of American families—less than a percent— shoulder the burden of fear and sacrifice, and they shoulder it for the entire nation. Their sons and daughters who serve are men and women of character who continue to believe in this country enough to put life and limb on the line without qualification, and without thought of personal gain and they serve so the sons and daughters of the other 99% don’t have to. No big deal, though, as Marines have always been “first to fight” paying in full the bill that comes with being free…for everyone else. As a friend of mine wrote recently when offering condolences to a family who’d lost a son in Afghanistan: “service to and sacrifice for the nation have become a legacy affair for a relatively small number of families. This nation is blessed to have families who are willing to accept the responsibilities and endure the sacrifices that sustain a way of life cherished by many, but sustained by few.” 

 and like…

As I close , I have the name of the most recent hero killed in Afghanistan only a few hours ago but I cannot share with you his name because the a Marine Officer and Navy chaplain have not yet executed their honored duty of notifying the next-of-kin of the death of their son. That family, right now, somewhere in America is in the final minutes of blissful ignorance before their entire lives change forever. I know God will help them bear this inconceivable burden—a burden I am told by those who know never goes away or even gets lighter—and help them find comfort in the fact that their son was doing exactly what he wanted to do, was doing it with the finest men on this earth, and for a cause that meant more to him than his life. The reality is, however, it doesn’t matter if we are comforted, or if we accept it or not, it only matters that he did.

Those words were spoken by John F. Kelly Lieutenant General, U. S. Marine Corps Commander, Marine Forces Reserve and Marine Forces North. I would encourage you to go read the whole thing.

I will be honest, I am not sure what I believe about being in Afghanistan. I know I am sick of war and I am sick of death, but I am mostly sick of the leaders in this country who don’t seem to have a clue what they believe. Those that say they believe in taking the fight to the enemy, don’t seem to let our men and women fight to win and those who claim to want to bring the troops home, don’t. Both sides looking for what is best for them. What I do know is that we, as Americans are putting an awfully big burden on the people we ask to give their lives in service to us. I wonder when we are gonna get fed up and demand better in service of their lives. I am guessing right about the time the enemy comes looking for us over here, again.

*My husband just called me after reading this post to tell me that General Kelly’s son. Lt. Robert Kelly, was killed in Afghanistan in 2010. When the young Corporal Kelly was trying to get commissioned, my husband sat on his board. My husband found him to be extremely qualified and extremely cocky. My husband did recommended Cpl Kelly for commission. He kind of likes those qualities in a Marine.

A Light

I have been subbing this week at my children’s school. This morning I got ready and E(my 8 year old)asks me “where’s your gun?”. I tell her the law does not allow me to carry my gun into a school. “But what if a bad guy comes in?” “Who will stop him?” “A good guy, should be able to have a gun.”

I thought, well she understands this and while I know she is very smart, I would think the folks who make the laws, in theory, should be smarter. They should be able to put the pieces together and come to the same conclusion.

We had a nice talk about understanding that a gun is nice to have because if a bad guy comes a gun is quick way to end the threat, but that with or without a gun, we can stop the bad guy.

“Oh, you mean by kicking and screaming?” “Or hitting him with a chair?” she asks.


The specific stratgies for defeating a bad guy in her school are not what I focused on. Her hitting a bad guy with a chair may not be the best solution, but i wanted to reward her mindset and I just wanted her to understand that there are lots of things she can do to keep herself safe and lots of things that other people can do to protect her.

I saw this conversation as very encouraging because she was looking to me to protect her. That hasn’t happened for a while. She was not agitated durning the discussion. Normally, she is very jumpy and panicky while we talk about bad guys and how to stop them. She is never satisfied with any answer I give her, but this time, she appeared confident in the responses to her concerns. She said, “oh, ok.” and asked to watch some kids TV then skipped off to do just that. Normally, I don’t let my kids skip in the house, but I enjoyed watching her be carefree, so I didn’t say a word.

She has been uneasy about me leaving for Appleseed, but since I am not going now(more on that later), she has completely relaxed. We are not at the end of the tunnel yet, but the light can clearly be seen. E has splept soundly, without nightmares for more than a week. Her spirit is lighter and I can see her anxiety level is low. The more skills we give her, the more calm she becomes. You can literally see in her eyes, the peace. I will write a post about all the different things we have been doing to help her, but for now, just know this precious, brave, little girl has a mind and a heart to fight for her life, not simply to be alive, but to live it, free from fear. She is not satisfied to be scared and she is determined to move on. She is 8, so we have never said those words to her. We have never told her, she needs to have joy and get passed this, but she has an inner drive that has servered her well all the years of her short life. I can’t believe I get to be her mom.

She is amazing!

I Like Boys

On Thursday’s my husband and the other gentleman from his office go to the range at lunchtime.  Today they invited me to tag along.

There were 4 of them and me.  One of the guys I don’t know much about, but one has an extensive gun collection and used to do a fair amount of shooting, but life and whatnot got in the way, so I think the past couple of months has been fun for him.  You know all about my husband and one is a former sniper.  He is the very nice man who let me borrow his holster for my trip to Memphis.  I haven’t given it back yet, by the way.  I like having that kind of character on my hip but, since stealing isn’t much of an act of valor, I will return it…someday.

Lots of people like to met celebrities or rock stars, I have never much cared for that, but I had been looking forward to meeting Mr. Arete(these types prefer to stay low key, so for the blog he is Mr. Arete because he is exemplifies the word) for some time.  It was an honor.

The main reason I went though was to test out my sites.  Larry left a comment on my blog that I should color them in with a black marker because the white dots were messing with me and so I did just that…SCORE!!  I was able to shoot where ever I wanted to.  I did some head shots, some chest, some groin, some to the left, some to the right.  I put that target all the way down to the end of the range and shot at the 3 times at the 7 on the target, then 3 on the 8, then 3 on the 9, then 3 on the bulls-eye and then bang, bang, bang in rather rapid fashion and every single shot was where it should have been.  Now, no I did not have a dime sized hole anywhere at anytime.  That never happens for me beyond 5 yards, but I don’t care.  My groups are what I would call a golf ball sized group, for the most part and never more than the size of a fist.  I shoot about 200 rounds and didn’t have one flier.  I don’t think I have mentioned this here before, but I really, really, really like to shoot.

The M & P did have one jam, no biggie, tap, rack, bang and on I went. I shot 2 magazines of my husband’s Glock .23 with 180 grain .40 S & W ammo.  It did not hurt my hand and my group was nice, if I do say so myself.  No pictures, so no proof, but trust me.  I also shot half a dozen .22 rounds from a Ruger .22.  That was just plain fun, thank you Brad.

After we got done, I chit chatted with Mr. Arete and he gave me a few drills to try.  I am not going to tell you about them now, but I will after I try them out for myself.  I am very excited to try what he suggested.  He asked me a few questions and I started to explain my last trip with John, but he interrupted me and said, “Yeah, I saw the pictures.” and I said “You, did?” and he said “Yes, I read your blog.”  I blushed.

My husband, his friends, 80 degree weather, my pistol, and the chance to use it…yeah, life is good. 


Man, I mention a problem and I get swarmed with solutions.  I pretty much know how to email and type in a word document.  That covers my knowledge of computers, so thank you all for helping me!!

Maybe you can help me with my other problems like who is currently running our country, the other people that want to run our country, taxes, little boys that don’t remember to put the toilet seat down…anyone???

Here is the missing post from yesterday(edited slightly).  Thanks again!!!!!

I have struggled to find the words to express what I am feeling.  I don’t want to accidentally insult anyone, but at the same time, I want to be sure that everyone understands my motivation.

I know 100% that this community is made up of very generous, caring people.  People who have been giving back and doing for others long before I came along, just as I have been giving back and doing for others in communities outside of the gun world for, well all my life.  I realize that those who offer up additional prizes to the Give-A-Ways,  are doing it out of pure kindness and desire, and that you aren’t doing it because of me, but I do want to mention, that I am NEVER expecting anything from anyone.

I received an email from someone saying “I am sorry, I can not contribute this time.”   I don’t want anyone to be sorry or feel bad.  If you gave to last time wonderful and if you didn’t wonderful.  I never dreamed anyone would donate last time.  Not because I didn’t think others are generous, just because my mind doesn’t think like that. I was simply doing what I could to give because I am crazy passionate about empowering woman. I wasn’t looking to get anything from anyone.  

The Give-A-Ways I do are out of my desire to do what I can to give back to a community that has given much to me and to help educate and encourage women.  That is it.

I am thankful for the support and for the team work, but please know that I am not asking or expecting anyone to give anything to me or to the the events that I plan. 

To be honest, I used feel guilty a great deal of the time.  I felt like I was constantly taking and not offering much back.  Up until Anastasiya, I didn’t even have a cool gun for people to shoot, I don’t have any expertise to offer, I have nothing, but supportive words and encouragement.  I DO NOT do the Give-A-Ways out of guilt.  I do them out of love and a desire help others, like I have all my life, but I wanted to make it clear that I am never trying to get anything more from anyone.

Catching Up

-Remember this, well, my son went to court…all charges dismissed and all court fees waived!!

-Months ago I wanted to share this neat story about a woman who emailed me, but I got so crazy busy and just never had a good time to do,so here you go…

I’m currently in my final semester of SUNY Empire State College’s MBA program and my final project is creating a business plan for opening my own gun store. A different kind of store (at least different than other local stores) that would be warm and welcoming especially to women and beginners because the entire experience was so intimidating and overwhelming to me.  I grew up in a home without guns, so for a long time guns to me were scary and made me nervous.  My husband on the other hand grew up with guns and so he wanted to get his pistol permit.  I had no problems what so ever with this but felt strongly that if we were going to have guns in the house that I NEEDED to know how to use them so I took the safety course and applied for my permit.   
I set out to purchase my first pistol…I had NO IDEA what I wanted since I had never handled a gun before and went to a local gun store with my husband.  The store was so…unwelcoming and cluttered.  When we walked in they didn’t acknowledge me and immediately set out talking to my husband (we talked before we went and he suggested a .22 to learn on but the decision was up to me).  I’m a pretty outgoing gal so I was trying to get in on the conversation but it seemed as if they just didn’t know how to “deal” with me.  They were nice when they did speak to me but it seemed like they expected my husband to make my decisions for me (guess they don’t know this girl!).  We had similar experiences at other stores. I left feeling frustrated and went home and called one of my girl friends who is a gun owner told her about my experience and asked her what kind of pistol she thought I should start off with being a beginner…she took so much time with me, answered all of my questions and also suggested I start with a .22 and told me to go back to the store and find the pistol that I felt “fit like a glove”. 
So I went back and after much consideration picked my pistol.  The guy said…”you want that in pink?”  No joke.  First of all just because I’m a girl does not mean that I even remotely like pink…in fact my favorite color is orange.   Perhaps the better question would have been “this pistol comes in an array of colors; what color would you like?”
Fast forward to my MBA program…we had to pick a project that we’d like to work on for 30 weeks!  We could chose an existing business identify a strategic problem and find a solution for it OR we could think of a startup business and work through a business plan and discuss the strategic opportunity I see. I started thinking of what kind of business I may like to run and I could not shake a gun store out of my mind thinking that someday that my husband and I could open up our own gun store and offer a way better overall experience to EVERYONE who walked in the store not just experienced firearm users (I say someday not now I need more experience and money!!  This is just my final project keep that in mind and basically a dream). 
I started asking around if there were any women sales people at local gun stores…nope.  What about women trainers (locally), nope.  So I started asking my women friends about their experiences purchasing their first firearm and everyone had similar stories to mine and one worse…we all went to different stores and each had a common thread no local woman friendly stores.  And with that my project was born. 
So the past 15 weeks I’ve spent doing research about the gun industry, political, economic, legal, environmental, etc. aspects and for the next 15 weeks I’ll be doing the implementation plan…selecting a location, finding out about financing, inventory plans, marketing plans.  Again like I said this is just a project and I honestly don’t think that we could qualify for the financing so really this project is probably not going to come to fruition but let me tell you it has been amazing and eye opening and perhaps something we could do in 5-10 years.  Plus I’m no expert by any means…just yet.  The one thing that is lacking is my training!!  So when I saw your give-a-way I just had to throw my hat into the ring! 
I called all of the local gun stores to ask them for interviews asking questions about the industry their feelings on trends, problems they feel they face, not specifics about the stores and only one would speak to me and that was because I know the treasurer at the “best” local gun club who put in a good word for me and it took a lot of pestering.  It happened to be the place where I bought my gun.  They were nice but I could tell really did not want to deal with me.  They said that they have seen an increase in women but felt it wasn’t due to genuine interest that it was driven by husbands/boyfriends.  Sorry dude, I can make up my own mind thank you very much!  I asked about if they would ever consider a women sales person and was told that they would consider it but they didn’t know any women who would be qualified.  For the icing…before I left one of the guys said, “I think you should probably change your project to opening a jewelry store.”  Again no joke. Even more ammunition for me to keep moving forward with my project, excuse the pun.  I must say all of the “kitchen table” dealers I spoke with were genuinely sweet and were extremely supportive so were the folks at the gun clubs I spoke with. 
If you made it this far I appreciate you reading the email and sorry it was so long but I wanted to share my story!  I’m very excited about the project (as if you couldn’t tell) and have learned so much, such an amazing project like I said seriously eye opening in so many ways and am so glad I decided to do this over an existing company.  I think a more obtainable goal is to become a trainer over the next 5 years but I have to get my own training first and am excited to learn more perhaps after I graduate I can start my own blog about my journey on becoming a gun owner and becoming a certified trainer…   
I found A Girl and Her Gun and The Cornered Cat while doing my research and have been inspired by both of you, so thank you!  Again, sorry for the long email.   I present the first part of my project to the class on Friday morning…wish me luck!- Dana
-I love hearing about women who are thinking about getting involved in the gun community beyond just learning how to defend themselves and I love anytime I read about someone who gets so excited and passionate about their goals!!
-Finally, I was introduced, by email to the wife of Captain William A Griffis USMC .  Mrs. Groundhog had shared her story with me and I was so deeply moved, I asked if I could share it here.  There are so many compelling parts to Sally’s story and it is my sincere hope that you take the time to read each link, because you will be better for it.  I am going to dedicate a post entirely to this woman and her story, but I want you all to have a few days to read her story for yourselves and digest it before I offer any words of my own.

**Several of my posts have disappears to include the one I wrote earlier this morning.  Of course, they are posts I had yet to save into word docs.  Anyway, if you are looking for something and it’s gone, I am sorry:)

I Have A Surprise!!

A few weeks ago I received an email from a new friend and it ended with this…

If you’d like to do another training raffle, I’m able to contribute. Say $xxx towards training for a woman who might not otherwise have the opportunity?

Take care and be safe. And watch your 6.

This wonderful woman does not have a blog and she prefers to stay anonymous.  Many generous people do, so here is the deal, we are in fact going to do another Give-A-Way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We have chatted back and forth and the 2 of us have come up with 2 prize packages.  I am contributing, but the bulk of this Give-A-Way comes from our anonymous donor.

1st Place- up to $150 towards one basic shooting course, The Cornered Cat: A Woman’s Guide To Conceal Carry, & 100 rounds of ammo(.45ACP, 40 S&W, .9mm or .380), an additional 100 rounds of ammo donated by Mr. & Mrs. Groundhog
2nd Place- up to $150 towards one basic shooting course, The Cornered Cat: A Woman’s Guide To Conceal Carry & 100 rounds of Ammo(.45ACP, .40 S&W, .9mm. or .308), an additional 100 rounds of ammo donated by Mr. & Mrs. Groundhog
-This is for women only, ages 21 or older
-Must be used for a basic or beginner level gun training course to include some range time
-Course must be held in The United States of America by a reputable instructor/course(determined by me)
-Entries must be received by Monday April 2nd, 2012 (Drawing to held on Tuesday April 3rd, 2012)
-Must be signed up for an approved course by October 1st, 2012 or forfeit prize.
All entries must send an email to [email protected] You MUST include your full name and email address.  Entries missing information will not be entered. All personal information will be kept private and confidential.  Each entry will receive a number and that number is all that will appear on the blog when the winner is announced.

That’s it!!

*If you entered the previous Give-A-Way and did not win, you may also enter this one.  If you won the previous Give-A-Way, you may not:)

A Riddle: What Is Black & Blue and Tough As Woodpecker Lips?

ME!!  Ok, I am not all that black and blue or tough, but I think it’s funny, so deal.

Yesterday my husband and I met John and Mr. & Mrs. Awesome for some training on the range.  We covered a lot for our brief 3.5 hours there.  Again, there are not many pictures because we are all there training and it’s just tough to focus and think about grabbing the camera.

I knew that the plan was to do self defense work from the ground to try to keep the bad guy from getting us to the ground and what to do if he succeeds. I think having that knowledge ahead of time made me a little jumpy.  At the beginning I was a little unsure of myself and I think I was trying to anticipate when the moment would come, which made me behave oddly.  Usually when I train with John, we are kind of in-sync.  I know where he is going with things just by his words or tone, but yesterday as he called things out, my reaction was off and my mind wasn’t “on”.  Either that or I have done too much psychoanalyzing this past year and I read way to much into everything now.  Either way, I was off my game.

One of the first things we did was, we learned how to access the gun if you find yourself on your back.  John simulated pushing us down, we would fall, then kick, kick, kick, the spin on our backs until we faced the target, drew and shot.

I felt pretty good about this drill.  The interesting thing was when Mrs. Awesome took a go at this exercise.  Both she and Mr. Awesome carry in the Remora as well.  They love it!! Time for the drill. John pushed her down, she kicks, spins, goes to draw her gun and it’s not there.  It is not in the holster.  She does well, she feels for it, finds it and shoots, but we awere all kind of like, “Not good!”  She was wearing the model with the reinforced top, so I said let’s try it with the collapsed version.  I had mine in my range bag.  She did.  She falls, spins, draws and the gun was there, but when she drew the whole thing came out, holster and all.  Here are 4 people that use this holster daily and and it failed, big time.  Not a good feeling.  Lots of chit chat, trouble shooting talk.  Mrs. Awesome does not wear a belt, so Mr. Awesome tosses out the idea that maybe that is the issue.  Mr. Awesome is wearing a belt, so he steps up to the line and does the drill.   Falls, kicks, kicks, kicks, draws and all goes well.  We might be onto something.  John happens to have an extra belt, so Mrs. Awesome puts her regular carry gear on with the belt and runs the drill.  Fall, kick, kick, kick, draws, perfect!  Looking good, but lets do that a few more times just to be sure.  She does not have any more problems.

You know how all the experts tell you, you should train with your gear and you should be sure it works on the range before you trust it to save your life…PAY ATTENTION!!!  I saw the look on her face and on her husband’s and I felt the drop in my stomach.  I believe we were all beyond grateful, that scenario played out there and not in a parking lot somewhere.  In the past I have trained with the Remora as had both of them.  We did dry fire and I had even used it at the range a lot, but none of us had worked from the ground in a fight with it.  It is my opinion that a belt is needed for the Remora.  The company DOES NOT claim that one isn’t needed and they specifically say that some kind of tension is what makes it work and if you are standing up or have an extra mag pouch, that is enough tension to suffice, it is not once there is slack like laying on your back. So much was learned from that one drill.  First of all Mrs. Awesome dealt with what to do if something goes wrong.  When her gun went MIA, she didn’t stop and give up, she kept looking and she finished up with the shot.  Same when the holster stayed on the gun, she pulled it off, tossed it aside and shot. I will continue to wear the Remora and I think they will too.  It’s good gear and I trust it, but it needs a belt.

One note, rolling around on the ground with a loaded gun, drawing from your back and shooting can be a formula for disaster.  I think good trigger finger control is beyond important.  If you draw and put your finger straight on the trigger, you are not ready for this drill.  You could shoot yourself in the leg or someone else as you draw before your muzzle is on target.  It is simulated, but it is “under” stress.  These drills are so important, but I wouldn’t rush anything. By the way there is nothing wrong with that.  The point of training is to learn how to keep yourself safe.  It doesn’t much matter if the bad guy gets you or you do, the end result is the same.  Sometimes we need to push ourselves, but never beyond what we can safely handle. I also would not train with people you did not fully trust.  I trust these people with my life and I was comfortable. I had shot with all of them before.  We have had conversations about guns and life and I know how they think.  I have seen how they handle their guns and their attitude about safety.  Feeling safe let me relax and focus.  I would not do this drill with people I just met.

Another note, just for FYI.  I trained with my M & P.  Flawless.  Not a single issue.  Well, there was one issue, but that was not the gun.  I also brought my AGirl holster from Michael Hast.  I wanted to see how it would preform now that I had spent time breaking it in.  Perfect!!!  I feel comfortable now carrying the M & P and using my new holster. 

We did a drill shooting from, ugh, I can’t remember what the position is called.  I want to say position 1, but I think I am making that up.  So, you draw, the gun is at your side, low, no extension and you start shooting from there as you move up to the full two handed, extended position.  I think the drill is called “The Zipper”  Another fabulous lesson.  I am rather well endowed, so when I drew my gun and pulled the trigger the slide hit my breast and did not have room to fully go back, so my gun jammed.  I did do tap rack, bang, which only made it worse and instead of taking care of it, I stopped.  This is not like me.  I am very good at dealing with malfunctions and finishing up, but my mind was not on and I noticed everyone else had stopped shooting, so I did too.  NOT the right thing to do.  Anyway, it was a good thing to have happen because I knew I needed to make an adjustment to my draw.  I did and did not have any more problems.  I will practice that drill a lot in dry fire. I think it is important that I do it again and again, so it is ingrained, naturally.  Under stress, I doubt I will remember where my boobs are.

Next we did ground work.  We completely disarmed.  Nothing, not even a flashlight on us.  Did the TSA groping drill to be sure no one had forgot anything, then used a blue gun.  For my newbies, a blue gun is just that.  A plastic “gun” that is blue.  It really is a gun shaped object.  The slide doesn’t move, there is no where to put bullets or snap caps. It is just a molded piece of blue plastic in the shape of a gun.

We took turns laying on our back, bad guy on top, grab, pop hip, shove off, grab gun, shoot.  This is where I got bruised.  My hips are boney and tossing someone off of me, made my hips black and blue and sore.  I also have a large bruise on  my thigh, clueless as to how I got that.  Again, I felt good about this, but in a way – not.  My bad guy was my husband, so he was on top of me and I don’t think he was trying very hard.  I understand simulation and I know no one wants me to kick them etc, but I would have preferred actually being pushed to the ground and trying to get a person who was trying off of me.  The technique is so important and that repetition is vital, for skill building and mindset.  It’s not good to just lie there and say, well, I am toast, but I don’t know if I could really get a big huge dude off of me.  My take away really was, I do not want him to be able to get me on the ground.  For the record John said that.  He did not endorse letting the bad guy A. get close or B. Get you on the ground.  I am just stating the obvious. My mind was fine for this drill and I think it would have been no matter what, but since there was man on woman, we did it with couples.  Again, I think it would have actually been better for both my mindset and skill building, it the bad guy was not my husband.  I am not afraid of him, I know him well and I know he was not “trying”.  By afraid, I don’t mean I want to train with someone who scares me, I just mean there was not once ounce of apprehension or anticipation. I know that training is not all about me.  I am not the only person to be considered and no one wants to lose a knee, the family jewels or an eye to my obsessive need to learn, I’m just saying.

We did some drills where we were pushed up against the wall and the bad was choking us.  We learned to drop the knees to get slack and push the arms out, run, grab gun etc.  Again, my husband didn’t really choke me and I was kind of annoyed (I am strange like that) I said, “Babe, you are not trying”  So, for the next few times he did and it was more difficult to get his hands off of me, but I felt a little better about those attempts.  The Refuse The Mount, the bad guy on top and the back against the wall drills were very valuable to me, for what should seem like obvious reasons.  My son is a pretty large man and I am gonna make him do the drills with me.  I don’t think he will try very hard either, but just by virtue of his size and mine, it will pose a very big challenge for me.

We ended with some basic marksmanship type drills.  I suck at those.  I can shoot accurately on the move, under stress, from my knees, on back etc, but ask me to line up the sites and shoot, forget it.  I hate the sites on my M & P. For the record neither John or Mr.s Awesome like my sites either.  I shot Mr. Awesome’s 1911 with Heinie Sites and those I loved. Also for the record, I really loved his 1911.

As with any range session I could write endless posts and I am know I leaving things out, but this pretty much covers the main points.  I had a great day!!!  I learned so much and I did not have any flashbacks, I did not get shaky or have an emotional breakdown.  I did not cry and I did not have any nightmares.  Something did happen in my mind about the attack, but I will save that for another post.

I consider myself beyond fortunate to have access to the kind of people and training I have.  These people, their commitment to help me has literally saved my life.  Not just physically, but my mind.  Having the tools and support has helped me heal in a way that lets me have a quality of life that is free from fear.  Knowing I can defend myself and knowing I have people I can go to, well I consider it a blessing straight from God.  Also, I just fricken love it.  I am serious, if God himself came down, stood in front of me and said the world is safe.  You will never be harmed again, I would still call up John and say, hey wanna teach me how to roll around on the ground and shoot? 

P.S. my God is about my personal faith.  For me he is a he and he is in heaven and all that, but when I say “God”, I mean a benevolent loving God and I don’t mean him to be exclusive or limited to my version of him.  I just mean, I believe in a Devine-ness that has sent me foul mouthed, politically incorrect, often crude men (& women) who I adore, that’s all.

Copy Cat

Last week Kymber had a craving for sushi, so 45er made her some, kind of.  His creation looked so yummy, I decided that would be our Friday night treat.

I like raw fish, but I don’t trust myself to select and care for it properly, so when we make sushi at home, it is always with cooked fish, thus we have never had Salmon.  I don’t know why I didn’t think of it, but 45er used smoked salmon…brilliant.

During a chit chat with North about my dinner plans he brought up asparagus…I am border line addicted to that particular green veggie, so I decided to add that ingredient as well. We have a variety of pallets in our house, so I made several different kinds.  Follow 45ers instructions on exactly how to prepare if you interested in making it, but here are a few other things I did.

I thought I had shrimp in the freeze, but didn’t.  I did have bay scallops, so I sauteed them in a pan of olive oil and finished with a squeeze of lemon. This is not authentic sushi.  This is food I like wrapped in rice and seaweed.

I let it cool and then chopped it up in fairly small.  For the asparagus, I doused it in good olive oil, salt and pepper and roasted it at 450 degrees until charred and a little on the crispy side. As an aside that brown goo in the pan, my daughter eats it by the spoonful.  She calls it scallop pudding.

Combinations I made…
snowcrab & avacado
smoked salmon & cream cheese
asparagus and cream cheese
scallops, asparagus & cream cheese
scallops & avocado.

I served it with a home made sauce of mayo, Sriracha sauce & lemon. I also made a sauce of Tamari, rice wine vinegar(equal parts), red chili flakes, chopped scallions, honey and chopped cilantro. Wasabi and pickled ginger on the side. 

If you are talented like Brigid then you take lovely, mouth watering pictures to showcase your work, if you are me with a family of 9 and 3 extra guests your son invited over, you get this…

and this…

Not pretty, but even the youngest in the group devoured it…

While I was stealing, being inspired by 45er, my daughter was ripping off, borrowing Jalissa’s muffin recipe.  This is the wife of our own Kirk.  They have a blog called The Lowry Place.  It’s filled with all kinds of interesting info from gun stuff to yummy treats.  We have made several of her dishes to include lasagna soup.  Crazy good! 

My daughter making the muffins…

Again, not as aesthetically pleasing, but they were mighty tasty.

I think they say imitation is the best form of flattery. Thanks guys for giving us wonderful ideas for a fabulous family meal!